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    TS CM KCR pitches for special powers to states to decide on reservation quota

    Telangana CM K Chandrasekhara Rao has raked up the demand to the respective states in terms of deciding the reservation quota for different religions and sects and there by pitching for sweeping powers in the matter. The courts and the centre has the compulsion to main total reservation up to 50 percent and not above that. But KCR has pointed out that while TN government is enforcing its 69 percent reservation policy then why not other states ? It seems he raked up a issue which is fit for discussion even in this forum. So members fire your salvo on this new demand ?
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    Reservations to different categories are going on increasing and nobody is able to put a stop to it. Now the reservations to the Muslim community is to be increased in Telangana. The reservations to Kapus is to be introduced in Andhra Pradesh.
    As a matter of fact, I say we should stop reservations on the basis of caste and religion. Even if they continue also the reservation should be given to only one time to the family. A collector who belongs to a reservation category and got selected on the reservation basis to that post can't claim reservation to their children. I think many learned people will say yes to that. The benefits that are offered to a community is not really giving benefit to the people in that community who really deserves it. So I am completely against the reservations.
    Again giving more than 50% reservation can't be accepted and all people should understand the fate of the students who really deserves but not able to make it due to these practices.

    always confident

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    I am from Telangana state and I will be honest here. I am strictly against reservation system throughout the India. Classically reservation system was introduced to support financially, educationally and professionally to the economically weaker sections. But there is a handful percentage of people who don't have reservation (OC) and are economically/financially weak. I myself lost my doctor degree seat once because of the reservation system.

    I personally object reservation system in the education department. I will quote an example here and I am not discriminating any sect or caste here. It is my personal opinion only.

    While I appeared for competitive exams, the maximum rank with which I can get MBBS degree in a private college is 2500. I got somewhere near 1900 (I don't remember, it was 14 years ago). During the counselling there was only one seat left in one of my favorite institution. I was second in queue (electronically). The person above me has a rank of 7500 and I felt the seat was mine. But I've lost the seat to him due to reservation.

    Why I am narrating this story is, in education system to what are we giving importance? A person's talent/knowledge or the reservation? A person with good knowledge will obviously get a good rank in competitive exams but many (like may) are unable to get seats due to reservation system. I find this quite bitter. And am against reservation policy implied by our government.

    PS: Am not implying in my above narration that people with reservation aren't brilliant or bright in studies. I meant to say that non reservation candidates who got good percentage or rank are falling victims to this system. Hope you all understood this.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    These days the joke is that the general merit quota is the new OBC quota (because of the shrinking percentage of GM and rising proportion of reservations). I think instead of increasing reservations, purely based on the merits of their current situation the Government can help them in other ways. There are many who come via the reservation quota but live better off than many people. So, instead of making the playing field (education or employment) uneven, grants can be given for their accommodation/travel/tax etc for the deserving candidates. I feel this would more appropriate because the idea of reservation is the given them a better life and chance.

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