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    Watching movies - wastage of time or learning experience?

    Most of us watch movies just to entertain ourselves.
    But some of the movies have very good morals and they act as a learning experience for us.
    Depending on what kind of a film one wants to watch, the thoughts divert accordingly. Some people like watching romantic films, some look for drama kind of stuff, some people like the comedy in movies. Some people like suspense movies.
    But in any way, some of these films educate us on useful aspects, some of them also enlighten us about our thoughts. Like if we see autobiographies or movies related to people's real life like Mary Kom or Milkha Singh, these can be considered as movies which enlighten us deeply. These movies tell us to be dedicated and focussed in life towards our goals. Such movies teach us.
    In general, all movies teach us to spread the thoughts of love among each other.
    All movies are based on certain imaginations that are linked to reality. Those real thoughts from a person become their virtual imagination. And they showcase what they feel they should.
    Some of the movies which are like documentaries, some of them focus on religious issues, some on women's rights and some on humanity.
    In association, these all are teaching us in many ways, they are also educating us. Don't you think so?
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    It all depends on how we take the pleasure of movie watching. Some watch for the interest in their famous start casts, some watch for that particular song which may dragged their imagination and may be connecting to their personal life, some watch the move for the great story line of it, and many watch the movie to kill the time since they are free on that day. But nevertheless every movie has all ingredients like, story line, dialogues, songs, good scenic beauty, best locales, fighting scenes, family oriented melodrama. romancing and above all the climax. Instead of reading between the lines, we must see the good things being shown in every movie and forget about the bad ideas being given as the tutorial in real sense. But invariably I have seen that people are habituated to ape the bad ideas shown on the movie and try to follow the same which is bad to them and the society. Let the movie be watched for entertainment only.
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    It depends on the quality of movie you watch and whom you watch with. Try the simplest thing, take a DVD of Tom & Jerry sit with your family and watch for an hour. At the end, you will feel happy, kids and all would have enjoyed laughing. It acts as a family bonding exercise and also a relaxing experience for you.

    Watching Milkha Singh, Singham, any honest police officer movie with children, you would have learn't about honesty and dedication. There are all time motivating movies that capture your heart and leave you with a wonderful sense of positive energy ( you can try In pursuit of Happiness and Shaw shank Redemption).

    There are numerous movies from India and abroad that focuses on various themes. It depends on our choice and why we see a movie. We watch a movie for its creativity (Bhaubali), for its entertainment value, for its special effects, stellar performances by the actors (Nayagan) etc. As long as the purpose of watching the movie is served then it is time and money well spent.

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    The quality of the movie what you see will have a lot of saying on this issue. Generally, this is the cheapest entertainer to have happiness in our life. We will be going to movies for getting diverted from our routine and enjoy at least for a few minutes without thinking of troubles and problems in our life. So we should consider the movie as an entertainer. But at the same time, we can learn some aspects which are useful for us in our daily life.
    Some movies will give you about the factors required for your life. A historic movie we see we will get the history of the country and we will get educated about the history. Some movies will tell you how you can get out of troubles and some movies will be for mere entertaining only.
    Many people came to know about Alluri Sitarama Raju and his bold actions in sending back the Britishers from the forests after watching a movie made on his life history. The learning will differ from movie to movie.

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    All of us watch movies at some time or the other. Movies are meant for entertainment and many of us go to enjoy and have fun. Going to see a good movie once in a while is not a waste of time. On the other hand if a student who has to study and is very fond of seeing movies often is definitely a waste of time.
    Work too gets monotonous if we do not take a break. Enjoying movie over a weekend can't be a bad idea.

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    Agree with you Mohan sir, movies should be watched with a purpose of entertainment only. We should learn good aspects from them and negate the others.
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    I don't think it is waste of time but instead, it is to some extent utilization of time if the movie is good and some relevance to real life for example movies related to history, mythology and even animated movies like Madagascar(which enhances our knowledge about animals and geography with providing entertainment).
    For me, movies were one of the sources to encourage me to learn English and make it better with the time so that I can easily understand whatever the accent in which actors are speaking or the context especially Hollywood movies.
    I started to watch animated movies as a child in which sometimes accent of the characters used to make me uncomfortable while comprehending their conversation but those movies helped me very much to grow my interest toward the English language. So I think watching movies is a utilization of time if done incorrect way.
    There are some Bollywood movies too which I like but they are very few in number which taught me something.

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    We learn something from everything and so is the case with movies too. I will not agree that watching movies is a waste of time even when it has got nothing to add on to your database. But I agree that there are movies which are churned out without any storyline or message.

    Though movies are generally considered to be a means of entertainment, we can take back a few lessons if we view them seriously. It basically depends on our approach. Have you experienced that you feel a special love for your parents or siblings after watching a movie that depicts family relations? It happens because you get to connect with the characters and story of a movie. It is not educative but it does work as a reminder and helps in building up your existing feelings.

    Documentaries and docu-fictions can be termed as educative in nature but then they might be missing the entertainment factor that forms the basis of a movie. Each movie can be educative to a person who is interested in the medium or for one who has plans to take up the medium as a profession.

