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    Holistic learning can help you to be a perfect learner. What do you think?

    Can holistic learning be a new way to good child development ?
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    Firstly there is the need to understand what is holistic learning. Holistic learning is the way of learning connecting mind ,body and spirit inl early childhood days.Although the term is very confusing to parents. They need to understand the concept and how the the education goes about. Often you'll find that schools advertise that they follow a holistic curriculum. Difficult to understand. Yes many schools have yoga as one subject in school. To a certain extent yoga and meditation control the minds and help in greater concentration.
    It is also confusing whether these type of learning institutions include academic curriculum .
    Moreover such terms like holistic learning are difficult for people to understand, especially the layman.
    How many schools in one particular area, follow this? Not many I suppose. Maybe as its gains more popularity we might see that it may be a way of perfect learning ,of course with the best mentors.

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    Cooperation being a norm of holistic education , on the other side most of the schools promote competition among students .This calls for a serious change in our education system . Would you support this?

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    Holistic learning. I fully agree with the views expressed by Pramilakapahi. There is a saying in Telugu which gives a meaning that competition only will give you a better education. If somebody is closely following you in your rank you will always try to make an attempt to be always ahead of him. It gives you more scope for getting educated and learning more. For holistic learning cooperation from teachers and family members is required but not from other students I think.
    Yoga and meditation are very useful to know your inner self. Then you say you are getting holistic learning. Self-realisation and contentment will come only from holistic learning.

    always confident

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    What about the entrance exams to engineering and medicine , where students undergo major pressure just to earn high ranks . Surely that is not a holistic learning process where they neither can find true collaboration or corporation . Holistic learning must be in practice in every sphere of education so that the knowledge that students acquire are of use to them.

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    My reply would sound disheartening. A good suggestion but I fear this will never see the light of the day in our Indian system of Education in the near future.

    What you are talking about is a system that is like the ancient day Gurukul system. In holistic principles, the focus is on physical, emotional and spiritual well being, when applying this to education, it would mean teaching the events of life from these aspects.

    Coming back to reality, we live in a world where education is one of the most lucrative business models. Parents are sending 5-year-olds to extra-coaching classes to prepare them for entrance exams for 1st standard. This is the harsh truth.

    Which group of schools would ever agree to give up a cash-rich cow that can be milked and lose the golden opportunity to earn money? Equally important is, which group of parents would be brave enough to put their children into genuine holistic schools and take their eyes off the competitive streams.

    It would take a mini-revolution to get this changed. The least we can do practically is bringing down the hype and importance given to the strenuous education model, then include non-competitive subjects and focus on yoga/meditation etc at the primary school level and assess the change.

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    Thank you for your reply ,sir. What you have suggested is a very genuine and best one.I would join with your opinion that it would really take a mini revolution to change the existing education system where students are referred as educational consumers of an institutions educational products.

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    I do agree that holistic learning from the childhood would bring drastic change in their behaviours but why many are not following that. The other day I had been to the Veda Bhawan near my house and saw children at the age of 7 to 10 years attired in the tradition dhothi and having the sacred thread around their neck were reciting the veda in tandem and that forces every one to watch and hear them. What I mean to stress here that at the age of playing and enjoying with friends, these children are shown the path of God and path to the real life understanding. That is the great action initiated by the parents of those children.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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