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    Oral health care and your stance about it

    Do you take necessary precautions to maintain good oral health? Share tips and suggestions on good oral hygiene & maintenance.

    How many of you take your oral health very seriously. As you know our oral cavity which has gums, teeth, tongue and mucosal tissue is the gateway to our daily diet, nutrition, and health. How many of you know that most of the systemic diseases show early symptoms in our oral cavity (example: bleeding disorders) and similarly oral diseases such as periodontal disease will pre-dispose other systemic diseases (example: Cardiac disease).

    So how many of us take oral health care very seriously? How do you maintain the integrity of the health of teeth, gums, tongue and surrounding mucosal tissues?
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    I brush twice and I think that is about the most security you can provide yourself.
    And sugars and sweets totally kills and plunder your mouth. Stay away as much as possible from sour and sweet foods.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    It is commonly known that yellow patches on the teeth indicate the problem fluorine in the body. Initially, when we take fluoride more through water there will be an indication of our teeth by getting stains of yellow colour.
    I have the habit it of cleaning the teeth twice a day. After each eating, I use plenty of water and see that all the remnants in the mouth will go away. I use warm water for drinking. Generally, I avoid very hot or very cold drinks. I have a friend who is a qualified dentist. I will go to him for any problem regarding the teeth. So far I have no problem with my teeth or gum. I generally, avoid very high chillies and major sweets also/ Occasionally I take sweets but nor regularly. Recently I stopped almost all sweets.

    always confident

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    Apart from brushing my teeth twice a day and avoiding any of the aerated cola drinks, i don't do much. People who use inhalers for asthma especially the steroid ones should gargle after using the inhalers.

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