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    Why rules not followed?

    At picnic spot near waterfalls where I went, there is board saying "Danger - do not go on the rocks as slippery". One group of students had come there. The teacher showed them the board and told them also not to go very close to waterfall on that side where rocks slippery. But one boy still went. His foot slipped on wet rock and he fall down. Foot got badly hurt. Teacher and other group boys helped to carry him up to the bus. Because of this, the whole group picnic cancelled and they went back in the bus.

    Why people do not obey when rules are there? In school teachers tell us about obedience. At home parents also teach us about following rules is important. So why people don't listen when rules are told? What is reason why they want to be like very stubborn and purposely not follow rules? What they want to prove?
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    This is the problem in our country more with the students and young people. They never follow instructions and they take very lightly the safety measures. Many news we read in the newspapers about the accidents that are happening because of careless driving, nor wearing helmet and drinking and driving. Each and every infant of this country knows that these are all dangerous and not safe. Even then they never bother. Recently another topic is selfies. In the mania od selfies, many young people lost their lives. I think this is the age effect. At that age, they think that are supermen and they can do any miracle. In addition to their illusion, the movies are helping in increasing this type of attitude in the younger generation. They compare themselves with the hero of the movie and think that they repeat the heroism in the real life. The parents and teachers will always try to correct them but the younger will not give that much importance to their words. Their mindset and the thought process will always be thinking of their greatness and they will be in the false thinking of themselves as superheroes.
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    In Karnataka, there is a place called Sangama, wherein we have seen boards with statistics of how many people have died in the last few months and multiple danger sing boards. But we still hear of tourists losing their lives due to reckless behavior.
    I think it is the combination of the jovial and fun atmosphere of the picnic, everyone keen to unwind and enjoy. In the enthusiasm to explore, risky behavior becomes the norm. This is further worsened by alcohol or daring moves/stunts just to get a good picture, a selfie or a video. When in a group, the other thing that happens is everyone lets their guard down and pay no attention to safety. If half the people in the group act as lookouts for the safety of the other half and vice-versa, then such events can be reduced. Sadly, there are so many videos like this.

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    This is the classic example on how we behave the opposite when some one would advise or there is a warning not to attempt or do something which may cause danger. Especially the children always have the tendency to test and then feel bad for having done the same. That is why the elders presence towing the children where ever they go are needed. In this case though the teacher also warned the students not to go near the slippery rock, how come she failed to control that boy who ventured in spite of her warning. That means the teacher is not having full control of the students and here both have to be blamed. Now the teacher would call the parents and give nice dressing down over the behaviour of their child and because of which the entire trip was cancelled. It is really challenging to conduct excursion with varied thoughts of children behaviour.
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    What can teacher do when Teacher is not looking, then student gets chance to do mischief and not follow rules! Even grown ups not following rules so many times. They will throw bottles and cigarettes, create lot of rubbish even when board there saying "Do not litter. Keep place clean." See even here - there is rules not to put copied photo or not to put other website link, but still members doing this. Why difficult for person to know rule and follow it? Too much stubbornness I think in many persons!

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    Curiosity often makes children to explore new things even if they are restricted and clear instructions are given not to do so.
    Children should be made to understand the correct ways to explore about there curiosity by asking questions not trying something by themselves without any guidance from guardians and teachers.
    And moral education should also be given to the student to make them differentiate between good and bad things and what is the significance of following the rules. Such education should be provided with the help of stories in books and animated stories through projectors.

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    Really it is problem among us. We are not obeying the rules, laid down by government or private, but blaming or suing them in case of any mishap happened. Even in sometime we ignore the advice of local persons. Simply speaking if we board and alight in the bus in the prescribed manner, we could avoid congestion.
    When we are driving some people normally warm or intimated if any accident or blockade is there, but we proceed by ignoring and thereby creating congestion as others following us blindly. We did like this and got affected ourselves and caused problem to others. Unless we follow right rules we ourselves in problem.

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    Rules and regulations are for the safety of the people visiting such places. There are some people who are very adament and they feel proud in breaking rules as if they have done some act of gallantry.

    Unfortunately neither we learn these things in home nor we develop the culture of following rules in schools.

    Once such indisciplined way of life is attained by an individual it becomes difficult for him to come back to disciplined stream. He becomes a source of nuisance everywhere and is quoted by others as a rule breaker.

    Until unless the upbringing of a child is carried out in a disciplined way in house as well as school and college, he will not become a rules and regulations abiding citizens.

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    Its how we are grown-up.

    Here the rules & regulations are meant only for others & not for us. The students going school seeing their teachers not obeying the traffic rules got direct impact on them that they won't get caught or punished for. & the same situation we have at our home wherein we are cleaning our homes but just outside home & the scene is dirt.

    Routine practices that can be scene anywhere are purchasing commodities in polythene bags & throwing in outside or in the open, using horns in an unauthorized areas, driving without license or not having seat belt or over speeding then prescribed, laud music in a non public area, Etc.

    This start from the time how we are grown up. This has to be improved from ourselves only.

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