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    Can the Armageddon movie action be repeated in real?

    In recent time, more often we are hearing about Asteroid passing near by our earth. The internet is full of such Hoaxed videos where we are threaten from different kind of asteroids.

    A movie called Armageddon in 1998 have the same kind of fiction story where a big asteroid was about to hit the Earth and a team had to be sent to destroy it. The movie ended with positive result and the team able to destroyed the asteroid.

    If at all such situation comes in this world, where there is no other option to save our earth. Can we able to do the same kind of action which is been done in this movie?
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    I think it is not practically possible. What is shown in the movie is fully imaginary and there is no reality in the fils. So going and destroying an asteroid is practically not possible as it stands on now. We don't know scientists may come out with some work wherein the radar can detect the asteroid and charge the anti-weapon to destroy that. We may have to wait for some more time to make it practicable.
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    Yes, it would be possible if NASA's plan succeeds.

    A similar event like an asteroid crash happened in June 1908 in Russia (Tunguska Event) wherein 700sqmiles of land was flattened likely by the airburst of a meteoroid

    Last year there were reports of a program by NASA, that could potentially prevent an asteroid collision like that in the Bruce Wills movie Armaggedeon.

    NASA has developed a program DART - Double Asteroid Redirection Test. Here a spacecraft will be intentionally crashed into an asteroid coming towards Earth and it would modify the asteroid's orbit.

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    While the thoughts of the author is running wild on the issue which may or may not happen what I would like to stress here that no science and technology is far superior than the Gods planning and wish. If the world has to be destroyed and come to an end, then one single cyclone storm instigated from all the ocean can destroy every thing in minutes. Why you think of asteroids and Armageddon situation. Even NASA could be help less when the nature fury was at its worst. So thinking against the creator of the nature is something absurd and may not be possible. All we can pray that the destruction which is eminent should be slow and not strange.
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