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    Is the belief in reincarnation making Indians lazy?

    This is a controversial belief that took root in my brain, thanks to an old man I was talking to.
    He jokingly said, "we Hindus lead a slow life. We will be born again after all. We can do the rest of work in another lifetime".
    Then it struck me. Maybe, our belief in reincarnation is making us lazy.
    Hindus lead most of their lives performing elaborate rituals.
    We allocate a very little time to work, and our amount of festivals perfectly describes and suits our sluggish mentality.

    Are you in agreement ?
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    Keeping the belief in reincarnation aside, I would like to think that the theory being put forward by the author is quite hypothetical. Even if we say that reincarnation is a fact, to say that we would be taking the same form after death appears to be against the basic principle underlying this belief. I don't get it as to how can one defer his duties or responsibilities in the belief that the same can be continued in the next birth? And to connect the lazy attitude of an individual or few individuals to such an erroneous conclusion does seem, at least to me, to be something that defies logic. One lifetime is completed with one's death and the next (if any) is a different life altogether. It is the soul that is believed to take rebirth and not the body. And to conclude, I don't think all Hindus believe in reincarnation though it might be a part of our religious beliefs as has been put across to us through our scriptures.
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    It is ridiculous. How one can say that Hindus are lazy. How one can say they spend a lot of time in rituals. These are all exaggerated statements. Thinking of next birth, wasting time now is not at all acceptable. We don't know whether we will reborn or not. Even we born again also there are many questions about where, how and when. I feel this is very unnatural and beyond any logic. I never heard this theory and I never believe also. As far as my view goes laziness is nothing to do with the religion. In a day of 24 hours, a normal Hindu spends how much time on rituals. If you take an average it will not be more than 30 minutes a day. How much time we are spending on our cell phone, how much time we are spending on the laptop. Are they not waste time. Again generalising a small issue with all of a particular religion is also not correct. I know many Hindus who struggle day and night to have a complete meal two times a day to their complete family. I am not with the author for the views and comments expressed and made in the thread.
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    Aditya, I think you are trying to put two and two to make five. The old man would have meant it in a philosophical way or making a general statement. 'To complete our tasks in the world, we would need more than one life', this is what I've heard often.

    Believing in reincarnation and performing rituals is based on the individuals and hence we cannot make a generalized statement that Hindus lead a lazy life. Members of the Muslim community have to pray 5 times a day does it mean they are lazy?
    Christians go to church most Sundays and have a sermon for a couple of hours, does it mean they are also lazy. If you look any many faiths, they preach to think of God, whenever you can, wherever you are.. So, going by your assumption we should be much more lazier.

    Some are inherently lazy and find many excuses to remain the same and do not find one excuse to start working and be productive, some homes have such a person who burdens the family.

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    It is difficult to find a link between reincarnation and laziness!
    For some, you were born, you lved,you died, you went to Heaven/Hell forever and ever and ever. The end is Eternity. No appeal allowed!!
    For some, Life is cyclical. You were born, you live, you die, because nobody is perfect, your soul is born again right here on Earth!
    What science says about this reincarnation? I think, science is saying nothing about it!
    What you say?

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    Who said the Hindus are slow and lazy. If you happen to be in Tamil Nadu, the people would wake up at 3 am daily and start their religious rituals much to the astonishment of modern day people. Of course taking birth next time depends on our good deeds and bad deeds, and postponing the responsibility to other birth is something not syncing with me. And one must take pride that Hindus are most ardent followers of their religion and the rituals are done in most systematic manner without any room for criticism. By not allocating time for the current work it does not mean that we are all together postponing the works to next birth ?
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    I think the author is meaning 'rebirth' and not reincarnation. In a sense both are same. However, the word ' reincarnation' is generally used to indicate the rebirth of God's - 'Avatars'.
    Whatever it may be, the statement made by the old man is just a joke. The author himself states so, " the old man said jokingly". Hence we need not give much importance to the statement. Even if it is not a home, it does not have any implication with regard to the duties one is expected to do during a life time. According to Hindu belief one person will have to complete his assigned duties during his life time.


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    Most people in the world are who follow regular schedules and routine and are happy to earn just enough to get by; not necessarily lazy but compared to others they are. It doesn't matter their nationality, religion, or anything else. Very few are leaders. Many are followers. That is why the rich get richer and poor get poorer, and the middle class also gets poorer. Barring aside the crooks and sudden wealth cases, this is true.

    Ritualistic religions also contribute towards being lazy by teaching people to do some outward motions and think everything will be okay. They don't encourage their flocks to read the scriptures to see for themselves what is true. Rich people for the most part get rich by working hard and long and using the routine people to produce profits for them.

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