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    A much needed example of Communal Harmony.

    Recently, in the Southern states, we have had deaths happen wherein people from both Hindu and Muslim groups were allegedly murdered.

    The Paryaya Mahothsava has started at Sri Krishna Mutt, in Udupi, Karnataka. This religious festival dates back to 1904 when Hindu and Muslim communities lived in better harmony and understanding. Mr.Haji Abdullah Saheb (1882-1935) used to donate oil and rice for the Mutt in the form of 'Hore Kanike' (bundle of gifts). This tradition continues and even this year, the Muslim brothers have offered this gift in the form of food grains etc. Members of the Christian community have also offered food grains to the Mutt. These items would be used for the feeding the 50,000 devotees.

    We fight often in the name of faith, yet such events happen wherein people of various religions come together for a religious event; it means we can maintain communal harmony in the name of faith also.
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    In India, people are very cooperative with each other and they never think about the neighbour's caste or creed or religion for any support he has to give. But the question of caste and religion comes only when the politicians are involved. The Indian politicians want to keep the people away from each other for their votes. If people understand this the country will go along way. But unfortunately, politicians will never allow this to happen. In Telangana, there is a pilgrim centre called Vemulavada. This place is famous for Siva temple. Many people will go have a darshan of Lord Shiva. One special feature in this temple is there is a Darga in the temple compound. People who have a Darshan of Lord Shiva will go and see that Darga also. Similarly, muslims who come to the Darga will see Shiva also. There are no problems and no fights. Indian people are tolerant and accommodative but some selfish politicians may not like this as they have to have their existence.
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    A very refreshing and confidence giving tradition that reinforces the faith in humanity. These type of situations of communal harmony are the necessity of the day. A great tradition continued year after year. I congratulate the author for bringing out such a good information. There will be many such incidents of Hindus and Muslims living in harmony all over the country. This narration brought to my memory of an incident that I read about. In Spain, at some place, the Indians living there wanted to celebrate Vinayaka Chaturdi last year. They wrote for permission for a procession to the authorities and also a church which is on the way of the procession of Lord Vighneswara which were given immediately. While the procession was passing the church, the Priest of the Church came out and requested the procession to come to the church and give them blessings. The idol of the Lord Vighneswara was taken into the church in the palanquin along with the people in procession. After the blessings of the Lord Vighneswara were offered to the people in the church, the procession went on as usual. These are the incidents that give hope to the mankind which is in perpetual danger of religious clashes.
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    We tend to overlook such incidents and practices because such positives no longer enthuse us. There are a number of such practices going on across the country and we should step out to give them maximum publicity so that we nurture in love in place of hatred. I say that we must encourage and take part in such practices even if they are just like drops of water in an ocean.

    Take the example of Sabarimala Temple in Kerala. The shrine is visited by people cutting across all religions by following the rituals. One can enter the shrine only after paying respects to Vavar Swamy ( who was a Muslim and is said to be the closest friend of Lord Ayyappa) who has been allotted a special place just beneath the shrine and is manned by a representative of the Vavar family. Again, during the procession in which the ornaments of the Lord are taken from His ancestral Palace to the Temple, it is an age-old tradition for the procession to enter the Shrine of Vavar (a Mosque) which lies in between and proceed only after offering prayers there. Then again, there are a number of Mosques and Churches in between that offers food, water and resting places to the traveling devotees who come from different places.

    There are many such other practices and instances, in other places too, which still gives us that ray of hope, amidst fights and killings in the name of religion, that communal harmony is still alive and everything has not yet been lost; just that we need to be vigilant against people (of any religion) who try to exploit our religious sentiments.

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    Nice to see that members of Muslim and Christian community are helping the Udupi Sri Krishna Mutt with their offering and this ritual is being carried out with fail every year. In front of the God all are equal and this is the clear example of National Harmony. In Hyderabad Ganesh Utsav samithi I have seen Muslims participating in large numbers in arranging food packets and water packets during Ganesh immersion day when lakhs of people would converge and walk through the main streets of Hyderabad with grand procession in tow. We feel elated by seeing inclusive helpful nature of other communities in our festivities.
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    This communal harmony can be seen in different places in Kerala, especially when it is related to temple/ mosque/ church ceremonies. The famous 'Thrissur Pooram' is celebrated so attractively just because it is supported by non- Hindus, especially the Christian community which run most of the business concerns in Thrissur, especially those around the Pooram site ( the 'Round'). Similar is the case with several other temple festivals.
    In fact the different communities are depending on each other and move forward cordially. A small section of them actually create problems leading to communal disharmony.


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    Glad to see the five replies and all five have mentioned examples of integration and harmony among the common faiths. Such events should be publicized and efforts taken to highlight in the TV media positively so that people for a change would be happy to hear about the unity displayed.

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