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    "Face is the index of mind."

    The mind is always engaged in one or other thought process. They may be of happiness, sadness, joy, sorrow, anger, fear, depression etc., All these thoughts are within us but as our body is an indicator of our moods and feelings, they are reflected in our body language especially the face. Happiness and love activate the entire body and it is reflected in a positive manner on our face. The nervous system increases the supply of oxygen to the muscles and raises the heart rate in case of fear and it clearly shows on our face. The face of a person with anxiety shows uneasiness. Some people try to keep their emotions under control and present a blank face. The trained eye of a psychologist or a doctor can immediately read the face and judge what is going on in our mind. Always keep calm as far as possible and light up your surroundings with a happy and smiling face.
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    It is true that face is the index mind. By observing the face of a person we can understand his position and mood . If somebody is under tension that will reflect in the face . His face will be getting narrowed and shrink with wrinkles on the face.At the moment of joyourfacebe widened and a glow will be therein the face. When you are happy your talk will be with very strong tone and when we are in sorrow our face will be pale and there will not be any glow on the face.
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    Generally the happiness or troubles or trauma experienced by a person gets its expression on the face too. So by looking at the face of a person we can have some guess about something going on in the person's mind.
    There may be some few who can totally hide their real emotions and put up artificial countenance . But such hardened , or specific trained people are quite less and we may not be coming across them usually at all.

    Many times we would have faced some situation when people read our mind even though we did not want them to know it. The opposite also could have happened- that we enter into someone's place and see some particular expression on their face though they struggle to hide and put up a normal appearance.

    In almost every language there can be a proverb in Malayalam "Mukham manassinte kannaadi"-meaning 'Face is the mirror of the mind'
    Close people like mother, father, spouse, close friend etc. can easily understand even the minute changes in our mind by reading our face,however we try to put up a normal face.

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    Although I heard this earlier, I do not accept this theory. There are many people in this world who can hide their emotion very successfully. From their face, it is very difficult to judge their feelings. They are poker-faced. Many people also think I am also poker-faced and can hide my emotions and feelings.
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    This does not apply to all. The good examples where this does not apply are politicians, money lenders, diplomatics and card players. Such people do not give away their thoughts or inner feelings easily and we cannot just go by their facial expressions.

    A face is the index of mind applies aptly to people who are good natured, have love and affection towards others. Observe the face of a mother whose infant is sick, the face of a father when he does not have money to foot the expensive school fees, grandparents who have to send off their grandchildren whom they see few times a year only. Such people with a genuine heart and a good mind display their emotions on the face instantly.

    Similarly, many professionals are trained to be emotionless and also trained to read the mind by observing the faces

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    The face is the index of our mind, very correct. But everyone is not the same, some people are very good at hiding their feelings. This will be never be reflected on their face. Nobody can understand the thoughts of such people. While those people who are transparent in nature will easily reveal it, any kind of tension will fully cover up their face.
    In general, when someone is worried, this trait will reveal on anyone's face.

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    Yes, In Tamil there is a saying 'Agaththin azhagu mugaththil theriyum' which means through face one can see his mind. Even in our daily life we can experience this practically. My brother's daughter who is only seven years old ask me if I kept quite on some day as,'What happened to you, you find differently'.

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