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    English Conversation Contest- Participate and win prizes!

    Dear members,

    keeping the enthusiastic responses to our previous Conversation contests in mind, we are announcing another English Conversation Contest! All members including editors are welcome to participate.

    Please read the guidelines and instructions given here carefully and follow them strictly.

    Given below is the list of characters/ scenarios based on which you have to submit your conversation:

    1. Two students discussing their method of preparing for examinations.

    2. Two friends sharing their experiences about the last Republic Day parade they witnessed in Delhi.

    3. Two MLAs discussing the various points (you may concentrate on a common issue or different issues) related to their constituencies.

    4. A shop owner and a customer arguing over payment of the bill by cash.

    5. A young couple discussing the distribution of household chores between them.

    6. A family charting out their plan to visit Delhi to attend the 2018 Republic Day Parade (not more than three characters).

    7. You meet your favorite author during a journey and start a conversation with him/ her.

    Guidelines for the Conversation contest:

    1. Members can submit only a single entry.
    2. Please do not use HTML tags in the conversation text.
    3. Submit your entries as a response to this thread itself. Please make a mention of the topic selected before your entry.
    4. Conversations should be in English only and should be brief and not very lengthy. The number of words cannot be specified as it is a conversation contest but to give you a bracket, just keep in mind that this is a forum contest. The conversation, when read at an average speed, must not exceed three minutes.
    5. You can select any of the above given characters/ scenarios even if there are already conversations submitted on it by some other members.
    6. Please do not use short forms of words, slang or vulgar words. You can bring in humor but no double meaning conversations please.
    7. Please pay attention to your grammar and spellings.
    8. Conversations should be creative but at the same time should be realistic too.
    9. Your entries should be self-explanatory without any additional explanations or clarifications. There is no need to detail the background or typical situation etc.
    10. Do not post unnecessary responses in this thread other than for clearing any valid doubt related to this contest.


    1. Two best entries would receive a cash prize of Rs.150/- each and a certificate of creativity from our virtual gift shop.
    2. There would be two second prizes with a cash prize of Rs.100/- each.
    3. The third prize would be of Rs.75/-
    4. Consolation prizes if any will depend on the number of entries received.
    5. Suitable entries would be considered for additional points and cash.

    Sample format for the conversation entry:

    A conversation between two MLAs:

    MLA 1:
    MLA 2:
    MLA 1:
    MLA 2:

    And so on. You can also give fictitious names to your characters.

    Last date of entry will be 24 January 2018.

    So, what are we waiting for? Get, Set, Go!
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    Is there any word-limit? The Lead Editor may kindly clarify.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Partha, please refer guideline No.4.
    “Give instructions only to those people who seek knowledge after they have discovered their ignorance.”-Confucius

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    Thank you. There is no fixed word-limit, but the submission should be brief and precise.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Where to submit the dialogue

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    You need to submit your conversation entry in a response to this thread only. You can use our search box and check out earlier conversation contests to get an idea of submission entries.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Thank u mam, so that means I have to submit it here only

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    Here is my entry for the contest.
    Topic-A shop owner and a customer arguing over payment of the bill by cash.

    Shop owner: Sir, your bill is Rs.4590/-
    Customer: Okay Sir. Here is the amount.
    Shop owner: Sir, We will accept only cards and not cash.
    Customer: Sorry Sir! I don't have any cards with me.
    Shop owner: We are going with cashless transactions and we will accept cash only if the bill amount is less than Rs.500/-
    Customer: Fine. But I don't have cards now to make payment.
    Shop owner: Well if not, you can make payment via Paytm.
    Customer: What is Paytm?
    Shop owner: If you have a smartphone, then you can make payment via a mobile app called Paytm.
    Customer: This is totally unfair. I'm a 67-year old illiterate man who is not aware of all these digital transactions which you are speaking. It would be better if you accept cash from senior citizens like me.
    Shop owner: Do you own a smartphone?
    Customer: Are you speaking about this touch phone which I am holding?
    Shop owner: Exactly Sir! You can install the Paytm app on your phone and can complete your transaction within few minutes.
    Customer: This phone is a gift from my daughter and I know only to call using this phone.
    Shop owner: Oh, Sorry Sir! If we accept cash from you, then other customers will also try to follow the same.
    Customer (with a sad face): Ok then I'll return the things which I purchased.

