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    What is to be done in such a situation?

    Unemployment has always been a problem in our country and it is on the rise now. With the thrust on privatization and policies of some foreign nations, more and more youth are likely to roam around searching for a job, leave alone a suitable job. What is your opinion about this development? Let us discuss the issue positively.

    Today the unemployment problem has become a big issue for the Govt and as well as for the young generation who have completed their degrees and education and now are in search of a job. Even the highly qualified people are in the doldrums.

    In spite of so much technological and manufacturing development we are not able to provide a job to a qualified person, what to say of a suitable job.

    Some blame it to our huge population while others say it is due to ineffective and bad policies of the Govt. Whatever be the reason our young people are not getting an opportunity to show their worth. The thrust for privatisation and computerization has added new worries of robotic future which may cut the job opportunities further.

    Now under such a scenario what is to be done?
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    People say there are no jobs and unemployment. Companies say that they are not getting suitable for the posts with required skills. Where is the gap? To be thought seriously.
    I agree there are people with qualification. Many engineers and scientists are coming out of colleges every year. The moment they are out of colleges, all want very decent Ac room jobs. Nobody wants to go to field and work. No one is interested in working in manufacturing. So companies are looking for people and people are looking for jobs somewhere.
    The education system should get radical change in our country. The person coming out of college should think of becoming an entrepreneur rather a manager somewhere. Then automatically newjobs will arise and this unemployment problem will get solved. The government should think in that direction and a common platform where in academicians and industrialists will sit together and make a syallabus wherein skilled and qualified people with knowledge required for managing the business.

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    It is the fact that there are many job opportunities in India but the right person for the right job is the big challenge being faced by the candidates and also the organisation. In IT sector we would see large scale jumping jacks from the their present position to a lucrative position in other companies. That means the IT professionals would first join a company as the starter and gain the experience. Once they show their profess, the close enemy companies would watch their performance and literally lift them from that company to their positions. This way the IT professionals are changing their jobs now and then. The government should also be blamed. The government jobs are also not made available to the professionals who are eligible. The same old staff are continued without further knowledge in them.
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    I can see that India is slowly becoming capitalistic. The youth are establishing more and employing themselves less.
    New start-ups. New researches. New activities. Youth has turned to entrepreneurship in past few years.

    I don't think blaming government for jobs is right. Jobs come with prerequisites, which if you lack, you have no scope.

    You need not worry about the youth. My seniors in college are all either highly aspiring students studying overseas or working in respected companies. Unemployment isn't such a big issue now. And the present government is being highly supportive to the entrepreneurs. So we can see India developing in industrial sector in few years to come by.

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    Unemployment is just not has appeared in 2-3 years, it is biggest problem in our country. However, I don't think this is an alarming issue. Today's youth are smarter than earlier era and they know the best for their future. Also, our thinking too should be changed in this matter. Today, the Government job is not the only requirement as it was few years back. Now, the career opportunity has increased compare to olden days. It is just up to us how we can create our own future. We need to work on it and achieve the goal.

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    I think people are not having job because they look for job for which they have no skills. Why not apply for job with skill you have? Just studies from book and passing exam of syllabus is not enough. You should learn skill also which will help employer. Do courses along with degree study or after getting degree which will get you that skill. You have software engg degree, but do you know the exact coding skill which company wants where you go for job?

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    Unemployment and under-employment are two major problems being faced by the nation. These two problems have been there since the British period. The huge population is responsible for this. Partition and subsequent one-way migration aggravated the problem after independence. Not only that, our mentality is also responsible for this problem. Every year, I see lakhs (yes, in lakhs) of Engineers, MBAs, PhDs and Post-Graduates apply for Group-D posts in Railways and other Government organizations. I feel deeply pained when I process these applications. Are they trained for Group-D work? Can't these people think something different? Can't MBAs think about entrepreneurship? Can't the PhDs/Post-Graduates give private tuitions? On the other hand, I have seen many hard-working young men with ordinary qualifications earning in lakhs by giving private tuitions/online tuitions to even secondary-level students in Delhi and Kolkata.

    This problem has to be sorted out by the younger generation of the country. They have to learn to do something 'hatke'. They have to learn to take risks.

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    I think people's perspective should also change. Employment in Government or private sector is not the only employment. Even self-employment is also employment. In India, people look down on self-employed persons unless they have a good visible business. It is very difficult to find a good match for a self-employed person even if he earns lakhs of rupees. Even it is difficult to find a rented house for self-employed people. This trend forces people to go for employment. This needs to be changed.

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    Unemployment is a situation when someone who wants to do the job is not getting a job. Why is he not getting a job? Whom should we blame for this? Everyone wants to have a government job but being an entrepreneur you can earn well. Youngsters do not want to do the job for which they have skills but they want to do that whose skills they do not have.
    In India, we do follow the race and don't want to do something that no one has tried. You can earn from online selling with Amazon, from your own start-up. Then why only jobs. Things need to be changed

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