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    All the fourteen type of 10 rupee coins are legal tenders. RBI clarifies.

    After so many months , the RBI has finally clarified that so far it has minted and issued fourteen type of 10 rupee coins and all of them are legal tenders and valid. There has been persistent questions from the public in social media that the 10 rupee coins are refused by the shop keepers and who ever has them cannot pass on to others because no one wants to have them for fear of non acceptance. Now that the RBI clarified the issue, we can have the 10 rupee coins for doing future purchases and even other payments.
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    It is nice to know that the Reserve Bank of India has made a clarification about the validity of ten rupees coins. Last time when I went to my native place in Andhra Pradesh when I offered ten rupees coins in the market many people refused to accept those coins. I tried to explain to them that the coins are allowed and no one has banned these coins. But the village people never accepted my statement and not honoured those coins. That made not to accept those coins from anybody there. But in Hyderabad, there is no problem and all are accepting the coins. Now with this clear clarification from RBI, I think people will understand the issue properly and honour these coins also.
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    We have a pack of 10 ruppee coins that small shops and push cart vendors are not accepting. Their fear is that it is not going to be accepted by others from their hands. I can understand their concerns, the deal with small volume of money. If the coins are rejected, it is a waster of money for them. At least we can pay it into a bank saving account etc, most of the poor vendors would not have an account. I still think the Government has to do a lot in terms of re-assuring the small vendors and sellers clarifying that all types are valid. This should be done regularly in print, radio and TV media forms. More importantly, if I were in RBI for this issue, I would issue a statement ' Nationalized banks will accept these 10 rupee coins from any vendor or trader or common man who finds it difficult to transact such coins'. This would reassure them, we may need a currency notes for a short while to fill in the gap.

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    Everyone knows that Rs. 10/- coins are valid, but many of us (excluding me) refuse to accept these coins to thinking various inconveniences. People including shopkeepers refuse to accept these coins stating various ridiculous excuses.
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    I have no problem in using the Rs. 10/- coins in Tamilnadu and Kerala. But I have the problem in Karnataka. So, what I used to do is: During my train or bus journey in Karnataka, I will demand a cup of coffee/tea costing Rs. 10/- from the vendors. After he pours it into the cup, I would extend my Rs.10/- coin. He would say,"No Sir, This coin is not valid, we don't accept this coin." I would say."If so, take back the tea. I don't want. I have no other change." He will politely take the coin and move.

    I am in Tamilnadu now. Let me see the effect of RBI clarification on Rs. 10/- coins during my next visit to Bangalore.

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    I could able to dispose of the 10 rupee coins with ease in TS. Bus conductors are taking, even chat bhandar eateries are also accepting.
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