    [A young guy who was watching the entire scene steps into the conversation]

    Young guy: Sir, if you don't mind. Shall I help you?
    Customer: How will you help me?
    Young guy: You give your bill amount to me. I will make payment instead of you via my debit card.
    Customer (with a happy face): Thank you Son, for your timely help!
    Young guy: No mention Sir! I'm glad to help you.

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    My entry:

    [Place: Waiting lounge of Terminal-3, Indira Gandhi International Airport.
    Time: October 2014
    I was waiting for the flight to Kolkata. All of a sudden, I saw an old man also waiting for the flight. I approached him and started talking.]
    Me: Excuse me, Sir. Are you Mr. Buddhadeb Guha?
    The old man: Yes, I am. But, I can't place you.
    Me (after touching his feet): Sir, I am Partha, a Central Government employee permanently posted in Delhi.
    Sir, it is a great pleasure to meet you. Since my childhood, I have been reading your books. Your narration, your way of describing nature, Indian forests and people are incomparable. I started with your ''Rhivu'' series books, which have helped Bengali youth to know Indian forests. Later I read your serious novels.
    [Announcement to board the plane.]
    Sir, can I change my seat and take the vacant seat beside yours?
    Buddhadeb Guha: Of course, yes. We can talk during the journey.
    Me: Sir, did you come to Delhi to attend any Literary Conference?
    Buddhadeb Guha: Oh, no! I came to attend a conference of Chartered Accountants. By the way, I am also a Chartered Accountant.
    Me: Sir, I do know. I have read your autobiographical novel.
    Buddhadev Guha: Have you? I am really astonished! Nowadays Bengalis don't bother to read literature. Everybody is running behind career-building.
    Me: I am born and brought up in Kolkata. My parents are behind my love for literature. I have read almost all of your novels and short stories. To me, ''Koyeler kachhe'', Ektu ushnotar jonno'', ''Chaprash'', ''Abhilash'' and ''Bonjyotsnay, sobuj ondhokare'' are excellent. But, Sir, your ''Madhukori'' is a milestone of Bengali literature.
    Buddhadev Guha: Yes, ''Madhukori'' is my best creation. I put everything in this book.
    Me: But, Sir. Nowadays you have almost stopped writing.
    Buddhadev Guha: Yes. After the death of Rhitu (his wife-famous Bengali singer Rhitu Guha), I don't find much pleasure in writing. The dirty politics in Bengal's literary arena is another reason. Besides, I am getting very old.
    Me: Sir, you have traveled extensively. You have visited many forests of Europe, America, Canada, Brazil, and Africa. I am eagerly waiting for another book giving details of your hunting expeditions in those forests. We will be able to know about the differences between Indian forests and those forests.
    Buddhadeb Guha: Can I do it now? I don't know. But, son! Always remember that the beauty of Indian forests is incomparable. Nature presents itself in the best possible way in Indian forests. I won't be in this world for long. But do everything to preserve these forests. These are truly the playgrounds of Mother Nature.
    [The plane reached Netaji Subhash Airport, Kolkata. I took his blessings and came out. The great old man moved towards the car waiting for him.]

    [Note for the readers.: Buddhadeb Guha is considered a literary giant in modern Bengali literature. He is also known as Jim Corbett/Kenneth Anderson of Bengal. He is also one of the busiest Chartered Accountants of eastern India]

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    Just two days left and only two entries till now? Buck up my friends!
    “Give instructions only to those people who seek knowledge after they have discovered their ignorance.”-Confucius

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    Two students discussing their method of preparing for examinations.

    Raj: Hey Anil, I am glad and a little relieved that you have come to my house. Since you are here, let's plan it out everything, brother. Exams are approaching and this thought itself is killing me like anything.
    Anil: Hey Raj, take a deep breath, man. You are freaking out and you are scaring me too. Now let's get started first and as we discussed on phone, let's plan it out everything. Let us spend this evening preparing a timetable for studying.
    Raj: You know brother, since a couple of days, I am just feeling nauseated. I hardly breathe and I feel that I will soon get an asthma attack.
    Anil: Cool down man. Let's prepare a timetable first. You know that my mother was not allowing me to get out of the house when she knew that I was coming over here.
    Raj: Is it so? Why?
    Anil: It is because last year you did the same thing. You spread your nervousness to me and I freaked out completely. I got so nervous that I locked myself in the room and was not ready to write exams.
    Raj: Sorry, brother. Look at my hands, I am still shivering.
    Anil: Somehow she convinced me and made me unlock the door. I am done with it man, don't freak me out this time. Now, come on, let's get started. Tell me, how is your preparation going?
    Raj: Hey Anil, do you sweat so profusely during exam times? Just look brother. I am all sweaty and shivery.
    Anil: Don't waste my time, man. I told you that I am only allowed for a couple of hours to be here and you have already wasted one hour.
    Raj: You know, I am not able to eat the entire day. I feel like I am going to throw up everything. Is it the case with you? However, I binge everything after midnight. Is there something wrong with me?
    Anil: Stop telling me about your strange behaviors and insane medical symptoms. Concentrate on what I am asking you. Tell me which are your weak subjects and the ones which you have completed studying?
    Raj: Hey Anil, I am thirsty. (Drinking a sip from the glass placed on the table beside.) I am telling you brother; I am binging at the night because I am unable to study. I am awake all night to study and then I end up binging.
    Anil: Stop it, man. Seriously, stop bothering me.

