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    Important updates to the YouTube Partner Program and it will affect many YouTubers

    Today I got an email from YouTube Partner Program with message title 'Important updates to the YouTube Partner Program'.

    The summary of the message is,

    Being a YouTuber you have to have 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers in a year. If you fulfill the criteria, you will be allowed to use Monetization and other related tools but if you do not, you have to wait for the criteria to be fulfilled.

    I am also a YouTuber and have 875 subscribers and watch time of 3100 hours during last 12 months. I am given notice of 30 days to fulfill the criteria otherwise I will not be a part of YouTube Partner Program to earn revenue.

    What are your views?
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    I watch very occasionally youtube. I have not received any mail to that effect. You have almost achieved 80% of the target given. But within this month getting 900 hours of watch time may be difficult. It looks a little difficult.
    always confident

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    Yes. I agree.
    The positive part is, one will get more revenue with new 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time every year. This will further increase the audience base.

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    To me, it is like the pyramid marketing program with a different name. Nothing comes free specially money. This is the traditional scheme in which goodies are doled out to the registered individuals and then targets are set later on so that indirectly the members for the benefits strive harder and the website achieves it's target. From you-tube viewpoint, its a free option to earn money and hence they can lay down rules or change it midway. Imagine the thousands of registered members, where will they get 1000 followers or fulfil the watchtime?

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