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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, really?

    Naturally, it is a fact that the definition of beauty differ by person to person. May be that is why the old idiom which says - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    However, when I think deeply about this matter, my brain gets stopped when I see every year there is a Miss Universe, Miss world, Miss Asia pacific world wide. In these beauty contest the person are getting selected with more for their physical beauty. The more you look pleasing, the chances are more to get selected.

    Now, the question is why do need a beauty contest when the beauty is in the eye of beholder!
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    The beauty is in the eyes of the person who is looking. Many of us will feel good whenever we see a beautiful object. We keep looking for the same again and again. That will give us an immense happiness.
    The contests mentioned by the author are for some promotional activities. The beautiful ladies are getting exposed to the entire world and many people get attracted to their beauty. Many business people try to use them as their brand ambassadors which will make them rich. So these competitions are only for creating a market for their beauty by attending the contest. Once one lady has become Miss Universe the offers she will get for advertising their products with huge money as remuneration for allowing to use her photo as an advertisement tool. They will get many chances in movies also and their selling value will increase. This is the reason for the show. Not only the prize winner but also other participants also will get attracted by some business people and they may use them for their product advertising. Here also the beauty will depend upon the eyes of the person who is looking at it.

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    This can be seen proved by seeing married couples and roadside lovers. Many people thinking beauty in terms of skin colour. But when seeing the lovers in the public area a colourful girl has a boy of opposite colour and with beard etc. To her the color and look is secondary. So the point beauty is according to the beholder.

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    For that matter every village girl is so beautiful with her natural looks and attire. What we are being wrongly portrayed by the so called International pageant for miss world or miss universe that those whom they chose are the best in looks and even in intelligent . But that is not the case, there are some news readers in Telugu channel who looks interestingly beautiful and they are paid with pittance. When a person is over portrayed in the media naturally they become famous for no reason. Same is the case with miss world and miss universe. And mind it both these organisations are making money in the name of beauty.
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    Hmm. You see a freshly bloomed flower with dew drops from previous night on the petals and swarming honeybee on the residual golden pollen. Did that image strike you "beautiful"? If it did, then how are you and I even different. Somethings are universally beautiful. Now picture this, an adult pig with brown tusks rolling in a puddle of mud and filth. If that doesn't look ugly to you, we can go into a gruesome unholy direction where you see maggots springing from a dead mouse.

    Ugly! Universe has decided beforehand what is beautiful and what is ugly. Beauty isn't in the eyes of the beholder. It is in his brain.

    We are hardwired to fall for some stuff and run away from others. That's how beauty works as a tool of selective breeding.
    Beauty is related with health and ugliness is related with decay. So it is obvious that you would choose the beauty.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Beauty depends on the context and what is our perception. For me, a little caterpillar crawling on a leaf, a spider hanging for a web is beautiful because I love nature and photography. There would be some people who would hate spiders or call the above ugly.

    So, it is down to what appeals to us and what we are exposed to. From a very young age, we learn to associate an object or a person to a quality, for example, a thief should be rude and appear threatening, a receptionist should look pleasant, an actor should be beautiful. This is further muddled by the addition of a commercial angle to beauty.

    Everything has to sell, would we buy an expensive face cream if the model is a street urchin or a vagabond? Similarly, the beauty pageants also have one of the components which would be physical beauty, this would mean more advertisements, being brand ambassadors for a few years.

    Beauty is skin deep is more applicable when we know a person for a longer time and our focus moves on from physical appearance to the person as a whole.

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    Beauty pageants are like some award functions. They are like some contests results. A few participate, a few judge.
    But when the organisations or people behind have the command and capacity to influence opinion and make thousands follow their commands, then that becomes fait accompli.
    There are many reality shows in the various TV channels. There are also contestants and winners. But they get publicity.It does not mean that they are the ultimate. But because the channels have the publicity capacity, they project these winners and they become popular as the best.

    Let us only know that for any contest the winner is the best from amount the participants as per certain parameters and at that time of judgement. We may/can accept or ignore as far as we are not affected by that. It is also like thefilm stars. There are many people more handsome or more beautiful than the popular film personalities. But still people 'worship' the film personalities only, and even compare the better commoner to them only.

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    Of course, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This is a true fact. It could be depending upon the looks of a person or upon their nature, it is the viewer's thought process.
    In beauty contests, they do look for physical appearance but with a good and confident attitude. This is a very general thing. As the contest name suggests, the contest looks for beauty but with brains. The above-said phrase won't completely fit in here in terms of beauty contests I think.

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