    (Phone rings. It is past couple of hours and Anil's mom called him to get back home. He bangs his head on the wall and decides to leave.)

    Raj: Hey brother, let's prepare a timetable for exams.

    (Anil gives a frustrating look to his friend and leaves his door.)

    Raj: Hey Anil, we need to prepare our timetable.

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    My entry for the contest:

    [Two students are discussing their method of preparing for an exam]

    Student 1: Dear, How did you get a better score on the last examination compared to me? I think you used to read for few hours while I used to read for 12 hours every day.
    Student 2: Look, exam preparation has nothing to do with the amount of time but it depends on how effectively you use that time?
    Student 1: Agree. But I do not know how to manage the time well during the exam preparation. This time, I want to use your method.
    Student 2: You have to manage time, have proper study pattern and study time.
    Student 1: Please elaborate. I want to get information about each thing.
    Student 2: Well, you have to have a goal in mind while reading. Have timetable that can be easily followed. The tough timetable has no meaning. Spend more time on tough subjects and do not re-read the easy things. Set a daily target for each subject by the diving total time of the study.
    Student 1: That's a good suggestion. What about study pattern and study time?
    Student 2: Look dear, study pattern has a better role to play. Take 10 minutes of rest every hour. It is proved scientifically that mind needs time to recollect and process everything you read. For long-term retention, you have to have a regular break while reading.
    Student 1: This is the reason why I always grasp very few of what I read after 2-3 hours because I read continuously without any break. Can you give me your views on study time? Which time is best to study?
    Student 2: It all depends on you. I personally feel that one should read tough readings in the early morning because of a fresh mind. The late night reading does not pay much because of our tiredness at the end of the day. And last but not the least, start reading early. Do not wait for semester end to start preparing for the exam. It is well said that 'slow and steady wins the race'.
    Student 1: Now, I got the reason why despite tedious preparation why I am not getting the results. Thank you very much, dear.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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    Hi Saji,

    Is deadline 24 January 2018 midnight (IST) or earlier than midnight?

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    For any contest, closing time will be midnight of the closing date unless otherwise specifically mentioned.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    TWO MLAs before 2018 elections.
    Junior MLA: Good morning sir, you are my last hope!
    Veteran MLA: Sit down son, what happened?

    Junior MLA: All is lost sir, with demonetization I don't how I will fight my next election.How will I pay the voters, I have no clue?
    Veteran MLA: What is the budget? Do you have the breakdown of the electorate in your constituency?

    Junior MLA: Sir, It is 3 crores.My rival is spending 2.5 crores, But what do you mean by the breakdown of people?
    Veteran MLA: I meant educated middle class, old people, women, children, men, minorities, alcoholics and non-veg lovers.

    Junior MLA: I will find out but it would be useless sir?
    Veteran MLA: Son, I was an MLA while you were in your school half-pants. You need to understand the mindset of the people, what would make them vote for you?. Forget demonetization, one man's idea is no match for years of practice and experience I have.

    Junior MLA: Very curious by now, Can you elaborate sir?
    Veteran MLA: It is simple Son. for the old people organize a free eye camp, I will speak to the Health Minister (who was my disciple before) to get doctors to perform free eye surgeries and give free glasses under your "Respect for our Elders program''.

    For the women, I know many industrialists (who are making profits because I granted them licenses) who will send TVs and sarees indirectly via the "Women's upliftment program" that you will announce tomorrow. He sips his afternoon drink.

