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    Can you guess what is the most flexible thing in this world?

    You can research on it and can find different things are available in this world. However what I found was something different. I found that the most flexible thing in this world is human body. Now, the question comes how can I say this? So, the answer is here with my own experience which I come across everyday.

    Till I travel in the local train of Mumbai, I never could have understand the real meaning of the word "crowd" even in my wildest dream. This is the pain of Mumbaikars who even do not want to be in such situation but helpless and had no other option but to travel in full crowded local train. If the same way crowd is keep increasing, I don't know what would the future of Local travel in Mumbai.

    Coming to the topic, no matter what is your weight and size, you can always fit inside the Mumbai Local train no matter how crowded the train is. Once you are in, your body will become flexible to adjust. After getting this experience, I have no doubt in my mind that the most flexible thing in this world is our human body.

    It is different that at the end of the day after travelling almost one hour or more the commuters looks like a lost soldier who had just return from the world war.
    A unique perspective on the most flexible things - what's your perspective?
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    The most flexible thing in this world is our own 'mind'. if we let the mind to flex itself it will wander to a great extent but if we control to some extent the elasticity will be less. Morning we will plan to go to one place but after one hour gap we change our mind from that plan.

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    I agree to the author, I personally felt this when I was pregnant. I could see the difference of my body getting adapted to the needs of growing kid. But Ramachandran sir had rightly found the reason for human body's flexibility. Mind is what commands our body to act. Unless our mind is ready to accept the change, our body will not turn to be flexible.

    Only if our mind commands to get up early, our body can feel energetic and do so, else, it stays rigid and lazy. I know my cousin who was avoiding closed environment with huge crowd telling that he may throw up, later when he wished to come out of it, he sought for Doctor's advice. Doctor advised him to prepare his mind and medicines have nothing to do with it.

    Generally our mind is flexible and ready to adapt for changing environment. Problem of adaptability begins with rigid mind.

    Sri Vetri
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    The author is making a statement with his own experience. So we may have to accept the statement. I have not travelled much in Mumbai local trains except 2 or 3 times. But those time they are not so crowdy as I got into it at the starting point and hot out at the last point. But the statement is correct only. The body can adapt to any shape and size.
    But my personal experience confirms the words of Ramachandran. The human mind is most flexible. We can't understand what is going to happen to our mind the next moment. Today morning I have gone out on an official work. While going I thought of coming back home and have food and then go to the office. So I asked my wife not to get me the lunch box. After going out and completing my work, just I find that I am near the best south Indian hotel and I can't resist my desire to eat there. Then I called my wife and told her that I have finished my lunch and I am proceeding to the office. Rest is as usual. This is how our mind behaves.

    always confident

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    This thread recalled my first experience in Mumbai when I was on an educational tour and we were staying at IIT Mumbai. We had to catch the local train at Kolaba to VT and other areas. As you said, we were eagerly waiting to board into the local train and I was inside it without my effort and realised that I boarded the train. Same is the case when I was standing at the door so that I could get down without any rush, I simply got off and we were enjoying the experience and wondered how the locals of Mumbai could lead such a regular life. The experience counted and in the latter years, I too got habituated during my visits to Mumbai.

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    I used to hear village elders say that human tongue is the most flexible one as it does not have a bone and the user can twist it easily.
    Literally and figuratively it seems right.
    Regarding Mumbaikars, I agree in full. I was living in Mumbai since the nineteen seventies and have great regard for the Mumbaikar. I am away from Mumbai for the last five or six years and hope things have not changed much.

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    According to me the most flexible thing is the thought which emanate from our mind. It is so flexible that the thought can be brought into reality or buried for want of exact preparedness.
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    I feel for you because you have to travel in the most crowded trains in the world. Human body is flexible. Very flexible, just like any other animal's body. Hollow stuff can't be flexible but stuff filled with fluids work very flexibly.
    Bodies of living organisms can be perfect examples then.

