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    What is your favorite Indian Sweet?

    I am very fond of having sweets. Rasmalai, Dhoda, Kaju Barfi etc are some of my favorites. I would like to know what your favorite sweets are? It would be fun sharing our favorite sweets so come on, let us begin.
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    Once upon a time, I used to like sweets very much. I used to eat any sweets. Many varieties of sweets are being made in my house. My both son's also used to like sweets very much. We were keeping one tin of sweets always and whenever we feel like eating we were eating. Of late we all became very health conscious. Even though I am not Diabetic I stopped eating sugar sweets with a view of coming down in the weight. My sons also reduced eating sweets because of the same reason. We used to love many sweets. Mainly we are fond of Kaja from Kakinada and Tapesawrram are very very tasty. Laddu also we like much. In the house, my wife makes a very tasty cova with milk and sugar
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    Some years ago, sweets were very popular with us, now its use is restricted to a few only. We love the obattu or holige ( looks like chapathi, but has dhal jaggery/coconut filling) and also mysore pauk.
    We had a similar thread last month, you can find more about members preferences
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    My famous sweet is Baadam Halwa, I am very fond of it and see that at least once in a month I purchase it for me and our family. I also like Mothichur Laddus. And other sweets when served.
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    There are many sweets which I am very fond of and my favourite is the home made carrot halwa or the gajar ka halwa.This sweet is quite nutritious and is made of the red carrots or Delhi carrots available rarely, mostly in December and January. A liberal amount of milk and sugar and dry fruits are used. It is good to have it in winters and can be stored in a refrigerator for few days.
    In north people make it throughout winters. It is a desert in almost all homes. It is also available in sweet shops which is also very rich with lot of khoya added to it. But the carrot halwa made at home is the best.
    The home made halwa is good for health as compared to other sweets available in the market.

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    As a person who is born and brought up in Calcutta, the international kingdom of a variety of sweets, I am habituated to different types of sweets every one of which can spell-bound us by its own taste, shape, size, smell. Let us give a single example. In north India, I have tasted only gulab jamun, some of which are brown and some are blackish brown. In Kolkata, the same sweet has different varieties, i.e., pantooa, nikhuti, ledikeni, langcha, etc. All are similar to gulab jamun but are distinctly different in size, shape, and taste. So, it is not possible for me to indicate my favourite sweet. How can I ignore any one of them?
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    From childhood days til now I have tasted many sweets. Many of them I like, and we make them at home or buy often. However when the costly sweets were not popular and sweets were made at home only on special occasions, I had taken a special liking to the very ordinary ''Til-Gul' or a sweet made with sesame and jaggery. It is also known as sesame chikki.

    The other sweet I have a special liking , but get very rarely is the dryfruit-Mewa bites .

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    I like all sweets as my father did. No second thought in eating sweets as I do not have sugar problem in my 61 years. My most interested one is Ashoka Halwa which is made from the grinded paste of moongdhal and mixed with jaggery and ghee. This is vary famous in Tanjore district especially in Thiruvaiyaru of Tanjore Dt.

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    I am fond of sweets. But my liking changed at different ages. School days, I liked Gulab Jamun and Jaangri. In college days, Cashew cake, and some days, I suddenly started avoiding sweets and preferred for juices. After wedding, when I started to make sweets at home, my preferences are for traditional sweets like adhirasam, poli and rava laddu.

    When it comes to halwa, beetroot halwa is my favourite.

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    I personally like kalakand and gulab jamun. I am very fond of them since my childhood. And my fondness for them grew along with me. In kalakand i particularly like ajmeri kalakand.
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    The thread is for giving the name of favourite Indian sweet. Is there such a sweet? In our country most of the States have different sweets. Yet again for each community has its own tastes. So unique answer cannot be expected. In Kerala there are certain sweets which are not so familiar in other parts. Karolappam, Ela ata, Ata made from jackfruit, sweets made using ripe banana, etc. are some such sweets. Ata is a preparation using a mix of ground rice, jaggery and coconut. This mix is spread, after adding a small amount of water, on a piece of plantain leaf and folded. A number of such folding are kept in a cooker like boiling pot. The steam coming from the boiling water will cook the Ata packs kept above the water level. Once the cooking is over these are taken out and served. Just remove the leaf cover and taste the inner stuff. It will be a tastey sweet item.
    Karolappam is very common in South India. The main ' prasadam' at Sabarimala is called Unni appam, which is nothing but Karolappam.
    Different sweets are similarly prepared from Jack fruits, banana, and from several other fruits.


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