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    Musings of a convoluted mind: Why so much stress on this type of education?

    A large number of highly educated people are applying for lower posts in govt. organizations. Do you think, then, education to obtain high qualification is redundant?

    My younger brother is also a Government Officer. He is presently working in a recruiting agency of the Government. Every year he tells me that hundreds of PhDs and thousands and thousands of MBAs, Post-Graduates, B.Tech/B.E degree-holders have been applying for Group-D posts in his organization (for which he recruits people). He says that he always feels very embarrassed while processing those applications. When I was earlier posted in another recruiting agency of the Government, I also felt similarly. These highly qualified young men and women, even if selected, would be very dejected to work as Group-D workers very soon and this dejection would not create any qualitative improvement to the position which they hold.

    So, my convoluted mind has started thinking. In India (and also in other countries of Indian sub-continent), there is unemployment, under-employment, and disguised unemployment. High level of education and a huge number of educated population are the reasons behind this problem. So, what is the solution to this problem?

    My convoluted mind asks: Why so much stress on this type of education? What purpose does this education serve?
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    Why is this thread getting neglected? Let us discuss the quality of higher education in India. Does higher education enhance employability? Should we link higher education with employment?
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    It is the greed of the Education sector and the people on both sides that have created an artificially high demand.

    Students are enticed with adverts, lure of placement assistance to join every college that offers the numerous certification, pg diplomas etc

    Students also carve for more and more degrees that do not have quality to enable them to meaningfully improve their skills and knowledge

    Corruption in the education sector is so high that you can join a course, projects, attendance and many things can be changed without you needing to take much trouble.

    There was a report last year I think that more than 70% of the engineering graduates are unemployable as they do not have the right skill set apart from a piece of paper.

    Recently Government has introduced a 1-year bridge course for AYUSH doctors to enable them to prescribe modern medicines and they would in the practical world considered as regular doctors. Can you rationally think it would work?

    In many cities, colleges mushroomed faster than rabbits and now more than half of the courses go vacant even after 3 round of counseling.

    The only way forward is to have a reasonable supply and demand.

    From the student's side everyone wants to work at the top level and take the escalator for career advancement and sadly the reality is they end up losing the opportunity to physically climb the ladder slowly also.

    The job market is also very competitive because there aren't enough out there. Recently the make in India program had a big blow when the much hyped Bullet Train project's 70% contracts to basic work have gone to Japan rather than India which was in the original MoU.

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    In India, the present day trend is like this. If you are getting a job after your graduation join in that, otherwise go for higher education. I have seen many M.Techs in Production engineering and Mechanical engineering. When we ask them why you have gone for post-graduation the answer is that I tried for a job but I couldn't get. Instead of roaming on the roads they go for next level of education. But the people who have a real worth on the subject are going for the job. After post-graduation again they may join in any university for PhD even though they are not getting a fellowship. Here the real problem is the opportunities and the skills. If we really have the subject getting a job in India is not that difficult. I have seen many people who don't want to work in a manufacturing environment but want to work on a laptop in AC room. So the manufacturing industry especially small and medium scale Organisations are suffering a lot from getting a good person to work with them. But all are having an eye on IT only.
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    Yesterday i was watching on the NDTV that SSC aspirant fighting for jobs from 2015 and it is 2018. Don't remember the exact number of students but number may be in thousands, those who are waiting for jobs. These aspirants of ssc cleared the exams, interview everything. So, from here only we can understand the mentality of our government. Neither our govt. interested nor they bother for aspirants. When our government is not giving jobs to eligible candidates forget about getting jobs for mba, mtech, btech or phd aspirants. May be they want job in grade D or they don't have options to live their live. We can't blame education, it's fault or our government and huge number of population of India as well.

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    Mr. Rahul: This thread was raised by me for a different purpose. I was trying to discuss that there was no relationship between higher education and employability. You are free to criticize the Government in any other post. I am afraid that this post is not very appropriate for criticizing the Government.
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    Nice thread and I appreciate author. Firstly education that an Indian student gets as higher education, not at all do any skill improvement, It is just about rote learning of concept and theories and no one tells application of those theories and till the time a student understands those things it gets too late.
    And when the time comes to test the knowledge in private sector a student is left with nothing but degrees and certificates to share with no practical experience and only option visible to him is government exam where all you need is to crack a competitive exam.
    We have a number of graduate and postgraduate students who could have been a potential and useful human resource to a country if given right direction and nurtured in the right environment but now all they do is preparing for a competitive exam.
    Though there are many promises from the government about the skill development but are those skills in accordance with the higher qualifications of these young people?
    The government needs to come up with a policy where the real potential of these youths can be used.

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    We cannot completely blame education system here. This thought of applying to these job posts is continuously filling up in the minds of young graduates. Major reasons are firstly they do not possess the right skill sets that they need to work. So, they either opt for some kind of job in marketing or sales and the other option they find best is to prepare for the government sector.
    Another thing is the mindset of the majority of people they feel the sign of job security with the government job and that is the reason they feel like opting for it.

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    A part of the problem is that the students themselves didn't get their knowledge properly. We may not want to talk about it much, but we are aware about how medical and engineering degrees are bought by influence. Perhaps these supposedly qualified persons know in their own hearts that they cannot handle real engineering projects or whatever they studied and obtained paper degrees for. So they opt for work that matches their actual abilities.

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    How come this thread failed to grab my attention at first sight. Nevertheless the topic chosen as been superb by the author and it needs to be deliberated. Why the highly qualified people also apply for low grade exam in government ? The answer is simple. There is a general feeling among the public that the government jobs are desk oriented, no risk factors involved, staggered timings and above all no pressure at work coupled with secured job for ever. All these factors are luring even the high educated people who have become so stressed with continued education and now feel that they does not want to spend their remaining time and time in a private organisation with so much pressure again to their daily life and thus opting for the sitting desk job would be perfect one. They also feel that having highly qualified they have the best chance over others competing for the same post.
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    The subject of education has been a neglected subject from the list of the planners in India since independence. The reason was the other demanding priorities for the nation immediately after independence. The nation had to face three wars. The education system was introduced by the Britishers to produce a class of clerks and similar personnel to assist them in continuing their rule in India. After independence,this continued. Some good efforts were done by establishing some IITs, IIMs and AIIMSs. These institutions are in the topmost institutions of the world. The apathy towards education gave birth to degradation of government schools and proliferation of private schools and colleges. Politicians are taking advantage of this. They are investing the black money in education institutions and these institutions are becoming a source of generating black money. This privatisation of education resulted in a factory of giving degrees for money. Initially, the government started recruitments for jobs depending on educational qualifications and that sent a message of rush for degrees. This continues and privatisation accelerated it to top speed. There are recruitment boards in states but those are under the politicians and corrupt beaurocrates. A cumulative effect of all this is the fact presented in the thread. The education has become a game of earning some degrees and there is no subjective growth of mind of the youth.
    This is not going to solve the country's demand of skilled workers.

    This issue can be resolved with change of perception of the public also. The public should pressurise the government to change the plight of government schools and the education.

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