    Junior MLA: Sir, what about the others?
    Veteran MLA: For the children, my nephew is a software giant ( I gave him many subsidies), he will supply you basic laptops that you will distribute under your "Educate the future of India program"next week.

    For the alcoholics and non-veg lovers, I know many hoteliers (who have broken every rule with my blessings) who will give them briyani and alcohol, free one day a week till elections and two days a week for one month after the elections under your "Gratitude for the common man program".
    I know many leaders of various religions ( we all are joint investors in overseas companies), who will ensure that their people endorse you under your "All religions are the same and I belong to all of you" speech. Don't worry, where there is a will, there is a way too. Now go home.

    Junior MLA: But sorry sir? you have forgotten about the educated middle class.
    Veteran MLA: Son, How did you become an MLA? without knowing this basic truth. The educated tax paying middle class is a tight-fisted decent group who know exactly who we are, they cannot be easily corrupted, so don't show your face to them at all, that's what I have been doing for 30 years.

    Junior MLA: falls at the Veteran's feet. Sir, you are my God and Angel! I will never forget you for the rest of my life!
    Veteran MLA: Laughing loud, Son, even if you want to forget me, which is likely, you will never forget me. Just collect a copy of the video recording of our meeting with my secretary, this will make sure that I am in your memory all the time. Goodbye!

    Junior MLA: Walks home dejected, how will I find a novice like me, so that I can also ensure my future earnings, as he reaches home, he becomes very happy because his favorite youth college president was waiting for him, he is the future MLA from his party and his disciple too. God, I never knew politics would be so easy. I should tell my brother too.

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    5. A young couple discussing the distribution of household chores between them.

    Husband: I was planning to have a small garden in our backyard, what do you say?
    Wife: Oh! that a great plan

    Husband: What type plant do you wish to have in our garden?
    Wife: We will start with some flower plants such as all types of Roses (I like the most), Jasmine, shoe-flower, Bougainvillea, Cockscomb, Oleander, Tulip, Daffodil.....

    Husband: It looks your list will not end here.
    Wife: Oh come on we are planning for a garden. Then we will go to show plants such as Aloe vera, Areca palm, English Ivy, Indian Basil, Dracaena, Ladies Slipper Orchid etc.,

    Husband: I need to lookup for English Ivy how it looks. We can add snake plants to our garden
    Wife: That's good.

    Husband: Which soil should we buy
    Wife: We buy red and black soil and some pots for flower plants

    Husband: In which corner will like to have flowers and show plants
    Wife: We will mix up both to make our garden the most beautiful. We will add some climbing plants around our garden such as Money plant, Tri color heavenly blue, Rose wedding day etc., These climbers make garden perfect.

    Husband: That's a good idea. I will make all arrangements for this within 3 days, but you have to take care of gardening.
    Wife: of course I love gardening.

    MK. Riyazuddin.

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    sorry deleted by author
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    A young couple discussing the distribution of household chores between them.

    Husband(Ram): Dear, tomorrow is your holiday
    Wife(Teja): Holiday? To me? It must be a dream.

    Husband: Tomorrow for lunch, let us go for that newly opened restaurant in our area.
    Wife: Okay, how come it is my holiday.

    Husband: You need not to cook right. Isn't it your holiday?
    WIfe: What about breakfast and dinner?
    Husband: you will have dosa batter for breakfast and upma for dinner. (he smirked)

    Wife: So, do you think cooking is the only job that, I do in this house?
    Husband: Dear, why are you taking it seriously?

    WIfe: Yes dear, I am upset with your sarcasm. But I understand, you have no idea on what I do at home.
    Husband: Teja listen, I know, you are the one taking care of this house. What I meant is, cooking is primary and all other tasks are secondary.

    Wife: I am responsible for all the tasks at home. There is no differences like primary and secondary to me.
    Husband: I agree, but you have maids to delegate your complex jobs.I can't share your household chores, so I pay for maids and spend on other appliances to ease your work.

    Wife: Not everything can be compensated with money Ram. Just look at this house.
    Husband: What?
    Wife:Keeping the house clean and tidy as per you expectation is not easy, when a toddler at home. Every time Janu (daughter) makes a mess, I clean it up immediately; not the maid, who sweeps only once in the morning.
    Husband: Hygienic house is good for everyone. Good that you are also concerned about it.
    Wife: (stubbornly)Thanks.
    Also, you have not spent any money on a Robot to keep your things organized, and bring it to you every time you require.

