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    Nothing is stable in this world.

    Nothing is permanent in this world. So, we should accept changes. A son who used to love his mother changed his behavior after his marriage. His mother didn't accept his attitude towards her daughter-in-law. She kept complaining about her son. The son felt very bad on seeing the attitude of his mother and wife. I consoled them and said that nothing is permanent in life. I told them to accept the situations which come to life. Have I shown them the right path?
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    Yes. Nothing is forever in this world. We are here today what will be our position tomorrow we don't know. But this fact will be forgotten by many people and they think that they will be here permanently and try to earn as much as possible without having any respect for ethics and other things.
    A son should be good with his mother at the same time he can't ignore the wife also. At the same time by seeing his wife he shouldn't forget his mother also. But in our country, it happens many places two of them can't go together which will be a nightmare for the male in between both of them. If he is trying to convince them they will not accept each other and unnecessarily create problems for all.
    So people should understand the philosophy of life and try to be good with the other members of the family and neighbours and live happily. Any moment we may be called back. This point is to be kept in mind for all purposes.

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    Yes, the topic head okey. The same should be realised by all the three. As all the three have their own expectations they should accept the reality as the mother have crossed her age,the daughter in law would become a mother in law, the son may be in a position to expect his own son or daughter.

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    When we say Nothing is premanent/ stable in this world, it becomes profundly philosophical, some may not understand.
    For fricitions in the family life, accept the situation sometimes make this worse as it means to give up trying to improve.
    The son, mother and daughter-in-law should know that these fricitions happen in many homes. What is the need of the hour is an understanding of the changing dynamics. The son's devotion towards mother, now has to be shared with the daughter-in-law. The difference of opinions and views of the mother and daughter-in-law are bound to arise.
    The son should now learn to ignore few minor complaints from both parties, try to make peace with both of them and give space and respect for both. Make mother and his wife understand that both are important and try being a responsible son and a husband.
    Choosing sides or ignoring one of them is going to make things worse and at the same time just accept the situation is not going to improve things He has to put his efforts to get both of them to understand each other.

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    I agree with Natarajan that the title sounds quite philosophical. Indu Singh, you have told them the universal truth, but to bring in peace and harmony in the family under reference (and also to so many other similar families) you might need to elaborate a bit more. With the marriage of the son, there is sudden shift/ changes in relationships and some initial hiccups is quite natural. The mother, son and the daughter-in-law must try to understand their respective roles and must be able to adjust to the changes that occur in the family on various aspects so that they start feeling about each other and start living in a peaceful atmosphere. Priorities keep changing as you add on to the family tree and that is quite natural; one just need to be aware and understanding.
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    There is always a difference of opinion between wife and husband, husband and mother, Mother and the daughter in law and many more. For that matter one should not run away from the responsibility. If running away or parting from the family was the only solution , many would have opted for this long time. Life is the challenge, accept it, Life is the passing out time, take into your stride, Life is the temporary drama place, play your role ,Life is the reality, face with gusto. There is nothing more than life. Those who run away from the problems are those who cannot believe themselves nor give assurance to others.
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    How it help the relationship to just say nothing permanent in life? It is good to give advice but which can be understood properly. You should tell both son and mother to try to understand new member has come into family does not mean son is ignoring mother. Son now has role of husband, to take care of wife also. At same time, while he should show love to her, he also should show care for mother. All three should talk straight, together. Talking helps solve problem. Just arguing or talking about one behind back of other not going to help.

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