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    Internet - The Ocean of Money

    Do you think the Internet is a wonderful source to make an income? What are the various ways in which you think the Net world can help a person to earn?

    These days the trend of online earning has increased as compared to past years. There are different ways to earn online. One can submit articles to different websites, upload funny videos, answer simple questions, provide online tuition, can do many more activities to earn money. So it is not wrong to say that Internet is the ocean full of money and one should know how to dive in it and get money.
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    Good comparison. But I don't know we can call it ocean or not? There are many ways to earn online these days. But the earnings are not very high as a regular salary you will get if you work for 8 hours. I feel internet income will be for your pocket expenses that your expenses of pocket are not very high. I don't know whether it is possible to get such an amount which is sufficient to take care of the all expenses of a family of the middle class. Because the time to be spent will be very high for this.
    Online tuitions are asked for but to how many and to what extent is the question. One my friend is a very good singer. She stays in Andhra Pradesh and she gives music classes online to some students in the USA. Her earning on this is about 3000 to 4000 rupees per month only. Even though the internet is an ocean of money for that diving is a very difficult and time-consuming task.

    always confident

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    Actually Internet is ocean of money. But like every business, internet also needs time, effort , investment etc. People who made success on internet are making huge sums of money and most peoples are mere spectator. So, if you can do huge amount of work and hard work. You may make huge sums of money as well.

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    I would call Internet- The Ocean of opporutnities. Yes, we can make money but we need to know the right things, spend a good amount of time and depending on what are comofrotable in doing, we can make money in good and bad ways.
    The are many bogus scams, like sending emails that you have been selected for a program or won a big prize etc asking for personal details. This is also a way to earn but unethical way.
    Many people have blog sites etc, if one is smart enough to check things, link the earnings to associate marketing, have high quality articles etc, then the earnings can be good.
    I have seen many experts in photography, having their own website, video tutorials on pay per view basis and also have links to trade shops. this improves their quality of web presence also.

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    The internet has definitely changed lives of many of us. It has lot of potential and it is a vast universe in my view. Though online earning is one the opportunity you get through internet, I personally use internet for knowledge, current affairs and as a database.

    Online earning is of course a popular trend in present days. But we need lot of patience and dedication to get a steady source of income online. The article submission, reviews, or anything that is written has equal pros and cons. For example if you are writing articles online by the request of a particular client you will be paid accordingly. But how much you can make with this? I guess not so huge amounts. In another case, if you are owner of a website where there are multiple authors and they publish/update the site regularly, you can make lot of money (if you are authorized ad publisher from any company or firm. example: Adsense, infolinks, buysell ads etc). Example: earns 6,50,000 USD per month through Google Adsense alone.

    The other way of making money is making a viral video. In my opinion the YouTube earning is the most happening online earning opportunity. Many are thriving to make unique/funny/controversial videos to make them viral and with which Google Adsense ads are displayed on these videos.

    Yes the internet earning is a trending thing now a days and it has lot of opportunities.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    There are both right and wrong ways to earn money online. Both ways need some knowledge and tricks to earn good money. I am also trying to earn online, for that I have joined some websites like indiastudychannel which are giving some money for doing different tasks. But this money is not sufficient. So I started my own coupon website, and started digital marketing. These days there is scope in digital marketing.
    My website link is :

    There is lots of competition in this field, millions of people are tying this method to make money, only a few get success, and many leave after some limit of time. Right said in above comments that online earning needs lots of patience, dedication, hard work and lots of time to earn in this field.

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    There are different ways by which we can earn through internet. Nowadays housewives who want to earn money but can't go outside can earn sitting at home. Various options are available such as online tutoring, freelance writing,
    copy paste jobs, data entry jobs, online business with Amazon, by posting videos on youtube, from our Isc etc.
    Making money online needs a lot of patience, hard work and dedication. You can earn sitting at home from your pc or laptop doing work at any time we feel suitable.
    If you want to earn by sitting at home and also you want to do business start your business with Amazon. Posting videos on youtube will also help to get good income.

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    Opportunities are all around us there for those who are keen observers and who can spot business. It is same in the internet also. Now more business gets shifted to online mode.
    For a creative and original mind there are still umpteen opportunities. In that sense I agree that internet is an ocean for money making. But just as in real life there also the big people and syndicate function and they corner the maximum and even have monopoly. The small players have to satisfy with whatever they get until they are strong enough to take upon the big business.
    But it is always like that- the best and most fit only survives.

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    It all depends on each one of us as to how we treat and use the internet. Some use the internet for verifying the facts, some use the internet to enrich the knowledge, some use the internet to help them in the projects but I fear only few know the idea of getting benefited through internet and earn from the home. But most of the so called money paying sites are fake and there is no assured guarantee that we can earn hassle free. Like this channel which is more transparent and clarifies every thing to the new user on earning potential, we cannot find this kind of transparent site to enrich our earning spree ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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