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    To increase the height

    i am 20, a girl. my height is 5'2, i need to grow further. i feeling so inferior to be like this, what helps me ?
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    Some people say that a Human has chances of height growth until the age of 22 years. But some sources tell this age varied for a girl and boy for boys it is around (21-25 years ) and for girls, it is around 22 years these are just approximations. Since is height is something hereditary so there is not much scope for you to grow height by natural ways and the ways told on various advertisements of tablets and medicine are just fake and ways to earn money so don't believe in such thing. And stay happy with your height try to be more confident and feel confident in your skin because we can't live in an inferiority complex for a thing which we can't change which we have naturally acquired, but the only option is to make it our strong point rather than weakness and reason for complexes for eg- The comedian Bharti Singh who have to learn to live with her heavy weight and has made it her strong point instead of weakness.
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    Like parents like children. This is the saying goes with the determination of height in every body. If your mother or father happen to be height, then you are also going to get that legacy. But what I feel that given the age and your present height mentioned here in, you are perfectly all right and further height may disturb your personality totally. Though there are training methods which followed in the ladies gym can enhance the height of yours, it is not recommended by me as the height formation should be natural and not to be forced grown. Be confident within you and forge ahead with the present height and that is enough to lead a happy life for ever.
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    If not for the two responses that have been posted, this thread would have been shifted to the Ask Expert section which was the correct place for this query. I suggest the author to go to our Ask Experts section and type out 'how to increase height' in our search box and then press 'enter' in the keyboard to get lot many answers on similar queries.
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    thanks for all to gave me a positive way of path to handle this (problem that i had mean, not now) and i will happy with what, i am thank you all once again!

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    Hope this link from ISC's ask expert section will help you.
    How to increase height

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