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    Instead of choosing best answer in forum let there be marks for best answers

    In this forum there is a provision to chose the best answers by the author if she or he finds the response most authentic and to the dot as expected by the respective authors. What I suggest that instead of choosing as best answer or answers, let there be marking say 1 to 10 for each such best answer so that the other members who failed to respond rightly would also learn to give apt answers in future forum. And also for those who got the mark, it would make them further responsible to write more sensibly in this forum section. And for editors too giving cash credits to best answers wont be a problem.
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    Good idea but it would work out, if rating scale is present on all responses. Later with the rating, author can click to the best answer. I suggest, a kind of voting poll at the end of the thread need to be present, and commentators also should be allowed to vote the best response in the thread. Because in many threads, it is not easy to go through all the responses, at least the visitors will read the best out of it.

    Do they provide cash credits based on the choice of best answers?

    If so it won't be fair at all cases. Because, in forum section, mostly people share their views and opinions based on their experiences. Each response would be right and honest from their end. Author may choose the best, if he/she finds her view matched with someone in the response. When cash credit is given, it should not only be given priority to best answer but other responses also to be considered.

    Rating scale should present in all responses, if it should help cc. I wish the thread question should also be rated by editorial team irrespective of points.

    Sri Vetri
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    Marks can be brought in to determine the level of correctness of the answers but I think it will only help the members to understand their level of correctness in responding to a question. The members can analyse the marks given and see how they can improve in future responses. This will not help editors as everyone of us will not give proper marks for answers. So, editors cannot depends on the marks. They need to continue on their own set of rules and regulations for awarding the credits.

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    Mohan sir, Providing marks for forum responses in an ideal world would be fine. But here there would an inherent bias based on their personal likes or dislikes about a particular member.

    If someone likes me, I can get a score 8-10 for a below average reply to a thread.
    If someone hates me, I can be given 1-2 without even reading the response that would be relevant and worthy.

    For instance, sometime back I replied a response to Hello and Graham Bell. It is a common misconception that hello was the name of Bell's wife (when his wife's actual name is Mable Hubbard). I gave a correct reply but it was not noticed at all, neither did it get cc

    For holistic view about schooling, I had given a good reply because I knew about the subject, I got the best answer clicked but no cc. There are at least 10-12 examples, that I can list from my side in the last couple of months, but that is not the point, the point is the potential difference/bias with assessing and grading.

    So, the system of marks would just raise more confusion and unnecessary threads in the form of complaints.

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    It's a good idea to be given marks for the response but also best answer shouldn't be removed and these marks should be in accordance with the grammatical errors of the member. This way threads will be more accurate, but if the scoring rights are given to members it can also create havoc as members will begin to take kind of revenge if someone gave them fewer marks so they will also give fewer marks in return. So overall I will say the earlier pattern is good and if the scoring system is implemented it should be based on the grammatical error (because in such system even if I get fewer marks I will try to improve them).
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    It may become a point for disputes. With a mutual understanding members can help each other. Thus we all will have unnecessary conflicts. Even now when the editors are allotting cc and points,different people are expressing their unhappiness and lot of discussion is taking place. If the points allocation is going to the members daily we will have many problems and more threads will be on these only. So I feel let that power be with the editors and let us all have happy moments on this site as usual.
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    Very good idea. It is better to have an option to select multiple answers as best answers or it is good to have the option to give stars to each answer by the forum starter. I guess this will also help in quality rating of each response and assign points accordingly. Though I would recommend that the points to be given by moderators/editors/webmasters only and not the discussion thread starter.

    Very good idea indeed Mr. K. Mohan. I would definitely recommend this.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    This idea is different. But we have to understand the significance of such marks. What would the Members do with marks? Is there any significance of marks on this platform? The Members get RSB on the basis of points scored in each month, not by marks. So, the concept of marks as proposed by the author would have no significance.
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    Deleted being dublicate.
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