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    How are your students' union elections conducted?

    Have first-hand experience of college or university students' union elections? Share your experiences in this forum thread.

    The college/school students' union elections are encouraged by the management so that the needs of the students are addressed and also to encourage them to gain knowledge in Indian polity and public administration. Some managements ensure that the elections are unanimous for smooth functioning of their administration. Where as certain institutions are prone to external politics and the contestants would be having political affiliations which we could witness from the proceedings in universities like JNU, Delhi and Central University, Hyderabad. Such election resemble like elections to the Assembly or Lok Sabha.

    We use to elect our College President nd the other members based on secret ballot method. On the day of the election there would be an assembly of the students and the Principal and Lecturers would be attending that. A topic would be given to the contestants for the post of President and they have to deliver a talk on the subject for not more than 10 minutes. The way in which the candidate deals with the topic would sometimes changes his fate in the election. It followed the lines of the US Presidential elections.

    Can you share your experiences on this issue during your course of study?
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    As everyone says, 'old is gold' is true in every aspect. In past the elections in college union were based on the talent, knowledge and sportsmanship of the individual and he/she is elected accordingly. Those were the days of absence of envy and unhealthy competition among students.

    Now a days there is no hunt for such talent hunt is not there and these elections are almost equal to war. Some political forces are also getting involved and encouraging students to fight among each other. I wish to get those old days back where it was peaceful and healthy.

    Thank You
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    The elections for Student Unions in the campuses in Kerala does resemble an assembly election. All the seats are contested by the student's wing of different political parties. Once the date for elections is fixed, candidates are announced by the campus units of different parties (with the concurrence of the party heads of course) and they file the nominations. Campaigning is done with full vigor and all issues, particularly those related to students and education, at all levels, campus, state and national level are discussed and countered. The elections are through a secret ballot and the results are declared on that day itself or on the next day depending on the strength a campus holds.

    But most of the colleges that are managed by private parties select the union members unanimously after discussion with class leaders and a few representatives and elections are generally not held. They generally make it a point to keep politics out of the campus though traces of political affiliations can be seen in the selection of members by the student representatives.

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    The student elections when I was in my college and in University were conducted using secret ballot method. Many times I voted in these elections many times. I always a supporter of ABVP. But many times that party lost elections.
    Always the people who contested on ABVP last.
    When I was in my MSc first here, an ABVP candidate in MSc Applied Physics contested as Union President. An M.Sc Chemistry Candidate contested Union President on the banner of SFI. I was in the first year of M.Sc Chemistry. All the students of Chemistry department had a meeting and taken a decision to vote for Chemistry Candidate irrespective of party affiliations. We were 5 friends in chemistry were not very happy with the decision. But kept silent. One day before the elections in the night we five had a secret meeting and decide to go against the ruling of Chemistry students. But keeping this matter very secret. Elections over. ABVP candidate won with a majority of 7 votes. If five ou we had gone with chemistry decision SFI might have won. It has changed the entire scenario. But no one comes to know about our decision.

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    I do not remember seeing or hearing obvious polarisation and funding of college elections by political parties during my college days in comparison to what I read in papers now. Huge sums of money, favors and agenda are all a heady mix that leads to trouble.
    The election during our days depended not on popularity but by oratory skills, extra-curricular skills, enhancing the college's name in sports and of course more number of years spent in the same college. There used to be a simple ballot but not live head to head standoff.
    Although no real agenda was promised before the elections, Once elected, we would all get a small party arranged near the mess room and would be asked for a suggestion to help the students. It would be simple, like extra classes when on the subject teacher is very new, a good secure cycle stand, reducing the penalty for late fees, improving canteen food etc. We never got involved in serious politics or brawls. I think, gone are such simple days of college life.

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    When I was the college student in government college, the election was held with the supervision and direction of the election officer appointed by the government. Firstly they asked the students as to who can be their leader and give the names. And those students are asked their willingness to contest for various posts in students union and thus tried arrive at consensus. But there are one or more students who may wish to give the try and thus the contest becomes inevitable. Then the ballot polls are arranged and the results declared by the same officer. So true democratic process has been followed and the union bearers got elected.
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    School/ college union elections in Kerala are conducted through secret ballot method. Since the last few years in school these elections are held internally within the classes. But in colleges it is a real political fight. Different political parties have their own students wing. They really participate in these elections just as the original parties do in assembly/ parliament/ Panchayats elections. There will be posters and wall writings and lots of banners also will be displayed. Noticed also will be distributed in classes. Winners will conduct processions carrying the victorious candidates.
    However, when I was a student I had not participated in any elections. There were no elections since there were no school unions. At college level also there were no any such thing.
    But the very first year I joined as a teacher in the University, I had to conduct an Assembly election as a Presiding Officer !


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