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    What are the questions which can be asked during Parent-teacher meetings?

    Do you think it is Ok to put questions to a teacher at a parent-teacher meeting? Learn from feedback in this thread what type of queries you could raise.

    Normally we are habituated to go for parent -teacher meeting with the fixed agenda of listening to what the teacher says about our child. Either it may be appreciation or compliments or mostly complaints. However, seldom we prepare ourselves to ask for any question from the teacher - Whether the child is understanding the teaching pattern, whether he or she is having doubts regarding previous lessons and whether the children are put to lots of pressure by teacher to do studying and writing part as homework and so on. Unless and until parents stand up and open up, our children are likely to suffer in silence.
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    I attended many times teacher-parent meetings and I used to ask many questions to the teachers than they asked me. So you can not say that only teachers will say and nobody will ask questions. That depends on the necessity and the tendency of the parents. In fact, many times my observation in these meetings is entirely different from your observations. Many parents put forward their doubts and the problems they have noticed in the workbooks of his children which are not properly corrected by the teachers. The problems in the answer sheets correction and awarding the marks in internal examinations were also used to be discussed in these meetings many times. Even I used to attend my sister's school on behalf my parents in Vizag and the pattern I have seen there also is almost similar to this. Of course, I attended the last parent meeting almost 15 years back. You may be talking about recent times. You may be correct these days. But earlier days I know that parents are very active in the meeting.
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    It is important that parents understand the significance of the Parent Teacher Meetings (PTM). They are not a mere obligation where the parent has to mark their attendance. Parents should understand the objective of the PTMs. The purpose is to resolve any issues the child might be facing or for seeking clarification from the teachers.

    Teachers have a job to do and every good teacher has the good of the students in mind. Parents must take the criticism and complaints with the right attitude. A teacher who cares will identify the weak spots of the students and bring them to the notice of the parents.

    Parents must ask questions pertaining to their child's participation in the classroom. They should ask for concrete suggestions on how their child can improve. A good teacher can be your child's friend, philosopher and guide. Recognise good teachers and make use of their ability to groom your child.

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    I am glad that the author has raised this question. The world is changed, it is no longer a quiet child or parent listening to what has been told by the teacher. Today in many places the PTM is hijacked by a few number crunching parents who firmly believe in the notion that 'we have paid a huge sum to the school and we have to extract every penny worth from the school.'

    First on the agenda is why has my son/daughter scored less than the friends or the student who does not study at all. Our child has scored 99% in all the intuitions that we send them to.They express their views that paper correction is not uniform, child is not been given individual attention etc.

    Then comes, can we see the answer papers?, once they see they are happy to point out the areas where the marking is less and start arguing. I have seen a set of parents going up to the principal and getting 4 extra marks so that their child's name (year 2) could come second on the list, this was done with complete disregard to the group of other parents waiting for their turn to speak to the distraught teacher. What was worse is nobody imagined the plight of the child who's name is already in the young achievers noticeboard.

    Next is the list of complaints, that the teachers are rude, they have not put their initials on one or two pages, the maths teacher did not give us the mobile number so that we couldn't include it in the parents what's app group.

    If the teacher is still quiet and people behind them do not make a noise, the parents move on to the projects. My cousin's child goes to school X, wherein they give wonderful details projects ( truth - projects are practically done by adults) and have a separate day to display the project and they have taken pictures. That school has displayed the children's drawings, charts so beautifully, but in your school nothing is done, you just take money and not understand us.

    So, the poor teacher is so helpless, that she would just smile and pray to God.

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