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    Never talk bad words in front of a child. They easily grasp and repeat the same in front of others.

    One of my friend in a fit of anger used to scold his wife with bad words and he was not aware that his one year old child is noticing all those atrocities with great interest and memorising. And when the child would demand something to eaten or purchased and when he refuses, the child repeats the same bad words against him and thus he was unable to control the anger of the child who never forgets those bad words. Now he has stopped taking the child to the relatives and other functions as the child has been branded as bad character with filth languages coming out of his mouth.
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    This is a good post. The kids will learn from our words and actions. So we should be careful with them. They will feel fun in doing what we are doing and saying what we are saying. This is very common for all kids. So parents and other elders in the house should be very careful with their words and acts in front of these kids. If you talk roughly, they will also practice the same. If you scold bad words they will repeat the words. If you hit somebody they will also do that. If you behave gently they will learn to behave in the same way.
    A father is making a small shed on the back side of his house. He started doing some work there and his son also started doing the same thing by the side. The father asked the son what for your cutting the land. The child asked him what for you are doing. The father replied that my father has become old so I don't want him to stay in the main house so I am planning to make a small hut. Then the son answered his father that you will also become old after ten years, then I don't want you to stay in the house and for you only I am planning a hut year.
    So the moral of the story is we should be careful with children and we should see that they will be getting good lessons only from us by our good behaviour.

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    A child of one year age is like a parrot, it would learn words, actions, tones and tunes that it hears but would not understand the meaning. Hence, the child has learnt from the father and has been using the same words when it finds a similar situation.

    Parents, elders and teachers should be alert and cautious when using foul language or having an argument in front of growing children. If the child is of a young age, it learns fast; if the child is at an age wherein it can understand the meanings, if feels sad and loses respect towards the person speaking these words.

    It would be a good practice to control our anger in front of children, if we must argue at all, we should postpone the discussion or do it behind closed doors. Now a days many such are picked up by children from the school vans and sports classes wherein young children interact a lot with older children.

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    Absolutely true. Not only parents but all house persons have total responsibilty in building character of the children. Every action of them they are copying invariably. A cousine of mine used to tell 'I will throw you out' often. We did not know why he tell like this but later we came know that his father used to utter that word in anger. This is an ordinary word but when seeing small children, that too school children using filthy words our heart pained so much.

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