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    How are humans going to react to this?

    Universe? Multiverse? We'll never know. We'll never know for sure when and how universe was created. All we can do is assume and predict.
    ( I want to keep this thread strictly scientific. So no mentions of creationism and genesis please).

    Now there are a trillion planets in our galaxy of which atleast 10000 are sure to support complex and intelligent life. Yet there has been almost no contact with other intelligent life forms in recorded history.
    Scientists explain why like this :
    1. Aliens must have long surpassed basic electromagnetic communication.
    2. On earth it took 4 billion years for "intelligence" to manifest. So the other planets might be newer and they are yet to birth intelligent life forms.

    These two probabilities are regarded mostly.
    Now here's my question. What if humans get to know that we are truly alone?

    This is just a fictious question because we have found microbial life in parts of solar system. I'm taking about intelligent, human-like aliens. What if we found out that no such aliens exist? Can we stand being alone in a 10^500 square kilometres wide space?

    I want you all to use your empathy along with creativity while answering.
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    As of now, humans are of the opinion that they are alone on this planet. Scientists from many countries spending their time and energy to get the traces of humans on other planets. But I am of the knowledge that nowhere such indication is obtained where the chances of the existence of human beings. But the quest of human being will not end here. They will continue their studies and researches for time till they get some positive indication. So we will be waiting and expect a positive result about our brothers in another planet.
    always confident

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    Some scientists believe there is extra terrestrial life form in many planets that are known to support life. One classic example why scientists believe this is a radio signal received at Ohio State University's Big Ear radio telescope, USA in 1977. The deciphered code indicated the word 'WOW'. They traced this signal from the constellation of Sagittarius and it became the first recorded evidence of extra terrestrial intelligence. If they are really out there (assuming that this deciphering is just a prediction than accurate), they are far more advanced than us human race and they were able to send radio signals across light years distance nearly 30 years ago. I assume that the future is near where aliens will visit us 'officially'. I can't predict the aftermath (friendly visit or an alien invasion) but this may become true in future years (maybe 100 - 1000 years later).

    If there is no one out there and we are the only intelligent beings across the entire universe, our scientists may develop technology where we can repopulate on other planets which are inhabitable. The time taken to travel to the nearest inhabitable planet (partially), the Mars is nearly 3 years. There is lot of research going on in increasing the speed of travel across the space with which we can visit nearest inhabitable planets little quickly.

    My personal opinion is that both theories can happen, an extra terrestrial colony visiting us or we colonize on other inhabitable planets.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    I feel there were aliens existing in the past and even now. The only problem and the gap between them and us , we the human being is that of the distance. Every year the earth is moving away from its trejectory and so as the other planets. Unlike human being the aliens may not be that scientific minded to reach out to other stars or planets. Now that we have attempted Chandrayan, that is visit to Moon and its surface. But they too want to visit our earth, but how and through which launcher. So they are held up at their own place and we are in our place. So there is no question of meeting each other at least for now.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Aditya, I doubt whether many people would be able to think or even imagine the wider picture that you are referring to. We live in a world where people are so narrow minded that they can't think of taking care of their parents, challenged child, the unfortunate poor in the soceity, the trees and animals that cannot cry out in agony against the atrociities inflicted by man on them.

    So, we have to understand the mindset of a large section of people who wouldn't even comphrehend this question.

    If, the human race knows for sure that there is no-one else in the galaxay, it would consider itself as an apex predator at the top of the food chain (in many ways we are predators). People would be happy in general but something intellectuals and scientists would worry about the future of the predator. Would human race be responsibe for it's own self destruction, would we have enough space for all on Mother Earth, would we have enough resources to satisfy the unsatitable needs of man. Should we start look at colonising the nears planets and moons etc.

    Some may feel that life form would appear at any point of time and continue with their experiments to track signals and evidence of life in other planets.

    If we were to ask a practical man who has enough on his plate to make ends meet, he would laugh at this question and wonder what planet are these guys(you and me) living in?

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    Once again Natarajan, you impressed me with your great subjective thinking.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    The point … we have found microbial life in parts of solar system…. Is there actual proof or are you just taking the word of a military arm of the US government? Can you believe that this was not planted here and there in the vast space to give credence to whatever idea they promote?

    I hope you are not being naïve. In our country there are frauds in many departments like education, development, real estate, baking etc. This is not limited to our country; it is found every where in every country except some few small countries.

    Of the "atleast 10000" planets you estimated, can you (or your scientists) say if this is scientifically proved with evidence? Or is it an expectation that when one deals with trillions of planets, atleast some will have life? Now that doesn't sound scientific but rather 'religious' belief.

    If earth took 4 billion years to develop intelligence, you cant prove it as scientific, because neither you or I or any human is going to live that long to confirm what is proposed.

    So I would say that we do not know whether aliens exist, or if we are all alone in the vast space (again, this area/volume given is not provable).

    Perhaps we should find other ways to establish answers. If NASA or ESA and other self-appointed agencies do not tell the truth, but only offer tiny bits and pieces like crumbs to dogs, we should stop listening to them to base our knowledge.

    We don't need to wait to find out how humans react. We step out and take the steps and show the way. Goes right along with this thread

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