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    When a child is wild he would become sober when he becomes elder

    Normally we have seen that children are very naughty and some children are so aggressive and fast that they would break this and that and wont be waiting still even for one minute. But such aggressive children would become so sober and polite when they grown up. I do not know what makes them to change their attitude. Likewise those who are very sober and obedient in the child age, they become aggressive and even wont care to the elders with their strange behaviour. Do you agree with this observations ?
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    It is a very common saying. A sot person as a boy will not be same and he may become very aggressive as he grown up. Similarly, the children who are very violent will be very sober as they grow up. One of my colleagues was having two sons, Both of them were naughty. Whenever they were visiting our house they used to spoil one or other item in the showcase. After some time my colleague left the job and gone to other places. Now both of his sons were grown up. I just can't believe the change in them. Both of them are so polite and humble. I attended the marriage function of the elder among the two. The younger has taken care of us during the function and myself and my wife never believed that such a change in the boy.
    So this is possible to get changed as the child grows up. Good observation by the author and I also experienced as explained earlier.

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    Many children are aggressive and arrogant during their infancy and continue to be in that stage for quite some time.

    As they enter the age group of 10-12 years they are drawn to games, books and friends more than they are attached to their family members.

    This brings a lot of temperamental change in them and they appear to be sober and calm as compared to their earlier moods.

    This stage further grows in a college environment where due to the diversion of mind to sports, cultural activities etc brings a phenomenal change in the child and parents are relieved from his earlier wild behaviour.

    Unfortunately, in few of the children, this does not happen due to various reasons and they remain arrogant and aggressive. That is where a psychological consultation is required to find out the ways to get the child on a corrective path.

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    I think it is the enthusiasm that comes with that age group which changes when the child moves from younger group to another group. Also, children have a particular type of behavior or likings for a particular age. So, as they move on, we can perceive the changing differences. Of course, there would be so naughty children who are difficult to control. Most change their pattern of behavior by the time they finish college. It wouldn't be sober but a level of maturity that we expect at that age. Since we are much older to these new children and we have seen them at various intervals, we tend to compare and contrast the obvious ie a bubbly active child with a responsible teenager. What they become depends on their social upbringing, the influence of teachers and peers and the family members.

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