    But here's what I think. Laws are the most flexible things in the world. Actually every intangible thing is.
    Mind, soul, law, love, power, happiness, friendship...etc..; are all very flexible.
    If my answer was to be a tangible object then I'd say any snake or plastic.
    Nevertheless your thread made me smile and showed me how to think creatively.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    A very interesting and nice observation by the author as I also have some experience of Mumbai local train.

    The human mind is also very flexible and adopts to a varied situations and circumstances. Though by nature a person has resistance for any change but it is our mind which analyses this new situation and finds out how it is going to help us in our life and if the analysis is positive it forces our consciousness to go for it.

    It is this force of our intellectual mind which clears the clouds from our perspective and brings in the bright sun light.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I also have the experience of local trains (not of Mumbai, but of Kolkata). People's body is very flexible in nature. But this flexibility comes from the flexibility of mind. The class of Have-nots has the most flexible body and mind. With this flexibility, they can win the world.

    On the other hand, I have seen people belonging to the class of Haves shudder even to think to travel by public transport. Their mind is not flexible enough. So many of them can't survive adverse circumstances.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    If I have to guess the most flexible thing in a given limited space,I would say it would be the 'Great Sardine Ball' first and then the 'Caged chickens' that are transported in wire mesh cages all around the country.

    One can see videos of Great Sardine Ball or Great Sardine run. Here literally thousands/millions of these little fishes make themselves into a tight ball that is forever changing shape and size. The sheer volume of these little fishes are so enormous that its predators like dolphins, swordfish, sharks, sea loins, whales and seagulls attack it from all directions and still all get a chance. The live tightly packed ball can measure by 10 meters x 10 meters size. This would stand out for the most flexible thing in the world and to believe this you have to see a clipping to be amazed at the ways this giant ball changes shape and size every second.

    The second are the sad cooped chickens, any Indian who travels in the city a lot, especially a two wheeler cannot forget the remember the trucks or canter vans loaded beyond capacity with racks of cages with jam packed chicken. He or she would remember for the disgusting odor and the total number of chicken that actually fit into each cage. These poor chicken, coming from poultry farms make a little noise and just make way for the others in each cage and they seem to have resigned to their fates.

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    The travel by local train in Mumbai is almost full of excitement. The only thing you need is courage. If you want to get in, you need to be a part of the crowd in front of entry gate of train and crowd itself pushes you in and the same can be applied at the time of exit.
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    If we go by the scientific theory, obviously there other thing than our human body which are most flexible. Physically if we think, our "mind" does not come in such category, we can't see our mind but only can feel. Here, I am talking about regarding space and quantities. The kind of space one local train in Mumbai has and the kind of crowd travel by everyday, seeing this I have just posted this humorous thread. Indeed, I didn't mean anything serious kind of discussion.

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    One more thing I would like to add with regard to Mumbai train, in ladies compartment, I really wondered people would have even done many things like sweater etc., amidst the crowd and also while standing.

    Also, one response related to pregnancy my recent observation is I have seen a girl who is having a baby less than one year and again she is pregnant for seven months and really wonder to see both mother and child doing so many things which it may be termed as adapted to any situation.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I won't agree that human body is the only body which is flexible. I would say that all the creatures created by God have its own flexible body. I have seen the cattles travelling in transports peacefully adjusting themselves. Almost all the birds are flexible to live on land, fly in the sky and swim in the water.

    I did experience the crowd in Mumbai local trains. People enjoy their journey with a pull, push and getting sandwiched.

    @ Editor Jagdish Patro: Your statement -" We had to catch the local train at Kolaba to VT and other areas". I haven't seen Mumbai after 1998. Is there are local train services from Colaba to Victoria Terminus? When did the service start? Let me update.

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    If we refer our body as the most flexible then compare this with our thoughts.

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    That was my first hand experience with Bombay (now Mumbai) during 1986-87 and I am not sure about the exact station and you may be right. We stayed at the IIT hostel all I can say. Later, I am a regular visitor to Mumbai but using hired transport.


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    There is no train service between Colaba to VT now ST (Shivaji terminus). Colaba is nearest to Churchgate station, you have to go either by Bus or Cab.

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