    Husband: Dear, I always feel blessed for the things you do to home and for me. I can realize how much I demand from you.
    I also like to take responsibility and share your loads, but my irregular schedules makes me withdraw from household chores.

    Wife: I know, you are keep trying to ease my household chores in all possible ways by appointing maids and buying appliances. I also try maximum to reduce your burden by taking care of online payments, grocery shopping, Dr visits, repair works at home etc without seeking help from you.
    Husband: Yes dear, it is not about the work, but how much we care for each other. So, what else do you expect me to do?
    Wife: Please take care of your personal belongings and your documents. I am happy doing it, but when I am busy on other chores, I can't rush to you and find it all the time. I think, that personal help of yours means a lot to me.

    Husband: Nice dear, Sure. I will take care.
    Wife: Thank you so much Ram.
    Come let us have our dinner.
    Husband: What is the dinner tonight?
    Wife: Upma (a loud laugh filled their house that evening)

    *Upma is a simple dish prepared with Semolina.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    Here is my entry for the contest:

    Topic of conversation: A shop owner and a customer arguing over payment of the bill by cash

    Shop owner: Good afternoon, sir, it's good to see you in my shop on such a wet day.
    Customer: Yes, we have had a lot of rain lately; and that's why I have come to purchase a raincoat from your shop

    Shop owner: Don't worry sir. I can help you find a good raincoat. What colour do you prefer?
    Customer: I am not bothered about colour but it should be strong enough to protect me from rain and should not wet my clothes.

    Shop owner: Here you go. It is made up of polyester and is quite strong without being clumsy.
    Customer: Yes, they look all right, I had better try them on.

    Shop owner: Certainly, sir; please try it.
    Customer: Yes, that is quite comfortable. What is the price?

    Shop owner: That will be Rs. 150 and here is your bill.
    Customer: I will take this raincoat and here is your money.

    Shop owner: Sir, what is this?
    Customer: This is a credit card. Are you seeing it for the first time?

    Shop owner: No sir, I meant to say that we only accept cash. We don't have POS in our shop.
    Customer: What? In which age are you living? When everyone is going for cashless transaction and online payment, you are still accepting cash.

    Shop owner: Sir, if you had seen properly at the shop entrance, it is clearly mentioned that we accept only cash. After all, we are still small shop owner. Do you expect us to deal via cashless mode?
    Customer: Oh! It was wrong on my part to purchase the raincoat from your store. Now, you give me a solution. I need this raincoat urgently and I have no cash with me to pay you. What I have is this credit card.

    Shop owner: Sir, I am very sorry to tell you, but you have to return the raincoat to us. There is no other way. We accept only cash.

    [One of the neighbouring store owners comes to the scene after hearing a heated argument between the shop owner and the customer over payment of the bill by cash.]

    Neighbouring Shop owner: Sir, please stop arguing. I have a solution. I have a POS machine in my shop. You can swipe your credit card on to my POS and I will hand over the cash to the store owner.

    Customer: Yes, that will be great on your part. Here, is my card.

    Customer to the raincoat shop owner: Please you too try to get a POS machine as early as you can and enter into the cashless transaction.

    Shop owner: Sure, sir. I will try to get the POS machine by today itself. Thank you for your advice and yes, thanks for shopping with us. Do visit our store again. I assure you next time we will not be arguing over payment by cash.

    [Everyone starts laughing] – End of the conversation.

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    Topic: Conversation between the customer and the shop owner.
    Shop owner: Thank You, sir, for shopping with us. Hope you will continue your patronage with us.
    Customer: You are most welcome. I have to pay you the bill. What is the amount?
    Shop owner: It is Rs.750/-. Are you going to pay by card or cash?
    Customer: It will be the card. Please get me the bill.
    Shop owner: Excuse Me, sir. We will not be giving bills for less than Rs.1000/- transaction.
    Customer: I want the bill. I don't want to purchase any item without a receipt.
    Shop owner: If I make the bill you have to pay the GST also, sir.
    Customer: No. I need not pay GST separately as the MRP is inclusive of all taxes. Please get me the bill.
    Shop owner: No, sir, I am not charging MRP. I have given you a discount Rs.10/-.
    Customer: I don't want any discount in place of a bill. I want the bill. Please let us not waste our time on this.
    Shop owner: Why do you insist on the bill. I am very reasonable in the prices.
    Customer: Please see not raising bill for a transaction is illegal. It is nothing but deceiving the government.
    Shop owner: No, Sir, I have already taken GST registration.
    Customer: You are trying to cheat me also. You want to avoid full turnover into the tax bracket.So you are not
    giving bills. Avoiding tax will be illegal. When you are making some profit you should pay the correct
    amount of tax.
    Shop owner: This is a small amount. Why so much argument?
    Customer: As a responsible citizen of the country, you have to be loyal to the country and pay the tax as per the
    rules. These kinds of activities only will be bringing in the difficulties like black money ,
    demonetisation etc. Please be a good businessman by paying tax at actuals. Please get me the bill.
    Shop owner: Ok, sir, I understood your feelings. Hereafter I will raise bills for all transactions. Here is yours.
    Customer: Thank you for your good gesture. I will be coming regularly to you.

