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    What the process for submission of aticle

    hello sir, i am new here and submitted article on a topic manners and orders and i am not getting status. whether it will be published or not, if not then i want to know, how much time will it take?
    and one more thing that i want to know is the way to earn here as i am not able to know about the scheme and the systems of indiastudychannel. It is very much helpful for me if you can give me a brief description of your system and scheme and get notified me about the same. As i wrote myself, i did not get any response of my submission, and losing my confidence that can't be bearable. so, it is requested to give response about my article. it is not be a big deal, if it won't be selected but it is better if i get it soon or any correction you needed.
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    Sachin, a warm welcome to ISC! I suggest you to read and understand the Posting Guidelines and other Help Topics before becoming active here so that you get to know the modalities and requirements of this site. Also, spare some time to read through a few contents in different sections to get an idea as to how you should proceed in this site. It would be nice if you start by posting responses to new threads in the forum index. That will help you to get acquainted with the site and its members. You can move on to other sections gradually.

    Since you have asked a query about articles, I would recommend this article on Good Article Writing Tips which will give you a fair idea about the whole point.

    ISC is a very friendly site. Please feel free to raise a thread in case you still have any doubt after going through the guidelines and help topics. We all will only be happy to guide and help you.

    Please make it a point to give the URL of the content about which you have a query so that the editors would be able to locate the same easily and take necessary action.

    Start contributing and be active here. All the best!

    Note: Sachin, it is seen that you have submitted the article today only. It has to be reviewed by the editors which might take some time. However, I have gone through your article and it does not actually conform to our basic requirements. Nothing to worry about. You can always improve if you have the interest. So, please follow the steps as advised and I am sure your articles will soon start appearing on the pages of ISC.

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    thank you sir for your warm welcoming. I m very much happy that you give me a response and suggestion. I will go through the suggestion and guidelines provides by ISC.

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    Hi Sachin, welcome to ISC.
    Saji Sir has given detailed explanation to your query with related link.

    Hope this link also will provide you some more inputs to your query.
    Wishing you all the best.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    thank u very much for the help. yes i will open the link and find out the way.

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