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    Our habits define our living pattern

    Our habits change our life. Daily habits that we follow become the basis of our life as we get dependent on those habits. We follow them with a good approach, to live smooth and effectively.

    But the habits that we are following, whether they are good or bad, how can we decide that? We need to be sure to inculcate those habits which affect us positively for our growth.

    Being fond of certain habits, we start following them, without caring about what their impact will be on us. The results may not be very good. For example, being lazy or waking up late is not a good habit, but most of us have it. We don't care to get up early, because we are able to manage, as far as things are going fine. But once there will be a moment when we have important things in hand but are not able to manage our laziness and we are affected.

    The same is related to drinking or smoking. We need to be careful in making anything our habit. Once that becomes a habit, we are somehow used to it. It is important to make sure what habits we are adopting.
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    Yes it is the fact that each one of us are having varied habits in our life and pursue them with great interest and honesty. But we do not know that those habits are good or bad unless and until pointed out by others. Some of our habits may have long term impact on us and in some cases others are also largely affected. Suppose if we wake up late as the habit, those who are depended on us to go with them are also equally affected. We seldom realise that we are making great mistake by sticking to our pertinent habits. And for the continued smoker or chain smoker it is the passive smoker who are greatly affected and that is very danger. But great are those who could control their habit, as soon as it was pointed out by others. One thing is sure for some getting rid of habits is great challenge because if you remove "h" from habit, a bit continues, like wise if you get rid of "a" also bit continues and even they remove that "b" also it continues. So habits wont die.
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    I agree with what the author says, "habits define our life pattern".

    From my observation on my own, I understood, it is easy to pick up a new habit, but very difficult to give up one. Habit is an action of one used to/ addicted to. Now this used action builds up his/ her life pattern. It primarily determines their self-confidence.
    If a person got used to waking up late, his confidence to promise anything to be done in the morning. The same way, if any person has a habit of doing any particular thing on particular time, their confidence to take up any activity at that time diminishes.

    If eating food at the same time is someone's habit, then it means, they are maintaining their body mechanism to a routine. If they have a habit of eating a mixture of different vitamins, protein and fat in the right proportion in their diet, it means, they fuel their body mechanism healthily. If they exercise regularly at a particular time, then it means they help their body to convert the food into energy and body to be flexible. These are some of the good habits to lead a healthy life pattern.

    Self-confidence increases when he overcomes his own bad habits. For instance, when a lazy person starts his/ her day early by waking up to a single alarm without snoozing it, there he/she takes control over his body and commands his body to do what he/ she wants. The same way, any bad habit can be given up by defeating it with another good action.

    Sri Vetri
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    A good theme. Habits can tell the person. We can understand the life pattern of a man by knowing his habits. Good habits can easily be changed. But bad habits die hard.
    After 13 years in the forest, The Pandavas has to go into concealment during their exile. They decided to go to the Virat Kingdom for one year with different makeup and as new persons. First to go is Dharma Raju. He got the dress up changed like a saint and named himself as Kunkobhattu and entered the court of Virat Raju. By seeing this new saint the king developed a lot of liking for him and made him as his chief advisor. After seeing him for a while he questioned Dharma Raju that why the dice in hand for such a saint. The answer given by him is very interesting.
    Oh. King, I lost my kingdom because of these dice only. I lost my wealth because of these dice only, I lost my brother and wife also because of these dies only. I lost everything and my life lost everything because of these dice only. But I cannot leave them from my hand. Finally, he says, habits are a type of diseases which can't be cured easily.
    Habits cannot be changed so easily.

    always confident

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    If you see the police or law personnel searching for criminals to solve a crime, they look at the habitual offenders first and often they end up finding the culprit because of his/her habits. Human beings are creatures of habit, our habits good or bad becomes ingrained into our daily lives.

    Our daily routine of habits like smoking after food, reading a particular paper, eating at a particular hotel, walking at a particular time often gives us away and are used by people who observe including thieves and kidnappers.

    A bad habit is easily picked up and hard to give up, while a good habit is difficult to pick up and easy to give up. For instance the habit of going to the gym regularly or restricting eating fatty foods, it is easy to give up for a day or two. Once we become dependent on a habit, we tend not the think of the pros and cons of it.

    This applies to children as well, parents who teach good habits to their children do a good job to ensure that the child grows up to be a responsible member of the family and society.

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