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    Who controls this world?

    Ever wondered who is behind the world's processes & happenings? Give you unique thoughts on this philosophical query.

    Who do you think controls this world? Many think it is their god or, as some say, our leaders control the world. But in reality who does really control the world?
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    According to me nature controls the world. If there is no sun, water, air , sand and sky, the life would have been nil and not possible. Who is waking up the Sun to appear in time on daily basis. Who is asking the seasons to perform their duty of coming in four Instalments., who is asking the rains to pour so as to reach to those who are thirsty and need of water. , And how come we get the sleep automatically by late evening and waking up in the early mornings ? All these questions are guarded and guided by a super natural power and that is God. He is omni present and ever vibrant around us.
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    There is a supernatural power which controls the entire universe. You may call it GOD. The nature of the earth is responsible for the existence of mankind on this earth. What is the difference between earth and other planets? As far as the research conducted so far only earth is having air containing oxygen and nitrogen. If there is no oxygen there is no life. The air is controlling the life of the earth. When we have oxygen, then comes the other requirements water. Water is available on earth. This is making the life of a human being to continue on this surface. How this nature is created. How the atmosphere is controlled. All these are going as per a fixed time frame. That is why our Pandits are able to tell when is the eclipse and when is the winter and when is the summer. All this time cycle and life on earth are completely controlled by that supernatural power. But various theories there regarding the evolution of life on the earth. So each one has their own beliefs on this matter.Some may not accept the existence of this power.
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    Thank you sir . Yes god created everything we see around us but consider the fact that if God had been ruling this world would there be so much wars, destructions and devastations around us .

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    As per my personal opinion, I don't think anyone is controlling the world. Its a complete chaos things are going like a flow of the river with No control. People think that they have a control in their hand and try to make dam over this river but there is no such thing if it would have been controlling there would have been no places like Syria( where people are suffering so much) or the things like terrorism.
    But its faith which makes us believe that someone is or some super power is controlling the world.
    But among all the mythological concept of the world, I like the most where it is said that the whole world is going on the dream of Lord Vishnu and when he awakes the whole world just vanishes.

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    According to me, No one controls the world. Its our desire that controls us and the world. As i am the student of science and i have read about the creation of the world according to Hindu mythology. This theory says that the world is still same as it was at the time of creation that we all can observe wrong. The world has changed a lot. These mythology are simply the guess story of our ancestors.
    so its only your desire, that controls the world.

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    In reality an elite group of powerful people do control part of the happenings in the world. Be it the health of the finance market, the trade, the industries, be it a diversion from a profoundly disturbing truth, peace or riots in a country. Such things happen with the only difference being common people would be ignorant as to how it happens.

    In philosophical terms, there is one higher power that ultimately controls all the happenings in the world like how a Suthradara controls all the strings in a chariot, just like Lord Kirshna.

    If you think rationally, the happenings in the world and the processes are really occurring because of people like you and me. For instance, in simple terms you have raised a thread and we the members are replying.
    If you look at it more closely, our computers or devices are made by a whole of other people, the office we sit, the furniture we use, the power that we get and the impact of this thread on others, all have a whole lot of people linked to it.
    So many things had to happen until you typed the thread and so many other things are going to happen because you typed the thread. So, did you ever wonder, you could be behind some of the happenings?

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    I believe in a supernatural power and believe he created the world and he can destroy us. There is a lot of chaos but there is nothing with only a good side. We need to first understand that. Even we humans have both good and bad side, and that is the case with every living being. If everything was nice and everyone was happy we wouldn't know what worry is and what tears are. We have been taught that life is a mixture of all these.

    Fights were there always, even in epics. I feel we should control ourselves, only then the world will be a better place to live. Can a leader control your behavior? No! Only we can, hence the change should start from each one of us.

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    This is a question which has intrigued the philosphers, scientists and thinkers time and again. People have different opinions but a convincing answer is yet to be found.

