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    How many new words do you learn in a day? Does ISC has any contribution in it?

    We come across many words in our day to day life and we are aware of most of them. But there are some words whose meaning we don't know and to understand the context in which they are used we have to search for them in our dictionary.
    Do you search for its meaning when you come across any such words or just leave it for tomorrow?
    As far as I am concerned, I often search these words and try to enhance my vocabulary.
    When I joined ISC I used to find many such words of which I wasn't aware but now I don't find such words anymore. I don't know whether my vocabulary has got strong or ISCians have stopped using such amazing words. What do you have to say about this?
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    Frankly speaking, I have not learnt any new English word for a very long time. Maybe I have become complacent or my desire/urge to learn has diminished. The thread has shamed me.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I think, before we go looking for new words, we should focus more on basic grammar and spellings. These mistakes would make the post look more embarrassing rather than a lack of new/complex words. Using too many fancy words or new tongue twisting word/phrases may not be good, at least in the forum. Some might view it as an attempt to show-off the command over the language.
    I haven't really gone looking for new words daily. I come across some words that are totally new to time, if its strikes different, then, I google it. I think if someone were to write a story or a poem, then they would need a better range of vocabulary. From ISC, there are some threads that give us new words and their meanings. For posting thread or any content, I don't make a conscious effort to search for complex words or new words.

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    We can learn new words from ISC postings more if we go through the Articles posted in the resource section. Forum answers will be written spontaneously after reading the thread and other responses available at that time. So chances of learning new words are less through forum section. Once in a while, we get chance. Immediately I will see the meaning using google and try to remember by making one or two sentences of my own. This will make me remember those words for long.
    I come across any new word I will see the meaning of the word immediately and never postpone. The Grammarly is helping a lot in avoiding grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes to a maximum extent and it is good to use that on our computer. It will give a good chance to all of us about the mistakes we are committing and help us not to repeat the same mistakes again and again. A very nice thread by the author. It helped all of us to introspect about our English language and skills.

    always confident

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