    Movies are basically based on real-life situations which are dramatized and made a bit colorful to cater to the needs of movie-buffs and so let us enjoy watching movies and at the same time take back if there is something good and leave it at that. As I said before, it is our approach to movies that makes the difference.

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    Movies are for entertainment. No one watches movie, when they are really busy with some other primary tasks to be done. So, in many cases, we watch movie at our relaxed time. What movie we watch makes us feel, whether we utilized it to relax us or to irritate us.

    But we cannot assure one movie is the best or worst from knowing it from one person's view.
    Movies reach us with a team effort. So, the story line or direction or something has already satisfied a group of people. So, it is not the movie that could be a crap. It is only our taste or interest that determines our view at that time.

    I have more spare time and I like movies, so i watch different genres of movies without reading any reviews. But people who are selective and have limited time for entertainment should know the genre of the movie, red comments and go for it.

    As @Saji sir menioned, "we learn something from everything". So, after watching movie, I feel some people have different views. Though I get irritated to hear double meaning dialogues, vulgar screenplay and too much of violence, movies help me to understand, there are people existing like that. It brings some kind of awareness too.

    Watching movies is not a waste of time. But if you have something more important to do, movies are never considered to be a priority. Movies are not the only entertainment to relax. Movies are not the only media to create awareness among public, but they are easily available to get in a short notice.

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    Things I look for in a movie- an awesome plot, mesmerising characters, stunning dialogue delivery and fluid camera work.
    I am aspiring to be a writer, so plot is paramount. With each movie I see, I understand how immature and undeveloped my own creations are.
    Characters play a huge role in pushing the movie up. The characters must be relatable and interesting at the same time. That is something that Indian movies never paid attention to. Same kind of characters bore people up.
    Dialogue writing. It is just not for everyone. Coming up with something awe-inspiring in every scene. Delivering such complex dialogues with a natural ease is even more difficult. Words unaccompanied by suitable emotions won't make an impact at all.
    Finally the camera work. Your movie could be the best in the world, but remember that it must look like one too. If the quality of the movie is less or bad, your whole hardwork goes down the drain.

    These four things I look for in a movie, teach me new stuff everyday.

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    Once upon a time, I was a member of cine club in Calcutta and I also attended a course on various aspects of film-making. So, in a film, I watch the story, the direction, editing, photography, placement of the camera, use of sunlight, dress, set, and only then acting. In a film, the most important role is played by the director and not actor. The director controls each and every other person and each and every aspect associated with a film.

    In a film, I always try to understand the level and standard of the director.

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    I do not think movie watching is waste of time. Why we see movies? To get mind away from daily things, away from tension, just let the mind wander to world of film. It gives us fun time and relaxes us, even if watching it alone. Many movies are just excess exaggerating things, but still we enjoy - we laugh, we cry, we get emotional. Some movies are so much showing what is happening in our own life also. Some movies have lovely songs and music, words so real. We don't have to look at movie only as something to learn from. Just enjoy!

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    It is totally depending on the person and his interest. One of my cousin never watched any cinema either in theater of CD or net till now in his 45 years of age. We all my brothers are frequently watched movies in theater till our college days over at Madurai but once we enter into the employment in Chennai the frequency of going to cinema become below ten percent. But we cannot say it is a waste of time but the real sense it is a good time spending entertainment. My point of view is we should never comment a film as bad but we can say it is not liked by us as we have to think the efforts of the people who starred, produced, technicians etc., We say the film worst by just spending 100 rupees but the person spent many times of money what we spent to make the film and we can realise this only when we see the shooting a film at least one scene.

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    Why we watch movies is purely a personal choice. As you said some watch just to entertain ourselves while some watch them for relaxation. Movies, in my view is a double edged knife. There are both pros and cons when it comes to the film. It depends on individual perception. It depends on what message you actually want to take from a movie. As bad things spread faster than good things, most people take the negative aspects of a movie (if it has) than the positive ones.

    Movies are still a great source to preach the deep moral values of the society, inspire people to do greater good and achieve higher goals. Many movies inspire us and it depends on our perception how deeply we encroach them. I personally watch movies as a relaxation and I like to watch suspense/mystery/thriller/crime detective movies. These movies always keeps me immersive in the movie. They always create a feeling of 'what happens next' which keeps me to continue watching without losing interest.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Movies are one of many ways of entertainment. In fact they are a popular mass entertainment.

    Earlier movies were made with an ultimate social message. In many of the social reforms which had happened in our country, movies had their significant contribution in creating awareness, discussion and attention drawing towards the issue. Before the advent of TV and social media, movies were taking the roles that TV and social media take today.

    Though movies are mainly for entertainment they also enlighten us. From the movies from other countries we come to know about the cultures and traditions and the life style of people in those counties. Documentary films are mainly for creating awareness and learning.

    However if one is ignoring his priorities to self ,family , society and nation and addicted to movies, then that is not good and is a sheer waste. But a good entertaining comedy movie is a great tension reliever for us in our tension filled life.

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