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    Every day Suffering slowly rupturing backbone of country

    Indian agriculture once used to be the backbone of Indian economy now has ruptured because of worsening conditions of Indian farmers.
    And what is the reason for his worsening condition?
    It is the fluctuating cost of the agricultural produce and why these price keeps on fluctuating because there is no management for storage and selling of the product in the country.
    The farmers of India face a double whammy in both the condition whether production is very high or very less both the condition causes the farmer to suffer.
    1. When production is more the price in the market reduces very much so farmers don't get the price they deserve they can't even get what they have invested.
    for eg -Last year government bought onions from farmers to save them from the loss but because of mismanagement 80% of this stored onion was wasted, neither the farmers got adequate price nor the production reached to the people and it just wasted.
    2. When production is lower the farmer couldn't even get what he had invested.
    Although the costs of various products got very high still farmer doesn't get what he should have got.
    Why is it so that Farmers are living in such plight?
    Why it is so that our farmers have to take that medicine which doesn't cause sleep but death?
    Right now its the plight of farmer only but if this condition sustained one day this will be the plight of the whole country.
    What do you think can be done to bring up and improve conditions of farmers from their condition and plight?
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    Agriculture is the main livelihood for many people in India.But unfortunately, nobody is able to see that the farmers who are doing service to the country will never suffer. There is no guarantee of their investment. Recently some insurance schemes are introduced to save them. But to what extent they are useful and giving support to the farmer really I don't know. As expressed by the author if the crop is high the rate is low. When the yields are less the farmer may not even get the expenses incurred by him.
    If you see a coconut, the price in Hyderabad is about 20 rupees. When you go to the farmer, he will be selling these coconuts to the middlemen maximum at a rate of 5 rupees. The difference 15 rupees is going to the middlemen and the final seller. Like this many agricultural products are doing good to the middlemen but not to the actual suffering. If the farmer is unhappy and not able to do the good job the whole country will suffer. An immediate action to protect the farmer is very much required.

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    The author has raised a very pertinent thread about the miserable condition of the farmers in our country.

    It is really very unfortunate that we are not able to provide the farmers a genuine money for their products.

    The logistics of bringing the farm products to the markets is managed by the middlemen who are taking advantage of the vast difference of prices between the above two points.

    Unfortunately the governance and administration is totally a failure in this area. Whatever scheme the Govt devises to help farmers is ruined by the hoarders and greedy middlemen and agents who have almost grabbed the whole production in throwaway prices.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes farmers have been facing the worst part in their life when they wont get the right crop at right time, and when the crop do come, then the MSP wont be decided in their favour. And thus invariably every farmer is the unhappy man as he is forced to have only his cost of produce and not the profit. So those who have taken crop loan are the first catchers by the banks. And what is more pity is that the bankers would give crores of rupees to Industries and even give lead time to pay back. But the farmers are bothered daily and thus the harassment of bankers is the main problems for many suicides occurred in recent past. What I suggest that there must be Farmers mutual fund board which must have sweeping powers to give the relief to farmers when every they face loss with natural calamities and low yield.
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    There are many schemes and benefits the government is giving to agriculturists. Even in loans and credits agriculturists are given concessions in interest. Agriculture income is exempt from taxes. They get free/ concessional rate electricity There are many more such benefits the government/ local governments/ credit institutions give to agriculture and agriculturists. Even then why agriculturists are suffering?

    Is there any other centres of exploitation of the agriculturists? Or is it an exaggeration by sensationalising a few real cases? I am still confused.

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    The poor farmers plight has been that of a sad story for a long time, despite many support programs offered by the government, these people still live in poverty and many commit suicide failing to pay a small loan of a few thousands. These are people who have been left behind as we advanced forward in the metros. Still, we fail to realise the importance of the farmer.

    The wide difference between what the farmer gets for his produce and what we consumers pay for it, reflects the number of middlemen and their greed. Sometime back we read about thousands of tonnes of grains wasted due to improper storage and farmers dumping their produce on the streets or allowing it to rot in the fields as the corp was not even worth spending the money on labour to harvest it.

    The other issues is the powerful cartels who hoard onions, potatoes etc to artificially hike up the price and the difference is pocketed by the traders. The Government has plans in place but the official machinery needs to be more supportive and transparent in implementing it so that farmers get some respite.

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