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    A tryst with nature can rejuvenate you

    A unique expression of how nature can revitalize you.

    Manav who was on his way back to his hometown in general compartment of the train was sad and depressed. He sat by the train window with a gloomy mood, looking out as the train started.

    Soon the lush green fields were passing by and he saw farmers and his family happily plowing the fields.

    Rumbling sound of the train seemed like a rhythmic music to his ears and suddenly that music became louder. Manav saw train slowly crossing a river bridge. River water beneath was sparkling with dry golden sand areas in between which seemed liked an island and looked beautiful

    As Manav closed his eyes in relaxation resting his head against the window rods he felt water sprinkling on his face like a jet spray. As he opened his eyes he noticed that it was raining and rain droplets were gently hitting his face as the train was moving. He did not bother to close the window but instead allowed the raindrops to drench his face and cool him.

    The train soon found itself carving its way between the hills and Manav's eye got a real treat when it viewed tiny waterfalls gushing down the hills through the rocks. It gave him a relaxing and rejuvenating feeling.

    He soon spotted minute buildings and greenery visible on the ground level while the train moving on a hilly terrain.

    As the train moved he felt cool breeze brushing past his face and it made him close his eyes again. He then felt some warmth over his eyelids which made him open the eyes. He saw the evening sun partially hiding behind the distant hill shedding its orangish light on his face giving a pleasant feeling.

    Sun had set and darkness now prevailed. Manav noticed many lights shining like tiny diamonds far away and he knew that station was approaching. Collection of tiny lights, when seen from a distance, seemed like a necklace.

    Soon his hypnosis with nature broke as train jerked to stop and with the familiar voice of Chai! Chai!. He realized that his station had arrived. He alighted and moved towards his home. After this mesmerizing experience with nature in three hours of the journey, he now felt more relaxed, energetic and happy.

    Sometimes finding time to unwind with nature makes us forget our stress and worries. It refuels our mind to continue our life journey more energetically.
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    Yes, it is true that a rendezvous with nature can change our mood. Connecting with nature can shift our thoughts and can fill us up with positive energy. The vibrancy of the Sunrise, that feeling of richness which the greenery around can bring in, that giggle your heart can pump as you see the waterfalls, the soft rhythm you feel as you see the river flow and so on, nature has that power to heal you, physically and mentally. And, I have often felt that nature has the power to console you too.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Wow, the author brought the scene just in front of eyes with his words. Felt relaxed after reading this and really got curious to have a train travel through hill. I love train travel but when it comes to travel, I sleep throughout the journey. I might have missed the beauty of nature during travel, but enjoyed nature from my childhood. Rain brings peace to me in whatever mood I am. True that tryst with nature rejuvenates anyone. Because, Rain, breeze before rain and rainbow after rain all these just make me to forget my age.

    I don't say rain is the only nature to enjoy, different people get enthusiastic with different natural environment. But whatever it is, a fresh breeze is just enough to bring freshness at the end of a tiring day. Nature has everything to fulfill our need. We should feel blessed.

    Sri Vetri
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    I agree. It really gives a lot of energy when we enjoy the nature and we will get positive energy from this. The presentation of the whole thread by the author is very attractive and impressive. When in the morning and we get up and come outside and see the rising sun, we feel very happy and the whole day we will have that positive vibration in our mind. We will think and act positively. But some days when we get up late and see outside and feel that it is hot, the day will be in a different way. When we think positively the whole issue appears positive but we start seeing the same issue from a negative side we feel all points are negative only. So it all depends on how you look at the issue rather than the actual issue. When we start reading a lesson with a mood that we can understand we will understand easily.
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