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    Do we lie to ourselves?

    It might sound weird and we might think how can I lie to myself when I am the only one who knows in and out about me? The truth is at times we lie to ourselves.

    We lie when our behavior is different from what we believe we are. Alcoholics say they do not drink much, but the other people around knows the fact. By saying a lie to ourselves we are just running away from reality. At times we are over confident and that makes us lie. We become blind and think we are who we believe we are.

    Can you think of a lie you have said to yourself?
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    I don't know how we can lie to ourselves. We know what we are doing, If we know that we should not do that and even after we are doing that means we are deceiving ourselves. It is suicidal. Even after we know it is bad to that if we do that we say we have no control over us. One time we may convince ourselves with some reason or other but every time we can't do that. It will become a big weakness to us. A human being should always try to come out of the deeds which he feels are misdeeds.
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    Well telling lies is the most uncivilised way of living but sometimes we are taking the path to telling lies and that can be to self or to others. There is a telling in our language that those who do wrong , shall always reason out to tell more lies. Mind it when we tell one lies, we are bound to tell several lies to prove our point. But the opposite person would know our plight and position and they shall take it light. Once in a while lies can be told and accepted. But that should not be the way of life. Normally children wont tell lies, but we the elders also teach the young children to tell lies as the joke and they would continue for ever.
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    Yes, we do lie to ourselves many times in a day, the good thing about this is, most of us tell small little lies, coming late to the office and blaming the traffic, taking a day off and blaming the fever and headahce, telling a host that food is very good while the truth is it would be horrible.

    Pleasing the boss, spouse or seniors by giving the answer thye want to hear rather than the truth because we do not want to upset these people. There are many examples like this which most us do it, I'm also guility of doing some of it.

    The more worrying kind of lies is people cheating on a spouse and lying to themselves that it's acceptable. People dipping into family's hard earned money for their addictions (drug, alcohol, gambling) and lying to themselves that it's OK.

    The last kind is the kind of lies that I like, we know that we can't make it in time for our exams or flights but we lie to ourselves and give it a good try. We would be under prepared for an exam or an interview or a home function but we lie to ourselves that we can do it and continue on. These kind of lies are one that we say with the 'Hope' that we can succeed.

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