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    What is your favourite meat?

    In another thread, we are discussing different types of sweets. Members are mentioning their favourite sweets. While reading the responses, I have started thinking. I start recollecting different types of meat which I consumed. Since my childhood, I have taken mutton. However, when my mother was detected with heart disease, mutton has been gradually discontinued and availability of chicken in our kitchen has been more. In addition to mutton and chicken, I immensely relish pork and ham. To me, pork is the best meat of the world. I have also tested beef on many occasions, but I have not found the taste of beef (except veel) very enjoyable.

    In addition to these, I have tested turtle ('kachhim' in Bengali) meat, venison, pigeon meat, rabbit meat, duck meat and porcupine meat on a few occasions. Although I have heard that venison is very good, I liked porcupine meat most. However, now it is illegal to consume venison and porcupine meat.

    Non-vegetarian Members! What is your favourite meat?
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    There are no favourites - I just like meat, any kind. I am a 'hard-core' meat eater. I won't say I am a non-vegetarian since I do eat a lot of vegetarian food too. The term non-vegetarian is conflicting, especially, since people who eat meat, eat vegetables too. So, technically, they aren't 'non-vegetarian'. Just my thoughts.

    As a child, I have eaten a lot of game meat. My dad, uncles and cousins would often go hunting in the Badarpur and Mehrauli areas. That was before the Wild Life Act. I have eaten venison on many occasions and agree that it tastes good. However, I preferred it roasted, and not as a curry.

    I have tasted neither porcupine nor tortoise/turtle meat, though I have seen it being sold in Visakhapatnam. Veel tastes good because it is a tender meat. Tenderloin has a similar texture and softness.

    At my grandmother's place, ducks were fatted for Christmas. I like turkey and quail meat too. I tasted ostrich and partridge meat in the UK. Liked them both. Tasted a teenie piece of kangaroo meat too - not enough to be able to comment on it.

    I don't cook pork as I am always apprehensive about its source. Though, I must add that I love all types of pork-based cold cuts and luncheon meats - including ham and bacon, particularly back bacon.

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    My favorite meat is lamb chops. Especially if it is grilled to level where it tastes juicy and not completely burnt up. I am not a regular meat eater but when I do, I would prefer lamb chops. I also like mutton and chicken being the least. I don't eat beef or pork and they aren't my appetite. To be honest, I am a hindu and we worship cow and I am not against anyone who eats beef. Pork, I don't like it and I don't want to taste it too. Other meats which I have tasted are quail bird, rabbit, turkey, various fishes, crabs and prawns. From seafood I like prawns a lot and it is also one one my regular dish.
    Thank You
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    I have not brought fish to this discussion. As a Bengali, fish is my staple diet and I have to count the number of days when I don't take fish.

    In my thread, I have missed squid. I tested squid many times.

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    I am a vegetarian . so far I have never tasted non vegetarian . so I don't have any favourite dish ln meat.
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    I love Mutton and that is my favorite meat. I do eat Chicken and beef but somehow my preferences go to Mutton. Apart from these, I have tried camel meat, deer, quail, turkey etc. Deer was tasty but I have no intentions of having it anymore. I just tried it once. I do not like camel meat somehow. My last preference is chicken and I eat it only if it is a sandwich or a barbeque. I like vegetables more but I do eat meat as well. I do not like fish but I like crabs, squids, prawns, shrimps etc.
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    Sea-food is equally delicious. And I have been lucky to have resided in coastal regions of India, where it was available in abundance, at very cheap prices.

    Vizag is a haven for seafood lovers. You can get a fresh catch at unbelievable prices. I enjoyed Tiger Prawns, lobsters and different varieties of crabs.

    Squid (calamari), is very chewy, and not everyone relishes the texture.

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    In the order of preference, my favorites are pork, chicken, mutton and beef. Fried pork (especially the one cooked by my mother) is my all-time favorite. I have eaten rabbit meat a few times and really liked the taste but I believe the meat is too hot. I have tasted deer meat too (before the Wildlife Act). I have seen dog meat being cooked and consumed but never felt like tasting the same. I have heard that meat of the monkey is the tastiest but am not sure whether it is true.
    Among seafood, I like mackerel, sardine, prawns and crab meat the best.

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    I'm not a hardcore non-veg eater but just once a week or once in 10 days we have. I love chicken and then mutton. We have idli with mutton gravy or chiken gravy that is more watery. For lunch it would be either chicken briyani with dry chicken and a thick gravy.

    For the chicken lovers, If you were to visit Kutralam (Courtallam) falls in TamilNadu, you should try Coutrallam Border Parotta kadai. They make amazing chicken fry ( tender roasted chicken is torn into pieces and then dry fried once more that gives its taste) , parotta and gravy. It would be always crowded. They have branches also but I've not tried in other places.

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    We are vegetarian and had no heart problems in our family.

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