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    "Learn to accept faults and rectify them without giving excuses."

    We do commit many mistakes and many a time we do not have the courage to accept them. This is because of our ego problem. To satisfy our ego and prove that we have not committed a mistake, we try to give excuses. By doing so we will be committing more mistakes to justify ourselves and thus run into more trouble. This is what children generally used to try to do and used to get caught. Later on, we cannot get away with our mistakes. It is always better to accept our faults and learn from them.
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    Realising and accepting the self-made mistakes require a lot of courage. To err is human. Anybody and everybody will do mistakes. Nobody can say that he has not committed any mistake any time. If somebody says also that is not reliable. We can understand that he is bluffing. If we have done some mistake knowingly or unknowingly the same is to be accepted and we should get corrected by ourselves and we should not repeat the same again and again. Then we can say that we are learning from our mistakes. But if we simply say that we have not done any mistake is a foolish act and it will be like digging your own grave. If not today, tomorrow your mid=stake will pay you the penalty.
    So always try to learn from your mistakes and don't repeat the same mistake. If you have committed a mistake accept the mistake and try to minimise the mistakes. That is the best way to learn always.

    always confident

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    All of us commit mistakes, many do not accept due to fear of being proved wrong, fear of embarrassment and of course our egos. We all like to pat on our backs, hence we try to find a reason to ignore the mistakes by finding excuses to justify or cover our short comings.
    Some of the blame lies on our parents and teachers also, every mistake was punished, made to feel ashamed off. Hence the same continues into adulthood also.
    As life goes on, we mature and learn from our errors and misadventures. There a few people who after having undergone the hardships share their experience with others so that they also need not make the same mistakes and suffer once again.
    The sooner we do this, the better it is for us as we can learn to accept things first, then improve or correct our shortcomings and start becoming successful and a better human being.

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    It is the fact that we do commit many mistakes and seldom we do not agree nor accept them. What we think that we had done the correct thing and others are wrong even though there would be glaring mistakes on our part. Excuses are no way to help us. May be at that point of time we may escape from possible grilling by others, but it is must on our part to keep the ego apart and agree with the mistake done and rectify the error. When we are not correcting ourselves, there are every chances of committing more mistakes in future and we become more head strong if not corrected the mistake forthwith. And society also likes those who agree to the mistakes and resort to remedial actions.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Human nature is of committing mistake and do not accept them. But success comes to those who accept their fault.
    We always think that we are right, others are wrong. We start making excuses to satisfy our ego. You said well that "Learn to accept faults and rectify them without excuses. "
    So just try to accept your faults and do not repeat the same mistake.

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