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    It is not at all funny !

    It is a very common trend in social media, especially Facebook, to post some pictures of people who are either dark in color or are fat. And some stupid people, write other people's names and ask 'Will you marry this or that person'. And some of our humorous and idiotic friends, keep tagging us in such posts. Is it really so funny?

    Is it right to keep making fun of others in terms of their looks? Nowadays we are seeing there are some girls who are posting videos talking normally and its written on the bottom "who wants to marry this girl?" A complete nonsense act by people. If we are liking a good friendly page just to have some funny alerts for laughing, we will find such type of stupid memes. And one of our friends will keep tagging us in all these.

    Every day, as I scroll down my facebook page, I see one or more of such foolish images. I don't find it funny at all. It is not right to make fun of anyone like this. Fun should be up to a limit and not this much. What is your opinion?
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    I have been watching the happenings in the Facebook which going from bad to worse. People are leaving their important works and wasting time on social media to share something which has no meaning and belittling the characters of others. I never give credence to such posts and sharing which has the person dig at some one having bad face, having hefty personality or racial issues. I simply ignore those posts which are regularly tagged. Even I sent warnings to those to stop sharing such things. I just cannot understand as to why the people are not using the Facebook platform for a better use and spread the knowledge of sharing in good way. And most of the images appearing on the social media pages are morphed and we should not make early comment as done in this forum. We must wait and watch before making our comment.
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    This is a new phenomenon! I use Facebook only to maintain contact with my old friends, so I have not noticed it. But there is no doubt this is a despicable trend. We must strongly condemn it, and report the matter to Facebook administration.
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    Facebook is a nonsense and nuisance with such useless trends. I don,t look at the Facebook. I keep myself away from that book.
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    Facebook is becoming a bad site slowly. Members are trying to post all bad and worst postings. This is very unwanted to make fun of people. This is the main problem of people. They always try to point out others but they forget that they can also be pointed out by many. You can spend time happily and you can have joke and fun. But making some personal comments and making fun of a particular person is always ridiculous and one should not go to that level of bringing down somebody for their fun. Personally, I never encourage this. I am also active on Facebook. I always try to be within the limits and never comment adversely on any issue. I restrain myself from these personal comments on other people.
    As expressed by the author, there should be a limit for fun also. If we go above that the fun may become a serious giving chance for the people who want to separate the people.

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    This thread is an example of how social media get a bad reputation because of misuse of a few subscribers. Facebook has so much of potential and good features. But as with other things in life, we can find some inappropriate use by people who lack emotional maturity. These people make fun and laugh at the expense of others.
    Morphing images, using pictures of real people without their permission to tag it to funny quotes and inviting people to comment may not appeal to all.
    I think, we should ignore these, once such messages do not get any replies or likes, then people who start slowly down the number of posts and then hopefully stop. Before making fun of someone we should how we would feel if the joke was to be on us.

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    Mocking and making fun of one's inborn defects or characteristics or things beyond one's control is inhuman and cruel. I never do that and I do not respect or regard such persons who repeat the dirty act even after asking to stop.
    If we find such comments or pics in social media, the least we can do is to deleted(if possible) and not to spread it .

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    Yes. It is not funny at all. On other hand it is stereotyping and cruel. But I don't think many like you would be offended by such jokes. I see that everyone is ISC strongly condemns it but people are liking it.

    Here's why ? A post with a dark fat woman asking to tag an aditya to marry. My Facebook friends wouldn't lose such oppertunity .
    In some ways, this post helps create a pseudo-closeness between friends. And moreover, the person being tagged is also being mocked because he's chosen.

    Are you a victim of these posts? Maybe someone tagged you so. Though I know its wrong, I find these posts harmless and Facebook is not as half as bad as you think it is. It is a reliable source of science and news if you know where to look to.

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    I have also observed such kind of posts on facebook but the kind of faces it has shown were looking like edited ones. I have seen some ugly faces for both males and females and as per my guess, those faces are just created in such an ugly way to create fun.
    I do not think that those faces are real. Everything is possible in terms of computer technology.
    Well, I am not sure about it but I guess if those are real faces, they would have blocked sooner or later.


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    A very good thread posted by the author bringing out the unfortunate fact that some people enjoy by making fun of others.

    There are many people who just make fun of others and do not bother about the sentiments of human beings. This is a bad practice and we should discourage such things in social media.

    The colour and appearance of a person is a private and personal matter and to malign or insult it in public is not only an inhuman act but also is a criminal offence.

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    I don't think it is funny to demean people. It is worse when done publicly in social networks.
    But I have fun in staying away from facebook and all the propaganda and gossip prevalent there.
    Best thing to do is to encourage people to dump social networking except where one has a commercial interest. Otherwise simply pick up the phone and talk or skype directly one-on-one.

    These social networks are much, much worse than we think. It is given free to us but do take the time to go over the 'terms and conditions' and 'privacy policy', and you will have a rude awakening. The reason these are so long and painful to read is because the owners know that most people are lazy and grab anything that is free while putting their brains into hibernation. And thus begins the mind slaving and manipulative aspects.
    Would you give your computer to be used freely by any person outside your house? Would you bear the cost of downloading, electricity, wear n tear, and not to speak of others spouting things you don't approve of? I think you would not.

    So, to stay away from unnecessary stressful news and time-wasting activities, find something real to do outside the social networks. You will never find things fair and even if you shout all you want, things wont change in that website. There won't be limits of decency or anything except what the owners consider as limits. You have no say in the matter, after all you are using their free offer.

    One actual step in encouraging a bullied person around your own house/office does multimillion times more good than years of posting/reading in the web.

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    This isn't funny and yes I agree that these kind of posts are demeaning morally and individually. People who post these kinds of posts on social media (Facebook) should question themselves that 'having fun means discriminating other people?' I feel this as a personal attack on the person and they are victimized. This is not fun and people who tag their friends in these posts must refrain from doing such activities.

    I see many such posts by admins of various pages in Facebook. Maybe Facebook too should upgrade its terms and policies to stop such vandalising posts.

    Thank You
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    A thing can only be right or wrong & anyone happening to be in the subjected circumstances should raise immediate objections & initiating steps in order for these to get stopped.

    Or in addition to the above scenario, its good to ignore these & continue to involve ourselves in some good business practices in order for us to be more improved & productive & making ourselves ahead in this throat cut competitive world.

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    I have also observed such posts on social media but I also don't make fun of them. It is very bad practice and should be discouraged. Someone is fat, black in colour or acid attack victim people start posting on social media and make fun of them and when someone starts saying against such practice they insult them also. It is always written on them a person whose name start from s, a, b, t,r etc. or particular name is mentioned in the post and they say the person has to marry them.
    Fun in life is important but making fun of others is a bad practice if you want to have your good image just say no to such practice.

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    I too agree with the author that such practice is not at all funny. I too come across such posts which are basically made to tease each other without knowing whoever is in the picture. People often tease each other saying you will get this type of life partner as if the person shown in the picture is not a human being or some kind of alien and above all we find many comments over such post.
    Because it is funny no one gives it much attention but its nice on the part of the author to bring up this issue which most of the people just ignore even if they find it annoying.
    I think the best option is not to get involved in such kind of fun because it is not funny for the person whose picture is circulated in this manner.

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