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    How to ration our spare time?

    May sound silly to some, a few people have so much spare time that they don't what to do with it. But we are discussing peope who have little spare time. Of that little time he or she has to judiciously allocate time for his parents, spouse, children, friends and own self.

    As an adult, we need to fulfill the basic role of a good parent, good spouse, caring son or daughter. We also need to keep ourselves fit, pursue our hobbies and have a social life with our friends and colleagues.

    To do all this meaningfully, we need time. But time is precious as grown-ups spend most of the day at work, a good amount traveling to and fro with a six-day working week mostly. Often we plan something and something else happens.

    How do we learn to effectively ration our spare time so that nobody gets left out?
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    Every one has only the same twenty four hours available for a day. It is the only resource that is equally available to anyone irrespective of all the difference of or uniformity . The one who uses his resource most effectively achieves a lot.
    Though rationing or allocation of time as per slots to various tasks can be effective initially, when the tasks mount, one has to be expert in multitasking also.
    We have see how the single task 'DOS' machines were, and how convenient and more productive the 'WINDOWS' machines are now.

    So when we have only limited spare or non-earmarked ' time left, we have to ration it and if that also is not enough,then we have to learn effective multi tasking. For example we may exercise simultaneously listening to music. Many of us may have habituated to read newspapers siting on the toilet. Doing a household chore can double as a physical exercise also. Going to market for buying something can be used as walking task also. If we can carefully plan then we can thus combine and achieve many task in a single slot.

    Many times we may be already doing so but have not consciously reviewed and analysed them as such.

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    Although in this fast moving world we seldom get free time to spare. Only people retired from their jobs and free of all their responsibilities can have spare time to spent but still If someone has some spare time.
    I think the best possible way to ration our spare time is reading books and novels it enhances our knowledge as well as act as recreation activity. Or we can also spent it on searching something valuable and knowledgeable in Internet which we are not aware of.

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    These days I am not at all getting any free time. If there is no other work I am sitting on ISC. So I am not able to have any free time. Get ready in the morning, come to the office, attend to the work that is to be completed and then spend some time on this channel. Go back to the house in the evening, do the exercise and have a bath and spend some minutes with children and spouse. Then again start working on ISC. This is how my entire time is going on. As mentioned what I do is I will switch on music on my cell phone when I do my exercise. I generally hear Vishnu Sahasranam or Lalita Sahsranamam. While travelling I will read the newspaper and see the emails on my cell phone and also try to talk to the people whom I have to contact on that day.
    Many people will be watching TV during their spare time but somehow I don't have the habit of watching TV for longer durations.

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    I would say that time management has become an important aspect in our lives. All of us are busy with something or the other. As Dr. Srinivasa rao puts his busy schedule forth ,that is going to office, and other routines, just imagine a working lady who has to do all the cooking before and after she comes back from the office. Then she manages to look into the children's home work etc. In spite of all this she takes out time and balances between family life and her business or profession life.
    Therefore it is very important to to ration out time.
    I do take out time to write up few things,although I am preoccupied with many other things.
    Also I am trying out to take out some time for meditation and be more systamtic in my routine .

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    It's a very useful thread. We need to focus on our time management even in our personal lives. It is very important.
    As we get busy with our work lives, some of us forget to devote time to our parents and loved ones.
    We need to divide the time to them too with much presence and happiness intact.
    Those who get spare time like to talk a lot, they may be calling some of their close friends or need their family members to talk with them.
    Some people even watch Tv to pass their spare time, when they get nobody to talk to or share discussions.
    But Time management is very important and we should work on it.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    I doubt whether rationing out spare time would be really practical. I think it is an area where your expertise in setting priorities should take the center stage. One cannot, I feel, plan and divide his spare time; he will have to act according to the situation. Suppose your mother or father or is not well, you will have to dedicate more time to them. Similarly, if your child is having an exam or has some project work to be completed, you may have to give more time to them. Now if both the situations occur simultaneously, you might have to do multi-tasking too because both are important for you. It is rather a question of looking for some additional time and that can be gained only by encroaching into your personal space. You may have to sleep late than usual or get up earlier than usual so that you find time for yourself too. When one is busy with his work and other household chores, the spare time he gets is valuable and so setting the priorities would be the right method instead of going for a pre-planned schedule.
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    Good replies
    @Venkiteswaran sir: Multi tasking is one effective way to use what little time we have.
    @Mr.Saji: A valid suggestion, we have to prioritize the free time based on who needs it most and freeing up our own time rather than a following a fixed plan.

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