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    Why we approach those who beam with confidence and walk with their heads up ?

    We are normally attracted towards those who have towering personality in height , weight and above all beaming, smiling and with their heads up. We never approach those who are doubtful, their body language suggests that they lack information or wont like to mingle with others my simply putting their head down. Even when a teacher pose a question and the student happen to down his head, it is the sign of his non participating attitude to the question and the teacher should not press him for response. What is your view on this ?
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    I don't agree that confidence in the person will come with their personality. knowledge and intelligence will bring confidence the people. They will be very proactive and ahead of their classmates, There is no rule that all long persons will be good and intelligent whereas short persons are innocent, So one should not go through physical appearance. Tall people may impressive looks. So people will get attracted towards them.
    But when it comes to the knowledge, shorter persons will have great IQ and good knowledge also.
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    Mr Mohan, you start off with height, weight and looks etc to make your point about attraction or approachability or whatever and then go on to give the example of a student and teacher. Don't you feel that there is an inherent confusion in the thread? Taking it from your words that a tall and well-built person who has a smile on his face and holds his head high can attract the attention of others, I could not quite get as to how it would make someone feel that approaching him can help you. I think we need to get out of this fascination for physical appearances and try to look at people from a different angle altogether.
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    When we see strangers, we pay attention to their physical looks or smile and then forget about it. If this where to be a person with whom we have to interact socially, professionally or in an official capacity, then these qualities enable us to start off in a positive note.

    But the real test starts after that, if the same towering personality has good human qualities and has a meaningful discussion with us, then our appreciation for that person increases. If, on the other hand this towering person is rude or obnoxious, we sudden ignore their physical attributes and form a negative opinion about the same person.

    In Government offices, banks and other places, there would some simple looking people who do not inspire confidence in us but they would be the people who know many things and iron out many issues related to customers and quietly continue their work.

    So, to me, physical looks, confidence all that is the outer package, that gives a little head start in comparison to a person who lacks confidence.

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    Here behaviour patterns has been stressed and hence that example.
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