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    A good move indeed by the government of MP.

    We should appreciate the Madhya Pradesh government for their thinking the concept they have started in the educational institutes.
    When we attend the school and colleges, at the beginning of every class the teacher will call for attendance by names. The students generally respond by saying either yes Madam or yes Sir.
    Some students will say Present Madam or Present Sir. But now the Madhya Pradesh government issued a directive to all the schools in the state that students should respond by saying Jai Hind when their names are called for attendance. I think it is a good move and should be followed by all.
    It will be good if all the other states also introduce the same system in all colleges and schools.
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    This would be a controversial move inviting trouble. Although it is proud to hear Jai Hind for anyone in India, Educational institutions should be the last place where there can be potential for communal friction. We can sing the national anthem in the prayer Hall and encourage students to be good citizens of India without being misinterpreted but this new trend can be misinterpreted.

    The problems I see is there would be schools located in minority areas wherein each student when his name Akbar or John is called out would say, Jai Hind but his families or religious leaders may look at it as a means to enforce Hinduism because When all name is called out on a roll call in school either we get up or say present, we've never had this.

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    It is a good move on the part of MP government to make it compulsory for every student to respond and say Jai Hind when their names are called for attendance in the class. By doing so the children are drawn to the spirit of National importance and also safeguarding the Mother India from external aggression. There should not be any controversy in this regard because all of us are Indians and by virtue of it we are all Hindustani and hence by saying Jai Hind would bring positive vibration in every student and also the attachment to the nation. Even minorities also should not have the problem as they decided to be the citizen of India and thus every one of them are also Hindustani and saying Jai hind by them also should not be a problem. A teacher would call the student by roll number and hence minority students being called by their name and answering as Jai Hind wont be problem.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Patriotism towards one's own country need not be shown on a daily basis. By insisting on such practices, the Government is not doing any good. When someone insists that we do something compulsorily, the question " why should I?" arises. The voices of dissent will always arise. There are better things to do for the Government. Instead of concentrating on minute matters of no consequence, the Government should do well to concentrate on the pressing matters the people are facing.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    By saying or not saying "Jai Hind" will not change the heart of students. Those who love our country will soon realize that what is correct or what is not. And those cunning clever people may stand for the respect of our national anthem, may say vande matram and say jai hind etc but they may never do justice to our country. Such people should not reach to higher level in all organization.
    Few months ago our respected CM (Shivraj singh chouhan)compared MP with Washington, stating Roads of MP is better than Washington. Later he also told Indore is more cleaner than Washington etc etc.
    I live in MP and we know the situation of MP. Situation of MP will not improve by doing useless publicity stunt. He is the chief minister of MP from last 15 years but situation of MP is deteriorating. As a large state MP should needs to do lot more.

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