    always confident

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    This is my entry for the contest

    Topic:Two students are discussing their method of preparing for an exam

    Student 1: Hi dear , our exams are coming nearby so what's your plan of preparing for exams and score better.
    Student 2: Well, I believe in practical learning of subject not cramming so I am going to study just 3-4 hours a day with concentration and getting practical knowledge about topic .Remember , one of the most important thing is management of time.
    So, for that we should make time table for study as this is our 12 exams .
    Student 2 : According to me , we should give time to each and every subject . Giving time depends upon difficulty level of subject , more difficult needs more time and vice-versa. But doing rest ,sleeping 8-9 hours is also important.
    Student 1: Well, I got your point but just managing time will not help to get good marks. How we study is also of great singnificance. Some student do cramming, some study only important topics but i am going to do study in practical way.
    Student 2 : Yes you are right friend with cramming you will remember for a while but proper study will help to remember it for lifetime.
    Student 1: I am little bit nervous about exams .
    Student 2 : Don't be nervous my dear . Meditation will help you for this , i do the same daily for relaxtion.
    Student 1 : Ok friend i need to go now otherwise i will be late for my tution.
    Student 2 :Before going just remember study according to your time table with fresh mind . Don't study at night as you are tired at night, eat healthy food , get good sleep .
    Student 1: Thanks for your take care best of luck for exam.
    Student 2: Same to you dude.

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    Two students discussing their method of preparation for exams :

    Dhaman: Hey Pikachu!
    (I smack him on his face with my textbook).
    Aditya: Stop calling me names!
    Dhaman: Aw that hurts! What did you hit me with? Oh, Thermodynamics textbook. Even I have thermodynamics exam today. Chemical and Mechanical engineering has this one subject common after all.
    Aditya: Gibb's energy. I don't even know why such thing exists. How am I going to solve the problems today ?
    Dhaman: You can't be saying that. You're a topper. Shut up and teach me Gibb's energy within 30 minutes. Time's running out.
    Aditya: Ok! In order to solve stuff easily, always cut down complex parts into easier fractions. That's how I work. Is that ok with you ?
    Dhaman: I usually go for mind-mapping. I brought highlighters, sketch pens, markers ---
    Aditya: Girly! Dhaman is so girly! He should be called Dhamini.
    Dhaman: Cut it out! I'm artistic. I understand this way better. If I can draw it, I can write it too. You're just teasing me because you suck at drawing and you can't identify colors.

    (Dhaman gets smacked by me again).
    Aditya: Concentrate please mister. First try to link all the basic things to a point. In this case; I'll link up entropy, enthalpy, temperature-
    Dhaman: Look there! Abhinay! Do you know he's in relationship with Chandrika?
    Aditya: O really! But why would such cute girl......wait! Don't you dare distract me with nonsense now. Start drawing what I tell so that you can read later. Oh you already started drawing? That's a guitar ! Wow you're quite impressive.
    Dhaman: I can even play guitar. I want to you listen to a song I played to. Here, watch it.

    (After waiting minutes on trivial mundane stuff we both come to our senses).

    Aditya: Analogies are important. Always ask yourself, "what, why, when, who, which, where and how?" This will give you an overall view.
    Now let's ask these questions about the Gibbs energy.
    (Topic has been well explained)
    Dhaman: liar! You knew everything all along ! So Gibbs energy is the free energy required to perform a reaction?
    Aditya: That is the gist of my ranting. Now carefully note these formulae.
    Dhaman: yes I'm on it. Your shirt looks great you know?
    Aditya: Dhaman ! The time ! We're two minutes late already !

    (Dhaman and I run to our respective rooms to appear for the exam that we "prepared" for).

