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    Have we taken a little time to study us ?

    We are all living in a society as part and parcel of the same. Naturally we are also contributing to the growth of the society. But what way we are doing It? Did we spend some time to analyse and evaluate the same? It will be a good exercise and will definitely help us to know where we are. Are we a big zero or are we a needed person there? Just when we see that we were also a party for attaining something useful we would feel rejoiced. Say for example, our front road is in a very useless condition. Nobody is taking any action to repair the same. Then if one person takes initiative to meet the concerned authorities and give request to repair the road. We can definitely help that person by accompanying him to the Panchayat office or PWD office. Also continue this by making followup actions. May be after a couple of weeks the concerned authorities might come and initiate the work by taking measurements, etc.
    Like this there are several issues in a place which can be solved if somebody initiates. Why not that somebody be you?
    If we just sit a while and study about us we will understand we are not making use of our simple capabilities for the betterment of our own surroundings.
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    I have been responding to various threads on the subject that there is nothing better than self probing and that will bring the exact demerits lies within us and have scope for improving. If others point out the mistakes in us, it may offend us and others wont do that because it may spoil the good relations. But we can always have the self probing attitude so that any mistake or omission done for the day can be known and rectified. Even the law gives time and also pardons those who are first time offenders and swears not to repeat again. So probing by self would help to overcome this.
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    Self-assessment is a very good way of understanding us. This may be regarding your performance as an employee in the office, as a family person in the family, as a citizen in the society and finally as a human being. Once in a while we sit and get into the past and analyse our deeds, we can understand our actions are correct or not. Of course, gone are the deeds we can't go back and rectify our mistakes. But we can stop repeating the mistakes in similar fashion again and again.
    As a part of the society, we should behave as a responsible citizen and do something good to the society. These days we are hearing more about cleanliness. If we see any waste by the side of our house getting it cleaned is a good thing for the society. Not wasting water unnecessarily is a good service to the society as many people are suffering from non-availability of water. Saving water to next generation is a service to society.

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    Most of us do that. At least i have done many such things. However as far as we are 'small' people there will be many who hijack things from us and get the limelight on them only. My experience is that those who are really sincere always lose i once they have put in the efforts. The cup is held by some one else.
    So most of us are destined to toil and get 'self satisfaction'.

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    A socially relavent thread, we see open drains without man-hole covers, leaking pipe that waste a lot of water, street lights on during broad daylight. But most of us don't bother to call up the relavanet authorities, some even if they want to cannot reach the right department or contact person.
    I remember some elders in our locality trying hard to stop the roadside non-veg meal pushcarts close to the homes which we a source of trouble with unruly characters hanging around thourgh the evening. it took quite some time to get some response as they did not get enough support initially.
    The author is right, we need somebody to kick start the process, someone to follow-up, and someone to liaise when the authorities come on site. This is now done in many residential neighborhoods as there would at least be someone who knows a municipal officer, an SI in the police station or the local MLA etc, this makes things easier to speed up the process.

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