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    One fine morning God asked me not to work!

    I woke up, one bright sunny morning to find God in front of me!
    He said, 'Son, you need not work from today, all your needs will be taken care of'.

    I jumped with joy, hugged everyone at home and thought
    How lucky am I? Everything will be taken care of, life would be a piece of cake.

    I slept till late, woke up, had a lazy bath and
    Set out in my car, drove around, had food at fancy restaurants with friends.

    I watched a movie, spent the evening and the night partying hard.
    I hit the sack happily and slept soundly. What a new life!

    Next week, did the same, got bored, so traveled around seeing the world
    What was fun, now was beginning to bore me. I thought it would pass off.

    Slowly, I became lethargic, obese and seem to have lost my edge,
    My reflexes were slow, my thinking was sluggish and my feet were dragging along.

    The simple pleasures of the earlier life that I enjoyed were now looking dull,
    A late Sunday breakfast, the thrill of a deadline met, the pat on the back for my hard work,
    A couple of hours of precious free time and my zeal, all now, meant nothing.

    I prayed to God. Oh! Lord, please give me my life back.
    I won't crib about lack of time, lack of money or its endless challenges

    With everything taken care, my life is slow and dull, time does not move fast
    The drive and joy of facing challenges are gone. Although I'm alive, I'm lifeless.

    My life without needs has gone from a piece of cake,
    To a piece of stale bread that has no purpose,
    Please give me my life with all its problems, I want to fight and live.
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    True.If there is no challenge in the life, there is nothing in the life. Just spending time and waiting for death. I remember a quote even if ECG is a straight line, it indicates that the person is dead. So there should be up downs. There should be joy and sorrow. There should be scoldings and appreciations. There should be success and failure. There should be friends and enemies. Then only we have a full satisfaction of life. If there is no hunger, there is no activity. That is why God has created us with hunger,desire, and hopes. When we enjoy all types of tastes in life we can say we have the experience of life. If we have enough to eat and we eat and sleep where is the enjoyment in life. You fell satisfied once you have your hard earned bread in the night with all your family members sitting together and enjoying the food with sweet exchanges with others of the family.
    always confident

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    When God said you need not work from today, from that moment the joy and ecstasy has no bounds. Actually we are all work thief or Kaam Chor, that means we would like to ration the work which was given to us and slow the work so that it carries on to next day and so on. By that we mean that we can be seen as busy and other work wont be given to us. But good managers are those who give lots of works to those who are the performers and they keep on giving series of works to see that how well we manager ourselves. I think it is the useless life without work.Never run away from the works.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When we were in school, we wished 'if I didn't have to go to school'. As we grow up just the place changed from school to office, but our mentality is still the same. I would love to stop working and sit at home. I love to do it because I am working now and I find it hectic. But if I spend 1 month at home doing nothing, I would wish, if I had a job. It is always green on the other side. When we get this we will think the other is better, that is a human nature.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    True. One cannot simply survive without any routine activities. One should not become too lazy that it sometimes affect your mood, nature and health. So, someone has rightly said that 'empty mind is a devil's workshop.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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    Very true. One cannot live life without challenges. You must tune your skills daily and the daily pleasures which we have will become sluggish one day. You need to be persistent, sharp, vigilant to be a successful person. You may seek some time for relaxation or other pleasures but if that becomes your daily routine, you are no good as self. Always be welcoming with open hands to do new tasks which sharpens your brain. An empty mind or soul will bring lot of dissatisfaction to yourself as well as people around you.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Very nice and a fact. We need pleasures in life but along with that, we need our basic living hand in hand. We need to embrace those every morning struggle for work, working out late on every project. If we start living the life without any purpose, life will be a complete bore stuff. Our daily routine work and everything makes our living worth. Every little sadness for things on which we are stuck is important to realize the real value of life. Without struggles, life is nothing. Struggles make our life more happening.
    Do what inspires you !!

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