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    My entry:
    [Topic: I meet my favourite author during a journey and start a conversation with him]
    I was going to Mumbai from Ratlam on a chilly night of Dec. in Rajdhani Express. I boarded from Ratlam. It was very chilled and I was not able to stand on the platform. Suddenly train arrived and I rushed to go to my seat. I reached my seat and sited there. As train stated I felt uncomfort as I felt thirsty. I needed water but unfortunately forgot my bottle on platform. I saw the passenger next to my seat :
    Me: Excuse me. Do you have water? I need it urgently.
    Passenger: Certainly sir. He turned to me and gave me a bottle of water.
    ( As he turned I saw him. He was my favourite author Mr Chetan Bhagat)
    Me: I took water and drank from it. After relaxing I told: Alas! You are Chetan Bhagat.
    Chetan Bhagat: Yes. Do you know me?
    Me: Yes. I am a big fan of you. I have read many books of you.
    Chetan Bhagat: It's my pleasure to meet you. I always like to meet my fans. What is your name and Which books have you read?
    Me: I am Hakimuddin and I have read A night at call centre, Revolution 2020, Half girl
    Chetan Bhagat: And which book you like the most?
    Me: I like your book revolution 2020.
    Chetan Bhagat: Why do you like this book?
    Me: You have raised the main issues in this novel. You have raised the issues of love, professionalism in education, our current political system etc.
    Chetan Bhagat: Thanks for your compliment. I need feedback from my fans to write my next novel. Your feedback is very useful to me.
    Me: On which subject are you going to write your next novel?
    Chetan Bhagat: I have thought about it. There are so many topics on which I am thinking. I will decide within some days after the feedback of my fans like you. On which subject do you want to publish my next novel?
    Me: I will suggest you to write on clean India, green India. Since it is essential to aware people about cleanliness. You can aware a generation of youth for this important topic. Please think about it.
    Chetan Bhagat: Yes. I will try. And thanks for giving a good topic for my next novel. Ok. Mr Hakimuddin its 1.00 AM. Let take some rest. Good night.
    Me: Good night. It is nice meeting you. Please give me your autograph.
    Mr Chetan Bhagat gave me an autograph and it was my pleasant journey where I met my favourite author.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    (Imaginary conversation of: A young couple discussing the distribution of household chores between them.)

    Reema (wife): Raj dear, how fast time flies. it is a month since our wedding. And you have to resume your job from tomorrow. How I will miss you all day and feel lonely. I will phone you every alternate hour and you call me every other alternate hour .
    Raj (Husband): (Smiling affectionately and hugging her): Your order my majesty, done. (seriously) Being just first day I may be able to call you more times. Later on, we can talk during teatime and lunch break.

    Reema: I know . Even I will also get involved in routine household works.
    Raj: Okay then, we may make a tentative job chart so that we can talk at fixed times. I shall phone you immediately on reaching office. What is your plan after I leave?

    Reema : I will wait for your call reading the newspaper. By then the maid will come and I will be busy till she leaves. I have to make lunch. From next week I will prepare your lunch box . It will be a new dish every day to surprise you.
    Raj: Oh, I am eagerly looking for that. I now I yearn for home food cooked by my dear wife, after attending all those invitation lunches and hotel food. So I will be buying vegetables and spices when I return from office. While going out I shall arrange for the ironing centre boy to collect the clothes for ironing.

    Reema: In the afternoon, I have to change the curtains and draperies. Day after we have to send them for dry washing.
    Raj; Don't worry, day after I will be taking a day's leave. We will go to the bank to make the account in our joint names. You wanted to keep the ornaments in locker too. I will be joining you in making a special recipe for our dinner.

    Reema: By weekend, I will be having a routine charted by habit.
    Raj: Why you worry? I am with you to share every thing . We are the two cart bullocks sharing the load equally. Aren't we 'made for each other couple"?.

    Both chuckle and wink at each other in unison.

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    A young couple discussing the distribution of household chores between them.

    A working couple in their house on a Friday night after their dinner.

