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    What is the eligibility to add school name in this site?

    I want to add a school's details in School section of this site. But I am getting a message stating, "Your posting rights is removed in this specific section".

    What should be my eligibility to contribute details to the school and college section.
    Do I need to be an alumna of that particular school to provide details about it?
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    Srimathi, members are not as such permitted to add schools to the database in order to avoid duplicate listing. You may post the name and details of the school which you want to add as a response here and the editors will do the needful. Once the school is added, you can update the information and can also post a review about the school.
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    There is no eligibility condition for adding names of schools and colleges. Any Member can do it. You are only required to search whether the school/college has already been added, or not. If you find the name of the school/college in the exhaustive database of ISC, but some of the details of the school/college are incorrect, you can post the correct details as information update in respect of that particular school/college.
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    Before adding any school in the database of ISC one should ensure that it is already not there otherwise it will be a futile duplication.

    Another thing is while searching one should go through the state, district and type of school so that one can get it in the search. Just by giving school name will not suffice. Even a change in putting full stops in abbreviations gives a null result to search. In such situation of mismatch though the school name will be there in the data base but you will get '0 schools found' message after your search. So one should perform this with care.

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    Thanks for your responses. But I am not clear yet. Saji Sir has mentioned that members are not allowed to add school name, where as Partha Sir is telling that there is no such restriction and anyone can add. So, I need further clarification.

    For your information, I have done the search for the school in existing database and confirmed that it is not available.

    Sri Vetri
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    If you are unable to add school name, just raise a Forum post seeking permission, the permission will be granted. I did this in my case and the concerned Editor/the Managing Editor allowed me to post schools.
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    Both Saji & Partha are correct. We do not right away allow permission for a member to submit schools. However, based on contributions, we do allow members access to the school section to add new schools. Since you have been contributing well, we can give the permission. Just let us know the name of one school and its address. We will check it out. If it is not there, then we will give you the requisite permission to add it and more schools as well.

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    Thank you for the clarification mam.

    School Name: Pincushion Montessori International School
    Address 1: NO: 20, 13th East Cross Road, Gandhinagar, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632006, India
    Address 2: Katpadi-Thiruvalam Road, sevur post, koranthaangal village, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632106, India
    Syllabus: ICSE

    Give me access to add this school.
    Do I need to get permission every time in future also?

    Sri Vetri
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    Waiting for the respective team to respond.
    Sri Vetri
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    In my case, I have been granted permission once. Thereafter, there has been no need to take permission. However, I post schools very rarely, and my school postings are approved much more rarely.
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    Apologies for the delay in responding. You have now got access to both, the schools & college sections. You now do not need to ask for permission again. Please ensure that you put good quality descriptive content when posting a school or a college, to be submitted in your own words and not exactly the same as at the official website. Note also that you can post reviews & updates for an institute as well and get good earnings from these.

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    Thank you Vandana Mam for giving me access. I assure to abide by the norms of schools and colleges section.
    Sri Vetri
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