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    Slowly, very slowly he is leaving

    Even 15 days ago, at 6 a.m., not a single ray of sunlight could be seen. Not a single person could be seen on the roads and lanes. Dewdrops could be felt. Even at 7.30 a.m, there was complete fog. The cars used to move with fog-lights. The morning-walkers hit the road only after 8 a.m. The chowkidar of the mohalla used to light fire to remain warm. No bird chirped at early morning. No flower bloomed in the gardens of my neighbours.

    The day before yesterday was Lohri. Since then the situation has been changing. The first sun-rays reach my balcony at 6 a.m. Birds have started chirping in the morning. Today morning a pretty young girl came out with an old-fashioned flower-basket to pluck flowers. Perhaps she requires the flowers for the Puja in her home. I have noticed mango-buds in the mango trees of my locality. Fog has disappeared. The first batch of morning-walkers was on the road at 7 a.m.

    Like a tired old man, slowly, very slowly, the winter is leaving Delhi.
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    Yes, Today temperature was a little warmer and people observed that cold has got a little less in Delhi, but using this little thing into such words was really a nice and creative on the part of the author. The term used Morning-walkers seems like a term used in a television series as if creating some kind of mystery and suspense. I really appreciate authors observation and writing it into words that made me wonder the content of this thread which was not what I expected.
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    The title for a quick read may suggest some sad event. However, the author has eloquently narrated the passage of winter. The gradual resumption of the daily activities that are associated with sunrise is well highlighted. Night changes to day, Seasons change, our age changes all in accordance with the relentless passage of time that never stops for anyone. At our place also, the sun is a little brighter and the chill is improving. We have a couple of mynas and wagtails nesting close to our balconies who were quite noisy most mornings despite the winter.

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    Yes. Winter is slowly passing. Even in Hyderabad also slowly the cold is getting reduced and feeling a little warm. But still, we are not able to get up before 6 AM. By the time we get up it is around 6.30AM. But the atmosphere change from too much cold to heat is causing many health problems. Many people are suffering from fever, cough, cold and body pains. Many of us in our house is having this problem.
    When it is like this in Hyderabad, we can understand the position of the Delhi wherein pollution is very high. My brother's sons stay in Delhi. He came here last week and he was mentioning about the difficulties in Delhi regarding the climate. As mentioned by the author slowly winter is leaving and some heat is getting developed in the environment.

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    The author has tried very nicely to bring his feeling on words. However, Delhi is always in back foot during winter. It is too cold to handle. I remember a boy in his 22 , cycling from Kalyanpuri to Rajendra Nagar covering his entire body and face, guessing the road under fog in the morning at 7.30 am. And when he reaches home in the night around 10.30pm, his jacket would get wet in fog. So, no doubt, when the winter leaves in Delhi it is a big relief. I remember my struggling days in Delhi and that 22 years old youth was me. I have fond memories while living in Delhi during my early days.

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    Thanks to the Members who have read this thread. I have tried to paint the beautiful picture which emerges in front of my eyes every morning. I have tried to indicate the contrasts of nature 15 days ago and right now. I like the beautiful response of Mr. Jeet Singh most.
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