    Husband: Ma, see the vegetables that I purchased today is still on the plastic cover. It has been a long time. Why can't you clean and place them in a refrigerator?
    Wife: Sorry, I was on a call with my mom so I completely forgot about that. I will arrange it now. [While arranging the vegetables] My colleagues nearly 5 people are coming to our home tomorrow for lunch around 12 noon which is a sudden plan by them.
    Husband: Oh, is it. Great! Are you planning to prepare any special lunch?
    Wife: Of course yes. I promised them that I will cook a non-vegetarian dish. I need your help so please sacrifice your sleep tomorrow morning and wake up early.
    Husband: Yeah I will try but for me, this weekend is to work from home so I will be little busy for 2 hours and you have to adjust all your work according to that.
    Wife: [In a loud voice] Oh my God! You haven't reminded me of it. Then how will I manage everything alone?
    Husband: [Sarcastically] I don't think there is any use in reminding you.
    Wife: [With an angry face and getting ready to fight] Are you trying to tell that I don't have a good memory?
    Husband: Cool dear! You cannot achieve anything by showing your anger to me. Be calm and let me know about your plan for tomorrow and then we will decide.
    Wife: I'm really very sorry. I'm the one who has to cook and we have other usual weekend work - dusting the shelves, sweeping and mopping the floors, washing, changing the bedspreads, cleaning washroom. If anything is unclean or something goes bad then how will I face them? It will be embarrassing for me.
    Husband: Oh! Come on. Don't create this as a big scene. Just 5 members so this is not a big deal. If you are tensed for this then how will you manage if we arrange any function or a party? So stay calm and listen to me. This is our home and I will definitely share the work. Let us first share the work equally. But remember I have some official work as well so you have to adjust.
    Wife: Yes sure. I'm not a stupid to disturb you while you are doing the official work. I can understand. As you said we will split the work. It would be good if you buy me some fresh meat and fish early, meanwhile I will clean the washroom and sweep the floors. Once you reach, I will start preparing for the lunch. Is that fine?
    Husband: Oh! So you mean to say I have to do the remaining work.
    Wife: [Sarcastically]Is that a difficult task?
    Husband: Don't take this in a different way. We will complete the entire planned work before your colleagues reach our home. Ok, what about our breakfast tomorrow?
    Wife: Oops. Seriously, I have a bad memory. You are always right. We can have bread and jam which is very quick and easy breakfast.
    Husband: Yeah, much better.
    [But his mind voice] Oh my God! That is better to skip my breakfast.

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    Two students discussing their method of preparing for examinations.

    Student 1: Hey! Why did you call me to meet in this park? You know we have to study for our class 10 pre-board exams starting just after two days and Maths is our first exam.
    I have just started practising and I would have to stretch until the last hour to complete it.
    Don't you think that we have a mountain to climb as Maths is so tough?
    Student 2: Well I don't take it like that. I feel more relaxed before Maths exam as there is nothing we have to memorise and mug up. Everything is more of common sense, understanding and logical thinking.

    Student 1: How easily you say that? Don't you think we need to practice each and every sum from textbooks and other additional books to be confident before exams?
    Student 2: Dear Friend, Maths is such a subject which needs more understanding and practice right from the beginning when the chapter is taught in school rather than during the exam time.

    Student 1: Your words are now proving Greek and Latin to me. Can you please elaborate more on your preparation for Maths exam?.
    Student 2: Ok why not. For formulas, I do not memorise them directly but try to go into their derivation steps and then memorise. This makes me understand how formulas are built and also helps to remember them faster.
    Also sometimes if I forget formulas then this also helps me in solving the sums without using formulas directly.

    Student 1: That sounds interesting! I literally memorise all formulas by heart and then often get jumbled up during the exam and confuse them.
    But you must also be practising each and every problem before the exams from more than one book right?
    Student 2: I follow a different approach. The number of problems you practice does not make a difference till you have clearly understood approach and fundamentals related to each type of problem.
    I practice all the problems well before the exams and be thorough with the concepts.
    During exams, I just practice the major and the difficult ones. Rest I just give a glance.
    That's all. Rest you have to keep a cool head during the exam and make sure you do not commit any silly mistakes.

    Student 1: Ok. Now I know why I do not get good marks in spite of my hard work. One has to be more smart worker than a hard worker in Maths exam.
    Student 2: You are right!
    It is not good to stretch yourself practising until the last moment for the Maths exam. It makes you more confused and nervous.
    Just leave your evening the day before the Maths exam free without studies and relax.

    Student 1: Makes sense. Let me try to implement it from this Maths exam.
    Why not watch India Vs South Africa T20 match on TV together on the evening before the Maths exam?
    Student 2: Ha Ha Ha! You seem to have changed. Anyways I was always going to watch it. Let's do it together this time.
    Ok, lets break and study now.

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