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    Problems also act as a ladder to growth

    In the path of success, there are so many hurdles and problems. We get tired of facing issues again and again. We do not want to face any problem again.
    We get worried about the resolution to a problem, so we want to always stay away from it. We just don't want to face it. We just want to get rid of it.
    But we do not focus on the significance of it. We forget that problems happen for a reason. They happen to teach us, to provide in-depth knowledge of things, makes us find the root cause of the issue.
    Problems happen to increase our experience and knowledge. They are important in their own way. They happen so that we learn to face them and struggle with them. Problems happen so that we can learn to find resolutions for them. Problems also act as a ladder towards our growth. They will run behind us, grab us and will slowly leave us with an impact, leaving a positive mark on our progress.
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    I totally agree to the author. Problems leave a positive mark on our growth.
    When we face an unexpected scenario or an uncomfortable situation, we call it as a problem. I
    t may look like a mountain, so big in front of us, once we started climbing up with no second thought and reached high, the height we reached make us proud, not the tiredness.
    Many don't try to describe the problem at all, they just go ahead and solving it. To them, problems are just puzzles, they believe it is to test their capability and not an hurdle to step back.

    I read that vaccination medicine is injecting that particular virus into the body, and our body prepares medicine and kills the virus. Then our brain remembers the formula of killing that virus forever and attacks the virus, whenever it get into our body. Similarly, once we faced a problem and overcame it, forever we stay strong to face any similar problem and that gives a confident to us in facing any unexpected scenario.

    These kind of problem solvers or anybody who overcame many problems are no just defendants, they are also brave enough to step forward to experiment many new things in their life. So, Problems are to test our ability and lift us up to the place we deserve.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    What I feel that life without problems and challenges is the mere waste and one cannot learn from the smooth life. The other day we have seen the video of a helpless labour in Odisha who has to carry the dead body of his wife, as he cannot afford for the ambulance. That was the real test of his life and he could able to pass with greater appreciation from every one from the country. Problems wont come with warning. Those who are experienced and already gone through the ordeals of challenges and problems do perceive the impending problems and get alerted and for the beginners they have to face the problems in unexpected way and has to go through the ordeals. And as opined by the author, problems once solved gives us further impetus and pep up our energy to the new level of living and thus we feel elated and satisfied with greater degree of achievement and even share our ecstasy with others.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    To me, Problems are stepping stones to success. When life is going smoothly, everyone is happy and we sometimes even forget that their is more to life outside of what we think are the limits, some of us even forget God.

    Only when out of the blue we stumble or fall, do we realize the value of life, ourselves and our true well-wisher.
    At times of difficulties, people feel sad, depressed and even give-up but it is a measure of your inner strength as to how well you can cope with the problems.

    Each issue you sort or overcome makes you stronger, more mature and a more balanced person. Slowly the very problems that you face and solve or overcome becomes a ladder for your growth and prosperity.

    I have seen few friends who have faced great difficulties still smiling and moving along, they have a different kind of inner self confidence that words can't describe easily, they are more humble and become more human. Nobody would wish for trouble in their lives, but these adverse events happen for a reason and makes us more worthy of living our lives.

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    I remember a quote by Tata. I reproduce the same here.
    Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going. Even in ECG, a straight line means we are not alive.
    It is very true.
    When there is darkness only we will understand the value of light. If it is 24X7 light we never know the value of it. If you are succeeding in your life without any problems, you will never enjoy the sweetness of the success.
    The hard earned money is always having more value than a free money.
    If we want to achieve something we should get ready for failures also. Each failure is a lesson to us. We should learn from those failures and move forward for achieving success.
    A very nicely placed thread by the author and my appreciations.

    always confident

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