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    Happiness over sorrow

    Major Pratik Mishra, who lost his life in 2005 in Uri in an earthquake. His fast friend Vijay now taking care of his parents, As they made a promise to each other -if something happened to anyone them, the other would ensure that the parents were taken care of. Major Pratik death anniversary fell on 8th October. Vijay's son was born on 8th October. Now, this day gives happiness over sorrow to Vijay and Major Pratik's family.
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    It is a very nice information. A friend taking care of his friend's parents as his friend lost his life in an earthquake. It is really a pain if we lose a bread earner in the family and the whole family will be in trouble for their existence. That way we should congratulate Vijay is abiding the promise they made to each other. It is a coincidence that a son to Vijay born on the same date on which his friend died. This will definitely increase the bond strength between the two families and come out of sadness that prevailed due to the demise of Mishra.
    A good information and thanks to the author for bringing out a thread on such a good topic.

    always confident

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    Truly noble are these honorable people who keep their word and promises. We have seen these in movies and war story novels. But in reality to see a friend honoring his word given to his colleague who is no more is commendable as it is not an easy task to look after, enquire and help people on a daily basis as we would have our own responsibilities and commitments. The arrival of the new baby in the family on the same day would be more emotionally fulfilling and both families would be happier now. Many such good hearted people exist but we wouldn't know about it.

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    That's a very mixed feelings for both families. Both families have equally cherishable and sad moments. It is very great and loving effort from his friend Vijay who is taking care of Major Pratik's family. Both men are equally respectable and I wish the love flows within the family forever and they must be proud of their Major Pratik who served our country.

    Jai Hind.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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