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    Would you help your old school?

    Recently heard via my friends about a small government school that over a period of time slowly became anything but a school. Broken walls, no windows, no decent chairs and benches. But still the poor students were learning what ever their teachers could teach with what little they had.

    So, this group of friends (not ex-students) got together and found out about a few old students who are currently well placed. Secured funds and more importantly dedicated their time in renovating the old building, getting the educative materials and drinking water. Now they have started free meal/lunch for teachers and students.

    A noble gesture, I always feel that giving money is charity but getting involved in such tasks are more than charity, it is a chance to repay to the society for what it gave us sometime back. I think, when a chances comes by to help our old schools and its teachers we should be glad to do it.
    This is different from helping people when they ask for it. This is something that comes from within us and makes us feel satisfied.
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    A nice post. Helping the schools where we got educated is really a boon to us. When we are in a school we never knew what is the importance of school and the knowledge we learn there. But as we grow older we will understand the importance of schooling and the learnings there are also very important. The teachers used to take all the required troubles to enlighten you the importance of education. Some school teachers take special care of some students we show a little more enthusiasm than others for learning. We should never forget such people and we should admire them for the service they are rendering to the citizens of tomorrow. When we started earning and we are in a comfortable position doing some good to the school we have studied will be a very good gesture.
    Last year I have visited the school in which I passed my SSC with school first rank. I met the principal. Now that school has become a degree college but school is also running. I expressed my desire to fund some items for the school. The Principal suggested met arrange some 10 numbers of fans as there are no fans in the classrooms where SSC students are sitting. I accepted and arranged the fans accordingly. It is a nice feeling that we could something to the school which made us as a responsible Citizens of the country.

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    Most of us forget about the school where we got our first entry into the world of knowledge. Very often it is not because we don't want to, but because we will be far away from that place. Only a very few get a chance to work near the place where we spent our school days. However, if we get a chance to go to that place we will not hesitate to do so. If such occasions are There, I think we might see the conditions of our old school. And majority will be extending a helping hand if necessary.
    Personally I did not get a chance to visit my school after leaving the institution. But I knew that the school is still in a very good condition and the Government have upgraded the same to Vocational Higher Secondary School. More facilities are added there and the number of students is increasing regularly.

    At present I am connected with two Govt. schools, one an L.P. and the other an UP. Though I did not study there, my children studied. The infrastructure of schools are fine and good teachers are there committed to their works. But students are less. We are taking all our efforts to attract more students to these schools. I am assisting them as a member of the School Management Committee. Poor students are provided with all help including breakfast and noon meals. Books and uniforms are also provided freely. Like this we encourage more and more children to join this school.


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