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    Life is so colorful after demonetization.

    Today, I happened to see the Rs 200/ note for the first time. It looked colorful and attractive. The days of notes with names, numbers, calculations, heart symbols etc., are gone. When I delved into my purse, the one thing I observed is that all the notes are of bright colors, crisp without any folds or writings on the currency notes. This is certainly a positive outcome of demonetization which I failed to observe. I hope the Reserve Bank of India goes on printing currency notes in attractive colors and make our lives more colorful.
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    At least now people are started talking positive about the demonetisation and the colourful effects given to the new currency notes. Yes right from 2000, 500,200, and 50 , all the new series of notes issued by RBI were colourful and also wont get spoiled that easily as in the case of old notes. More over for the first time new colour schemes have been introduced. Never we have seen Pink and yellow colour notes before and they look attractive on the hands and also in the purse. So some people are keeping these new notes and coins as the library for them to be used in later date.
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    Most of the people criticized the step taken by the government, the demonetization. But there are equal pros and cons for every major change in Indian economy. The new colorful notes are quite attractive and are not easily spoiled. This is the case where we see in the currencies of other countries. Our old currencies are easily torn and spoiled. I also find the new currency quite attractive and beautiful.
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    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    I'm not too impressed. To be honest, the colors are too vibrant (except the new 500.00 note, it looks neutral and neat). Just look at our regular Rs 100.00 currency note and the Rs 2000.00 note. The hundred rupee one has a pleasant neutral look. The 2000 one looks almost gaudy. I many sound like an old timer, the old Rs10.00 black note still looks regal. The last Rs 1.00 note we have looks much better than the new 200.00 note. I think currency notes should be have a quality image and feel but it should not be too vibrant or very colorful like play money.

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    The new 500 rupees notes, 200 rupees notes, 50 rupees notes are very attractive. Recently I have seen new 1 rupee note, 2 rupee note and 5 rupee note also. There is mo change in the colour. But sizes have come down. But 2000 rupees notes are not that attractive. Anyhow unanimously one good thing is accepted out of demonetization. Now, these notes are giving a look similar to American currency. But Rs.2000. notes are not that much available these days. Rs.200 notes are available but they are not in ATMs. Only when we draw currency from the bank they are giving these notes. I am of the opinion that these notes are having a better look than earlier notes.
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    In October last year, I received the currency denominations of Rs.200 and Rs.50 for the first time. I liked the Rs.200 note, but not the Rs.50 one. The latter is not a nice blue hue really. It looks very artificial. Attaching an image of the two notes here.
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