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    Confused: Should I support their demand?

    While I read various resources in different sections of ISC, I get impressed by the depth of knowledge and seriousness with which such resources are written. I can easily understand that almost all Members are/were very serious students and never imagine/imagined to bunk classes. As a regular 'bunker' in school, college and university, I feel a little bit embarrassed among such serious students. In school, college and university, I had to face real problem before the examination due to my attendance records, which could not be managed by my friends even after 'proxy' attendance. Ultimately I had to convince the college/university clerk to mend the attendance records.

    Due to my background as mentioned above, I am in a dilemma. Nowadays the great students of various Social Science Departments of the famous JNU are resorting to strong protest. Reason? The much-maligned Vice-Chancellor and other senior administrative officers of the university have decided to enforce the minimum attendance rules. The students of Social Science and Language Departments (students of other Departments are remarkably absent) of the university are protesting against this order. They are demanding the withdrawal of this order, presumably because they want to utilize their valuable time in vandalizing politics and similar other matter.

    I am confused. Should I support this demand of the middle-aged students of Social Science Departments of JNU, or oppose it? Please help me by giving proper guidance.
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    Partha, I think it should be a very personal decision. What I feel is that, if you are repentant about your actions as a student and have realized your mistake, you are morally free to take a decision. You say that the protesting students are doing so to utilize their time in vandalizing politics and similar other matters, but since you have not mentioned the reason behind your bunking classes (and having resorted to all possible illegal measures to ensure attendance), I don't think it would be proper for me to comment on that aspect.
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    It is the expressed duty of every student to attend all the classes and there cannot be excuse to bunk the classes in one pretext or the other. As a senior person, you should be marg dharshak and hence advise them not to bunk the classes in future.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan: I will try to be a 'marg darshak' after reaching seventy-five or so (if I reach!). Till then I am a man of thirty-plus, even if you think otherwise.
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    Mr. Partha, we are at crossroads with respect to your query. Your attendance records had to be doctored on the past and now students are against minimum attendance and the same students are going to use the time for their role in politics.

    Any reply or suggestion give to you would be based on our personal belief and bias too. So, I don't think you can support these students as it would literally mean 'History repeats itself'.

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    There is no second opinion on this issue. All these students who are studying in the University should have minimum attendance as prescribed by the authorities from time to time. If they don't want to attend class they can become private students and appear exam as private students.
    Majority of this students are getting financial help from the government either in the form of scholarships or in the form of free food and free lodging for studies. Why the government has to give these facilities to the students who are not attending the classes. If they are getting the facilities and not attending the classes they are equal to a student who is studying privately and writing the exam. In such case let the government cancel all types of financial support to those students who don't have the prescribed attendance.
    Your attendance is less but I hope you never claimed any financial support from the government. I never bunked my classes without applying for leave and I never had the problem of attendance during my studies. So I will strongly support the decision of University authorities.

    always confident

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    I used to bunk classes. Some of my friends also used to do this. A response (#623434) sought to know the reasons for my bunking classes. These were different and not for disruptive politics. Furthermore, I never criticized my College Principal or University Vice-Chancellor for minimum attendance rule.
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    JNU and few other universities are being targeted by the HRD ministry. This ministry has been issuing orders and directives for JNU from time to time. This is a new order in the same series. I saw the reports that all students' organisations( including the organisation of Sangh Pariwar) are opposing the new order on attendance. They are calling it against the tradition of the JNU. The trenchers' organisation is also opposing this new order.
    The teachers are saying that there is no issue of absenteeism in JNU.

    Based on these report I can not say that they are demanding the withdrawal of this order, presumably because they want to utilize their valuable time in vandalizing politics and similar other matter. Any way, the students should follow the orders of the administration first and try to resolve their grievances regarding the order in a peaceful manner. If the order really against the traditions of the JNU, then all these organisations should question the order in the proper forum to maintain the pride of the Institution.

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    ''The teachers are saying that there is no issue of absenteeism in JNU.''-Then why has the JNU administration (not Ministry of HRD) felt it necessary to pass this directive? If this is true, then why are these famous students agitating? If there is no absenteeism, then why there are so many middle-aged students in the social sciences departments of JNU?

    But Partha! Don't ask such irrational/illogical questions. You won't be able to become a liberal intellectual if you ask such questions.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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