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    Daughters and a Career in modelling

    As common middle-class people, many still have a traditional view of their family and how others feel about us. For various reasons, some families do not bother much about what their sons are up to But when it comes to their daughters they are rigid to extent that mothers always try to curb their freedom and their ambitions if what they intend to do is going to be frowned upon by relatives etc.

    Modelling and a career as an Ad artist is challenging. Some traditional grandparents or parents are not used to odd times, social interactions, dinner parties, rude comments, names being trawled, inappropriate gossips circulated or being commented upon in social media. Some even worry about not getting an alliance for their daughters.

    As a family who have enjoyed a relatively low profile within the community, Would we be comfortable? can we handle the intrusion by media and others into our lives?
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    The days are changing. These days ladies are also progressing in all most all the areas. Gone are the days' parents not allowing their daughters for certain professions. There may be a little resistance from some family members but if the girls are very particular they will also not insist on these matters too much. These days there is no difference between genders. It is a boy or a girl, importance is given to their wishes rather than forcing our thoughts on them.
    But still, there are some families where the parents try to restrict their sons and daughters from certain professions.A career in modelling is one such profession. These girls who are in metro cities may nor bother much but in villages still ladies are having some inhibitions and they may not go for such professions.

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    Although times have changed to a greater extent. But in middle-class families in the majority this thought process exists. Girls are not allowed to wear short dresses. Mothers don't like and to some extent, even the daughters don't like. It is the environment that they get since the beginning of their life, since their birth, the dressing style stays the same.
    If the daughters want to choose a career in modeling or fashion designing, then parents should allow them. Things will change but will take more time.

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