    Many people feel that this biochemical world goes by itself. The biological and chemical processes at a particular temperature and other conditions give rise to all sort of flora, fauna and animal life on this planet and incidently the human brain developed to such extent that it started asking all sort of mysterious questions. This School of thought has a good following.

    The other school of thought which has a maximum following is the concept of an almighty entity known as God who is the creator and manager of everything we are perceiving.

    The latter thought is easy to believe as one has not to dig his mind further. Just accept it and be happy.

    We are still in an uncertain zone regarding the answer to this question as we are prejudiced to answer it based on our knowledge and upbringing.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Who controls this world? An interesting question.
    Donald J Trump, Vladimir Putin,Xi Jinpin and Narendra Modi controls this world!
    I mean hegemony over every acre of land in this planet with military and economic power.
    Who can influence more is the question now. China has advantage in this game. They are using economics and revisionist history to gain control over other countries.
    It is just a subtle warfare!
    Many members opined God is controlling this world. I don't think God has anything to do with this power game! God may be acting silently from behind the scene!

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    Money does. Just like pantheon of gods; dollars, rupees, pounds, euros, dinars etc. .;
    Money controls the world absolutely.
    People in power have money. So indirectly money is the thing controlling the world.
    It has been doing it since 2000BC.

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    We all won't deny that God has created the earth or world or universe. But who controls the world is the question. The God made Man controls the world. A husband controls the family. A leader controls the area. A CM controls a state. A PM or President controls the state. A superpower nation tries to control the other nations on this earth. But the entire world or universe is controlled by some invisible power which you and I don't know.

    He is the supreme playboy who plays with his creatures like toys.

    No life without Sun

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    Some of the authors trying to make this a funny thread by taking the name of some politicians as the answer of this question. For them, its the era of democracy in which there is no place for a dictator and they are not controlling the world, they are actually handling the, i don't think taking the name of any politician as the answer of this question is much worthier. As these answers are just decreasing the importance of the question being asked above.
    Let they are controlling the world, then don't you think someone is not controlling them, so who else is taking the name of some politicians either they do not understand the question or they do not want to understand.
    If they do not know the good answer, doesn't matter but it is better if they do not try to change the meaning of question asked above.
    I do not want to oppose or hurt someone's feeling but i just want you all to use your energy in giving good answers than the funnier one.

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    You hit the target!
    My appreciation.

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    I like your appreciation to Aditya. But the question is Who controls, not What orWhich controls. Money cannot be the answer to Who. So, Aditya misfired and wasted his bullet.

    @ Aditya should have said that Ms. Lakshmi controls the world. It deserves appreciation.

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    God as an invisible power created universe. Our world is controlled by selected people with the help of money, the fingerprint of God. Money is considered as Goddess Lakshmi. So, what he said is correct.

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    Aditya, it makes sense, money indirectly controls the materialistic world. But when we look at the world in a philosophical or a spiritual angle, then their is an higher power who is in control of the world. We humans could be thought of as just puppets who dance to his tunes and wishes.

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    In this materialistic world, the driving force remains in the captive hands of our five senses, which are,
    1. Taste
    2. Sight
    3. Touch
    4. Smell
    5. Sound

    & if we consider the forces beyond materialistic world then its nature which was always existing, still present & will continue to be in the everlasting future. Self-balancing capacity of it makes this possible from the time immemorial.

    & the most scientifically explained in the Vedic Culture that it's "PARMATMA".

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    It is HE, who controls the world. HE may be an unknown external force and many believe Him as God. If you sit in cool in a place like Bahai Mandir in Delhi, you would have the same feel.

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    According to me, it is the spiritual power our GOD, who is controlling this world. One may find him in idols, some people find him in 'Allah', and some say HE is in 'Jesus'. Our thoughts and directions are different. But it is HIM only who controls and runs this world and its people, every little creature.
    HE is the superpower, without whose permission even a single leaf will not move, as our elders have always been saying and they are saying it very right.

    Do what inspires you !!

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