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    Disqualification request of 20 AAP MLA's by EC. Is this the beginning of the fall?

    Do you think the AAP party will collapse with the disqualification of their MLAs? Join in the discussion on the future of AAP party.

    Election commission of India requested/recommended to disqualify 20 MLA's from Aam Admi Party (AAP). They stated that these MLA's have enjoyed office benefits or held positions of benefit during the period between March 13 2015 and 8th September 2016. Out of 70 positions in Delhi, AAP has 65 seats and even though these 20 MLA's are disqualified by the Honorable President, it wouldn't effect the rule by AAP. They need to conduct elections again in these 20 seats.

    AAP has emerged so fast that it created history by defeating the then ruling parties. But the other side of the coin is entirely different. With rise of civil war inside the party itself, accusations of scams, bribery and 'benefit' dealings, this party has lost its spark. Now the request to disqualify 20 MLA's is another deep blow. According to the rule if the Election Commission (EC) has requested to disqualify any member, The Honorable President must concur to it and hence the result is inevitable.

    Is this the beginning of the fall of Aam Admi party or are they being victimized?
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    I don't think it would be the begining of the fall.
    First things first, the party would still have the majority (66 minus 20) in the Delhi Legislative assembly that has a total of 70 seats. So, the immediate future is secure. Next would come the by-election and how to prepare for it.

    Yes, the party's image would be dented and this ruing against AAP would be be a golden opporutinty for the opposite parties to jump into the bandwagon of 'resign on moral grounds' convinently forgetting their own double standards.

    The AAP would appeal and re-appeal, since this being a disqualification over legal limbo, the common man would beleive that it is not a great sin. The AAP also would cash on this trying to potray other bigger political crimes like corruption, relgious bias and scams. This would dilute the impact.

    Although the disqualified people cannot contest, they would be in the background and the second rung leaders would be drafted in. Nobody would have thought Arvind Kejriwal and team would have come so far despite many stumbling blocks posed by others.

    The AAP has been bold enough to experiment in odd and even rule, the Delhi CM himself called Delhi a Gas chamber, has tried other measures, still has the image of a transparent party without much religious leanings.

    There would be a dip in the party ratings, Arvind Kejriwal and his core team have to come up with a modified agenda and convince the public that were scapegoats in a game of interpretation of legalities and not that they have sinned like other politicians involved in major scams, appeasing a particular religion etc.

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    Even if AAP loses all the twenty seats where elections will be held, they would be able to retain the Government. But the credibility of the party would suffer another jolt, a very big jolt. It is a very big setback for the party and its supremo Kejriwal. Only a week before, there was huge controversy within the party regarding the selection of the party's nominees for the Rajya Sabha. Immediately after that controversy, this huge setback! Furthermore, the Delhi administration has almost stopped working. Kejriwal has been busy pursuing his dream to become a national-level leader. No. 2, Manish Sisodia is busy is crisis management. The other leaders are fighting with one another.

    It is almost without any doubt that the party is going to lose the next Assembly election in Delhi. The question is which party would be able to get the advantage of the implosion of AAP. Will it be Congress or BJP?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Well this is a political vendetta by BJP against the AAP. By disqualifying AAP MLA's there cannot be crisis and the Kejriwal government would function as they have sufficient strength. But moral strength of the party has been drastically cut and the cadre of AAP has become weak. The re election would force the AAP to think twice before have candidates again as the term left is minimal and the funds starving AAP may not like to spend on by elections sooner or later. Nevertheless the cat and mouse story between the BJP and AAP is going to be further visible with more actions soon.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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